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WR Demaryius Thomas - Denver Broncos

6-3, 224Born: 12-25-1987College: Georgia TechDrafted: Round 1, pick 0

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17 vs KC 35 0 0 0 8 6 57 1 0 11.7

Recent Game Summaries

2017 Week 17 vs KC (8 / 6 / 57 / 1 rec)

Thomas hauled in a quick slant on the Broncos' second offensive drive of the game, limping off with a leg injury after being tackled. He returned a few plays later, lining up in the right slot and hauling in a skinny post on the next drive. DT was tackled behind the line of scrimmage on a shallow out route the following drive. Lynch hit Thomas across the middle early in the 2nd quarter for a 10 yard gain. Thomas picked up 11 yards with a bubble screen in the last minute of the first half. DT and Lynch never could get anything going downfield, but the two connected for a touchdown late in the 4th quarter. Thomas lined up as the inside man with two other receiver on the left side of the formation, catching an easy corner route after his defender tripped and fell at the line. DT finished the day tied with Taylor for a team-high 8 targets and 6 catches. With only 949 yards on the season, Thomas failed to make the 1,000 yard mark for the first time in five years.

2017 Week 16 vs WAS (6 / 4 / 52 / 0 rec)

Even with Sanders and Latimer out, DT couldn't get much going after the first drive. Osweiler hit Thomas with a play action pass for a 24 yard gain down the seam on the first play of the game. The two connected again two plays later on an out route that Thomas turned up the right sideline after the catch. DT then disappeared until the 4th quarter, drawing a holding penalty to extend a drive early in the final quarter. Osweiler found him on a crossing route on the next drive, but DT couldn't get anything going after the catch. He hauled in one last comeback route on the sideline, finishing the day behind Anderson and Booker in targets.

2017 Week 15 vs IND (8 / 5 / 69 / 0 rec)

Thomas ceded a bigger share of his target total to Sanders in week 15, drawing 8 targets to Sanders' 9. He hauled in a quick slant route from Siemian on the Broncos opening drive. He was the target on Siemian's interception soon after, but the fault was on the quarterback for the terrible throw. DT hauled in a deep crossing route on the next drive, carrying the ball down to the Indy 5 yard line. Osweiler hit him on a another quick slant early in the 2nd quarter, and Thomas secured a beautiful over-the-shoulder catch on the following drive. Thomas drew a defensive holding penalty on 4th and 1 to extend a 3rd quarter drive that ended in a touchdown.

2017 Week 14 vs NYJ (12 / 8 / 93 / 1 rec)

Thomas was the focal point of Denver's offense, drawing 12 targets while no other receiver amassed more than 5. DT hauled in a shallow crossing route for a short catch-and-run early in the 1st quarter. Siemian looked for Thomas deep in the end zone at the end of the drive, but overthrew everyone involved. Thomas caught Siemian's first touchdown pass later in the 1st, a desperate heave on a fly route down the right sideline. Siemian threw the ball while falling backwards and Thomas managed to high point the ball over a defender who seemed disoriented by the afternoon sunlight. Thomas showed off his vertical leap again later in the 1st with a soaring catch on a deep curl route. DT drew a holding penalty on a late 2nd quarter incompletion, then converted 4th-and-1 later that drive with a curl route. Thomas was wide open for his biggest gain of the day, a 3rd quarter post route that picked up 25 yards.

2017 Week 13 vs MIA (10 / 2 / 27 / 0 rec)

Thomas led the team with 10 targets but only managed to secure two of them as Siemian struggled mightily. DT was targeted on a slant route inside the Miami red zone early in the 2nd, but a defender jarred the tough catch loose. He was the target on Siemian's 2nd interception of the day, a bad decision on an out route that was well covered and anticipated. Cornerback Xavien Howard read the play from the start, and undercut the throw before returning it for a touchdown. Thomas caught a short slant near the end of the 3rd quarter. He then beat his defender down the left sideline for what would have most likely been a long touchdown if Siemian had not underthrown the ball. Thomas hauled in a curl route on the left sideline for a 20 yard catch-and-run up the sideline late in the 4th quarter.

2017 Week 12 vs OAK (8 / 5 / 18 / 0 rec)

Thomas' performance was hindered by poor quarterback play. Neither quarterback had any success pushing the ball downfield to DT, completing only high-percentage throws like bubble screens and slants. DT caught a swing pass behind the line of scrimmage from the slot for a short gain on his first target of the day late in the 1st quarter. Lynch targeted him on the same play later in the drive for no gain. DT picked up a couple yards on a slant route in the 2nd quarter. Lynch did look for him deep down the right sideline near the end of the first half, but it was batted away by tight coverage. DT caught a curl route on the left sideline for another short gain in the 3rd. DT's longest reception was a tough catch in traffic on another slant from backup Siemian in the 4th quarter that yielded a paltry 6 yards. Thomas led the team with 8 targets and should be Denver's number 1 option in the passing game going forward, for whatever that's worth.

2017 Week 11 vs CIN (9 / 5 / 64 / 1 rec)

Thomas was held without a catch in the 1st half against the Bengals. He let an easy catch bounce off his hands on a 1st quarter slant route. Thomas had a step on his defender and was open in the end zone two plays before CJ Anderson's 1st quarter touchdown run, but Osweiler had to scramble away from pressure and missed the throw. Osweiler also misfired on a bubble screen to Thomas later in the 2nd quarter. DT finally got rolling in the 3rd quarter, hauling in a slant route from the left receiver position for his first catch. Osweiler connected with him four times on the Broncos' 4th quarter scoring drive. He found DT on a skinny post route and a short crossing route two plays later. Thomas hauled in a short swing route from the slot to move Denver into the Cincy red zone, then sealed the drive with a beautiful over-the-shoulder fade route down the left sidelines for a touchdown two plays later.

2017 Week 10 vs NE (8 / 5 / 44 / 1 rec)

Thomas lined up in the backfield and hauled in his first target, a swing pass for a minimal gain in the 1st. Thomas was targeted again on a short out route later in the 1st, nearly breaking a tackle for a bigger gain. Osweiler found Thomas for Denver's only touchdown of the day in the 3rd quarter. Lined up on the 7 yard line, Thomas split out wide right and worked his way inside on a crossing route, using his big frame to box out his defender for the score. Thomas had a nice stiff-arm on an out route later in the 4th, picking up extra yardage after the catch. Thomas finished well behind Sanders in catches and yards, but managed to save his fantasy performance with the TD.

2017 Week 9 vs PHI (12 / 8 / 70 / 1 rec)

Thomas, the only player to survive Osweiler's reuturn with any fantasy relevance, posted a team-high 12 targets. Emmanuel Sanders posted the next-highest target total with 12. Osweiler found Thomas on a slant for the first play of the day, and continued to look his way, oftentimes forcing the ball. Thomas was the target of Osweiler's first interception on a slant route that should have never been thrown. DT made a nice contested catch on a deep curl route in the 2nd quarter, then caught a deep crossing route two plays later. Thomas caught a crossing route inside the Philadelphia 10 yard line later in the drive, but couldn't shake the last defender between him and the end zone. Thomas was also the target on Osweiler's second interception. The QB threw the ball straight up into the air in the face of a pass rush, resulting in an easy pick for the deep safety. Thomas caught a WR bubble screen and followed his blockers to the Philadelphia 2 yard line in the 4th quarter. After a failed rushing attempt, Denver dialed up the same bubble screen to Thomas and he scored from the 2 yard line, ending his season long touchdown drought.

2017 Week 8 vs KC (9 / 5 / 66 / 0 rec)

Thomas had a slow 1st quarter but heated up as the Broncos began moving him around the formation to find more opportunistic matchups in coverage. DT did most of his damage up the seam or outside the numbers on out routes and curls.. Siemian targeted DT in the end zone at the end of the 3rd quarter, drawing a big pass interference flag on Thomas' defender. Siemian found Thomas on a deep crossing route for a big gain early in the 4th quarter. Thomas was the target on Siemian's 4th quarter interception, but the ball should have never been thrown as Siemian was running full speed towards the opposite side of the field.

2017 Week 7 vs LAC (6 / 2 / 9 / 0 rec)

Thomas did not appear limited by the calf injury that kept him out of a couple practices last week, but he did draw stout coverage from Casey Hayward as the Bolts defensive front terrorized Siemian. DT caught a quick screen in the 1st quarter that was blown up behind the line of scrimmage for a loss. Thomas had an 81 yard catch and run down the right sideline negated by a very questionable offensive pass interference penalty in the 3rd quarter. Despite Sanders' absence, Thomas only drew 7 targets.

2017 Week 6 vs NYG (14 / 10 / 133 / 0 rec)

Thomas was the only source of offense for the Broncos in the 1st half. He caught a short curl route then had a 12 yard gain negated by a holding penalty in the 1st quarter. He hauled in a slant route for a good gain later in the 2nd quarter, then followed it up with a deep curl route from the slot position for another 1st down. Thomas hauled in another pass later in the drive and had the ball pop out as he was tackled, but the ball was ruled down by contact. Siemian targeted Thomas on a deep route down the right sideline on the next play, drawing a pass interference penalty for a big gain. Siemian went back to Thomas yet again 2 plays later, sailing the pass high and into the arms of safety Landon Collins. DT's biggest catch of the day was a deep seam down the left side of the field late in the 2nd. Thomas was completely bracketed by two defenders, but leaped over them in-stride for a 40 yard catch. Siemian looked his way in the end zone on the next play, but the ball was swatted away by a defender. Thomas stayed hot in the 2nd half, hauling in a deep comeback route for a 25 yard gain on a well-executed play action pass in the 3rd quarter. Eli Apple stripped the ball from Thomas' grasp after a short catch at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Thomas pulled in a deep crossing route on the next drive, then saved the drive on 4th and 15 by drawing a pass interference call on a deep route near the end zone. Thomas left the game briefly in the 4th quarter with an injury, but was able to return and finish the game. X-rays came back negative and Thomas could continue to soak up a heavy target volume if Sanders misses time with an ankle injury.

2017 Week 4 vs OAK (5 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Thomas continued to be shut out of the end zone in week 4 with a terrible showing. He was targeted early in the 1st quarter on a deep route down the right sideline that was well defended. He drew a pass interference penalty on another deep route on the next drive that set Denver up in the red zone, but disappeared until he finally caught a quick comeback route at the end of the 1st half. Siemian looked for DT on a slant route in the end zone late in the 3rd quarter, but the pass was batted up into the air at the LOS by a defensive lineman. Two plays later Siemian threw a skinny post route that glanced off Thomas' fingertips in the end zone. DT finished the day with the lone catch for 11 yards on 5 targets.

2017 Week 3 vs BUF (9 / 6 / 98 / 0 rec)

Sanders led the team in targets by a considerable margin, but Thomas was able to do more with his, racking up 6 catches for 98 yards on his 9 targets. DT's biggest gain of the day was a deep comeback route down the right sideline at the end of the 2nd quarter. Thomas went up strong and used his frame to box out the defender for a gain of 29. Siemian looked for DT in the endzone late in the 3rd quarter, but the ball was knocked away by a defender. He had another big gain on a deep crossing route in the 3rd, catching the ball in stride and turning it up the right sideline. Siemian found Thomas on a deep corner route for a beautiful connection as the Broncos attempted a comeback late in the 4th quarter.

2017 Week 2 vs DAL (8 / 6 / 71 / 0 rec)

Thomas got right to work on Denver's first drive, catching a quick slant for a short gain, then turning another curl into a big catch and run down the right sideline for a gain of 27, his longest of the day. Thomas looked sharp all day, working the short and intermediate game with slants, curls, and out routes. He was the intended target on a deep post when Siemian threw his 3rd quarter interception. It is unclear who miscommunicated on the play. Thomas was only targeted downfield the once, but this is hopefully just playcalling designed to deal with the wet, rainy conditions. We'll see if he gets to stretch the field a little more in week 3. Thomas tied with Sanders for most targets(8) and catches (6. Thomas had a slight edge in yards, but Sanders got the touchdowns this week.

2017 Week 1 vs LAC (8 / 5 / 67 / 0 rec)

Thomas missed several practices since injuring his groin in week 3 of the preseason, but the injury didn't appear to slow him any after resuming practice Wednesday in full. DT had a diving catch for a 11 yards on an out route in the 1st quarter. He let a good pass glance off his hands on a quick slant in the 3rd quarter, but Siemian went right back to him on the next play for a big gain on an over-the-shoulder catch down the right sideline. Thomas hauled in an out route for a 12 yard gain midway through the 3rd quarter. Though he did not find the end zone, DT finished the night with the team-high target, catch, and yardage totals.


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