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WR Kenny Stills - Miami Dolphins

6-1, 194Born: 4-22-1992College: OklahomaDrafted: Round 5

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News you need to know

General News (Thu Feb 2): Impending free-agent Kenny Stills will be pursued by the Philadelphia Eagles if he becomes a free agent, according to sources.

General News (Tue Jan 31): Running back Jay Ajayi said the offense "reaped the benefits" of having Kenny Stills this season. "It'd be great for us to have him back," Ajayi said. "I know he wants to be back. I know the team wants him back. So whatever we need to do to make that happen, hopefully we do that."

Week 21: bye week

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Recent Stats and Projections

17 vs NE 55 0 0 0 7 4 41 1 0 10.1
18 at PIT 58 0 0 0 5 5 82 0 0 8.2

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 18 vs PIT (5 / 5 / 82 / 0 rec)

Stills played one of his best games of the year, regardless of whether his stats match up to some of his other big games. Stills caught five passes for 82 yards, but what impressed me most was how Stills was able to corral several tough catches. Stills is known for his speed, and at times this year his hands have been suspect, as he's dropped easy balls that could have gone for touchdowns. In this game, however, Stills came back to the ball and fought for control with the Pittsburgh secondary, coming out on top with both 50/50 balls thrown his way. He wasn't able to get deep on the Pittsburgh secondary, but Stills certainly did his part by snagging five of seven targets thrown his way.

2016 Week 17 vs NE (7 / 4 / 41 / 1 rec)

After starting the season off in suspect fashion by dropping several easy deep balls, Stills has bounced back and become an integral part of the Dolphins offense. Against the Patriots, Stills caught four passes for 41 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was Stills ninth on the season, which easily leads the Dolphins receivers in that category. On third and three from the Patriots 25 yard line, Moore took the snap out of shotgun formation. It didn't take long for Moore to see Stills streaking down the middle of the field, and he delivered a perfect ball for what went down as an easy 25 yard touchdown reception for Stills. Stills was wide open on the play, something that has become a common occurrence since Jay Ajayi's breakout has forced defenses to stack the box.

2016 Week 16 vs BUF (8 / 3 / 35 / 1 rec)

Kenny Stills had a solid game for the Dolphins, catching three passes for 35 yards and a touchdown. While Stills has regularly seen deep targets, he has also become more involved in the intermediate passing game with Matt Moore at quarterback. Stills is not known for his hands, but he did a good job in making several tough catches against the Bills. Stills scored on a rather easy six yard touchdown reception that saw him gain separation quickly from his defender before Matt Moore found him uncovered in the endzone.

2016 Week 15 vs NYJ (3 / 1 / 52 / 1 rec)

As the Dolphins offensive attack becomes more and more diverse, Stills is seeing less opportunities, but when he does see a target, the quality is very high and it usually means he is streaking down the field uncovered. This was the case against the Jets on Thursday, as Stills caught one pass for 52 yards and a touchdown on three targets. Stills ran a straight go-route and beat his defender down the field, and Matt Moore delivered a perfect ball that took advantage of Stills' speed by leading him out in front and toward the middle of the field. Stills ran underneath the ball perfectly in stride and scored on what went down as a 52 yard touchdown reception.

2016 Week 14 vs ARI (7 / 6 / 97 / 1 rec)

Kenny Stills was busy on Sunday, catching six passes on eight targets for 97 yards and a touchdown. Stills 28 yard touchdown catch was a good example of his progression as a receiver, as he is known more for his speed than he is for his route running and catching ability. Stills lined up on the left side with the Dolphins running a play action fake to Jay Ajayi. Stills ran a deep slant route and Ryan Tannehill delivered a perfect strike where only Stills could catch it. Stills secured the easy catch for a 28 yard touchdown, his sixth touchdown reception on the season which is a career high for the fourth year receiver. Stills also made the play of the game by catching a 29 yard pass with 37 seconds left on the clock which set up the game winning field goal for the Dolphins. Matt Moore, in for an injured Ryan Tannehill had to take the snap and release a deep shot to Stills within a second from taking the snap. An all-out Arizona blitz put immediate pressure on Moore, but for his part, he threw a solid ball to Stills down the left sideline. Despite being interfered with (the Dolphins declined the penalty), Stills managed to make the tough catch running backwards for his last three steps. It was not the type of play that we are used to seeing from Stills, but perhaps he is maturing as a receiver and is definitely improving on his concentration.

2016 Week 13 vs BAL (5 / 2 / 21 / 0 rec)

Kenny Stills had a very quiet day, catching two passes for 21 yards on four targets. Ryan Tannehill looked for Stills down the field on two occasions, one where Stills was unable to run the ball down, a rarity when you consider his speed and Tannehill's arm strength. The second target down the field for Stills resulted in defensive pass interference, and would have gone for a 40+ yard gain if Stills was not dragged down from behind by a Ravens defender. On a day when the Dolphins could have used a quick strike touchdown, Stills was unable to get open and deliver on his ability to make plays down the field.

2016 Week 12 vs SF (6 / 3 / 72 / 1 rec)

Kenny Stills had another effective game for the Dolphins, catching three passes for 72 yards and a touchdown. Stills has been primarily used as a deep threat for much of his time in Miami, but over the last several weeks has been involved more in the intermediate passing game and the results have been very good. Stills caught a 43 yard touchdown, making up for the many times where he has dropped catchable balls by showing good concentration to snag the pass along the left sideline. An overaggressive 49ers secondary tried to intercept the ball but was a second too late, allowing Stills to turn the ball up the sideline and run in unchallenged for a long touchdown.

2016 Week 11 vs LA (9 / 4 / 33 / 0 rec)

Stills saw more targets than he does on a normal basis, but was only able to convert four of his eight targets for 33 yards. Despite the healthy number of targets, Stills was did not see one chance down the field, with all of his receptions coming on short slants, out-routes and screens. He remains the deep threat on an offense that should see their fair share of play action opportunities, but Stills remains an inconsistent play from week to week, as his targets are highly dependent on how the offense is flowing.

2016 Week 10 vs SD (3 / 2 / 47 / 1 rec)

Stills did not receive many targets (3) in Sunday's game, but he made the one's he saw count. Stills caught two passes on three targets for 47 yards and a touchdown. Still's touchdown reception came on a play action fake to Ajayi, that saw Ryan Tannehill stay in the pocket long enough for Stills to create separation on a deep crossing route. Tannehill threw a perfect 60 yard rope that settled into Still's hands just as he was approaching the back of the end zone. Still's, whose hands have been suspect for much of the year, made a great catch in stride while dragging his back foot to get two feet down in the end zone.

2016 Week 9 vs NYJ (1 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

On paper, it looked like Stills had a great chance of producing solid numbers against a Jets secondary that had been repeatedly burned by speedy receivers this season. That was not the case on Sunday though, but it was hardly Stills fault. He was targeted only once on a wide receiver screen that went for 11 yards. Stills has the speed to get behind opposing secondary's, and with Jay Ajayi commanding attention from opposing defensive coordinators, it seems like play action deep throws would be right in Stills wheelhouse. Unfortunately for him, Ryan Tannehill has chosen not to take chances down the field, which absolutely kills Stills value as a fantasy asset. He is as inconsistent as they come right now.

2016 Week 7 vs BUF (8 / 5 / 100 / 1 rec)

Stills enjoyed his best game of the season against Buffalo in Week 7. Stills had a team-high eight targets with many coming in the first quarter. Stills created separation easily from Buffalo defensive backs, including a deep sideline which Ryan Tannehill underthrew and turned into an incompletion. Late in the game, Stills made the highlight play of Miami's passing game this week, adjusting well to a deep 50/50 ball. After undercutting the defensive back for the long reception, both Buffalo defenders ran into each other and Stills sprinted for the long touchdown. As DeVante Parker continues to be up-and-down each week, Stills is the more consistent deep threat of the two within the construct of Miami's pass game. The schedule is ideal for Stills out of the Dolphins Week 8 bye with questionable pass defenses of the Jets and Chargers.

2016 Week 6 vs PIT (3 / 2 / 12 / 0 rec)

With the Miami running backs dominating the offense for the Dolphins, Stills was not rarely involved on a day where Ryan Tannehill only threw 32 passes. Stills was not targeted down the field, as his longest look came a mere seven yards from the line of scrimmage. Still's production is very much feast or famine, and it looks as though most weeks it will be famine. His speed makes him an above average receiver in the deep passing game, but other than that he does not have much to offer. With that said, it is somewhat telling that as well as Miami ran the ball, they did not look to set up play action and get Stills in one on one coverage down the field. He remains the fourth option in the Miami passing game, and the only way that is changing is with an injury to either Landry or Davante Parker.

2016 Week 5 vs TEN (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

A week after catching a long touchdown pass on Thursday Night Football, Stills was completely taken out of the game on Sunday. He only saw one target from Ryan Tannehill and was unable to convert on it, leaving him with a blank stat line for the game. Stills is a boom or bust fantasy option from week to week, but it seems as though there is going to be way more bust than boom. It is risky to play him in any formats, although if you are forced into using him as a flex option on bye weeks, he does have a somewhat high ceiling considering his sole use as a deep option in Adam Gase's offense.

2016 Week 4 vs CIN (3 / 1 / 74 / 1 rec)

Stills gets the game ball for the Miami offense despite catching only one pass all night. That will happen when your offense only generates one touchdown. Stills did his damage on the first Miami possession of the game, running a deep crossing route where Tannehill froze the safety with a pump fake before leading Stills deep down the field for what went down as a 74 yard touchdown. It is the type of play that Stills was brought to Miami to make, although he has dropped two other balls just like it already this year. It went down as the only ball caught by Stills all night, and also highlighted how little he is involved if he is not targeted down the field by Ryan Tannehill.

2016 Week 3 vs CLE (8 / 5 / 76 / 0 rec)

Stills overall numbers look solid for the day, five catches for 76 yards, but on closer inspection, he did not have as good a day as his statistics would lead on. Both of Ryan Tannehill's interceptions came on Still's targets, and his overall yardage was padded by a 32 yard gain on the final play of the 1st half, where Cleveland was in prevent coverage. Stills is a burner, but he does not show the requisite "my-ball" mentality of fellow wideouts Landry and Parker. This was true on Tannehill's first interceptions. Stills ran a shallow crossing route but did not sell a fake to the outside, allowing his defender to get inside position, which predictably got picked off and ended the first Miami possession after only two plays. The second interception was not Still's fault, as Tannehill's arm was hit in motion and the ball just sailed right into waiting arms of a Browns defender. Stills can make a big impact on the outside when he is focused and running crisp routes, but his performance on Sunday left a lot to be desired.

2016 Week 2 vs NE (4 / 2 / 39 / 1 rec)

Stills was signed by Miami for one reason and one reason only, to provide the speed on the outside to take pressure off of Jarvis Landry, Davante Parker and the Miami ground game. To that end, he has provided exactly the skills Miami thought he would, it is just the catching part of his job that has eluded him at times. Stills finished with two catches for 39 yards and a touchdown on seven targets. He managed to make up for a week 1 gaff where he was wide open and flat out dropped what should have gone down as a long touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill. Stills did so by shaking a Patriots cornerback out of his boots and getting downfield in a hurry where Tannehill put a perfectly placed ball on Stills outside shoulder several yards deep in the end zone. Only this time, Stills did what he is paid to do and caught the pass for an easy touchdown. He will frustrate Miami coaches with the occasional boneheaded drop, but Stills has the speed to stretch defenses and give the offense the firepower it needs to compete in a division with superior teams.

2016 Week 1 vs SEA (5 / 1 / 16 / 0 rec)

Sort of a good news/bad news day for Stills. On one hand, he proved that he is an excellent deep threat. But on the other, unfortunately the threat of catching the ball isn't enough; and he was not very good at catching anything today. He made a horrendous drop, that would have given the Dolphins an early lead. He was wide open down the field and Tannehill threw him the perfect pass, but he bobbled and then dropped it. The rest weren't as bad, but clearly 1-for-5 is not going to cut it.


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