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RB Theo Riddick - Detroit Lions

5-10, 201Born: 5-4-1991College: Notre DameDrafted: Round 6

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2016 Week 13 vs NO (4 / 2 / 0 rush, 6 / 5 / 15 / 1 rec)

Riddick was reasonable quiet as a runner on Sunday only carrying the ball four times and registering 2 total yards. He continues to run the ball with good effort but isn't perfectly suited to carry the ball between the tackles. Riddick had two carries that went for negative yardage and his longest run went for six yards. He was effective as a pass catcher out of the backfield and this is the area of the game where Riddick excels. Riddick was excellent out in space and made the first defender miss several times to generate yards after the catch. He scored on a one-yard pass executing a jerk route which left Saints linebacker Stephone Anthony in the dust. The Lions are using Riddick in their screen game and they are trying to get him singled up on a linebacker which gives him a huge advantage. Riddick had five catches and nine total touches that went for 17 yards and a score.

2016 Week 12 vs MIN (9 / 45 / 0 rush, 5 / 5 / 13 / 0 rec)

Riddick was reasonably effective as a runner in Thursday's game but only had nine carries but totaled 45 yards on the day. He ran the ball hard and effectively displaying toughness and some wiggle while running against a stout Vikings run defense. Riddick had two solid runs that accounted for almost half of his rushing total, both coming on draw plays into the middle of the line. Riddick can make defenders miss and he did that in the hole on both carries. His other carries went for short yardage as Vikings linebackers Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks and safety Andrew Sendejo all had very solid games shutting the running plays down before they started. Riddick was targeted five times but was smothered by the Vikings speed to the edge. He caught all five targets but only totaled 13 yards in the passing game. The Vikings did a very good job on Riddick throughout the game.

2016 Week 11 vs JAX (4 / 13 / 0 rush, 10 / 8 / 70 / 0 rec)

Riddick was not utilized as a runner in this game as he only carries the ball four times while registering 13 total yards. Interestingly, Riddick did not lose yards on any of those four carries and he almost scored on a red zone carry, getting tackled at the one-yard line. Where he was incredibly effective was as a pass catcher out of the backfield. Riddick was targeted 10 times and caught eight passes for a total of 70 yards. Riddick consistently makes the first man miss when he catches the ball and he did this throughout the game on Sunday. Aside from the big plays to Ebron and Roberts, it was passing plays to Riddick out of the backfield that were the most effective in this game. Riddick is virtually unstoppable when he gets singled up against a linebacker and runs jerk routes that leave linebackers in the dust. He caught a 21-yard pass on this kind of play in the game. He also had catches of 14 yards and 11 yards and had multiple red zone looks against the Jaguars. Riddick touched the ball 12 times and totaled 83 yards in the game and quietly was one of the reasons the Lions one the football game.

2016 Week 9 vs MIN (14 / 70 / 0 rush, 3 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Riddick had 15 touches in the Week 9 game on the road versus Minnesota. 14 of them came in the running game, and he was targeted three times in the passing game but only caught one pass that went for six yards. The Lions tried to get Riddick to the corner but the Vikings consistently beat him there, set the edge and pushed him back inside which stunted those plays before they were started. Riddick had 70 total yards on 14 but 42 yards came on one run early in the game. The Vikings flooded the line of scrimmage bringing a mug blitz look where they bring linebackers into the A gaps and the Lions ran into the teeth of the defense. The Lions pulled right guard Larry Warford on a wham block and Riddick broke off of his backside and into the second level. Outside of the 42-yard gain, Riddick was held in check as he averaged just over two yards per carry the rest of the game. Vikings defensive end Everson Griffin played a very good game and was unblockable at times and linebacker Chad Greenway seemed to be everywhere in this game. Riddick hits the hole extremely quick and gets north and south in a hurry but when contact is initiated he isn't going any further as he doesn't run heavy or with a lot of power as he is a smaller runner and not really built for running between the tackles. Riddick was targeted three times but Stafford threw away one and was hit while throwing another, and he caught the other target for a seven yard gain that went for a first down.

2016 Week 8 vs HOU (11 / 56 / 0 rush, 11 / 8 / 77 / 1 rec)

Riddick returned from a two-week absence due to injury and was a big part of the offensive plan against the Texans. He was heavily involved with the passing attack but the Lions limited his opportunity on the ground which is a curious decision considering the Texans have struggled to defend the run. Riddick ran with great effort and tenacity throughout the game and displayed toughness while running the ball between the tackles. Riddick took what the defense gave him and got the ball going north and south instead of dancing around behind the line of scrimmage. When the Lions ran stretch plays for him to get the corner, he was successful and runs to the outside represented his biggest runs of the day as he had one go for 16 yards and another go for 10 yards. This is not Riddick's strength as a player as he's not fast enough to get to consistently threaten the corner, and the Texans defense did stop him before getting the corner twice. For the most part, Riddick had very little room to operate when running between the tackles and got the most out of those runs. Strangely, the Lions really didn't utilize Riddick as a runner in this game even though he did have good production on his 11 carries. As a receiver, Riddick is lethal and perhaps one of the game's best weapons coming out of the backfield. He showcased his elusiveness and ability to make the first defender miss multiple times in the game Sunday. Riddick runs the angle route and the jerk route at a rare level and he burned Texans linebacker Benardrick McKinney on an angle route out of the backfield for a 19-yard catch in the second half. He also had a catch on a screen passes of 10 yards and another on a tunnel screen that went for 23 yards. Riddick caught a one-yard touchdown pass on a wonderfully designed play. He lined up as a running back but motioned out to the slot as Stafford audibled, and the Lions ran a combination route with Lions receiver Anquan Boldin breaking in from the outside. This allowed Riddick to sprint along the goal line to the pylon and catch the ball fairly uncovered. Riddick was targeted 11 times overall and caught eight balls for 77 yards and a score.

2016 Week 5 vs PHI (11 / 49 / 0 rush, 6 / 6 / 33 / 2 rec)

Riddick started the football game for the Lions and did a very good job of getting the Lions offense going out of the gate. The Lions used a heavy set with an extra tackle (Corey Robinson) and did a nice job of being creative in the first half. Riddick had carries of 17 yards and 13 yards in the first half and he did a nice job of setting up the offense by putting them in good down and distance in the first half. He is plenty elusive and does a nice job using sharp cuts and running with decisiveness to make defenders miss. Riddick scored a two yard touchdown when he got isolated on Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks. This is a mismatch for almost any linebacker as Riddick is very difficult to cover out in space. Riddick caught another touchdown on a beautifully designed play when he was lined up with Tate as running back. The Lions released Tate to the left and the defense flowed left, and Riddick leaked out to the right and Stafford hit him with center Travis Swanson leading the way. Riddick waltzed in from 17 yards. As a runner, Riddick wasn't nearly as effective in the second half as he was held in check by the Eagles defensive front, and the script was flipped as Riddick was losing yardage and putting the offense in stressful down and distance. Riddick was active is the passing game, catching all six targets for 33 yards and two scores. The Eagles definitely caught on to what the Lions were doing as Riddick was nowhere near as effective in the second half and while he was targeted in the passing game, the Lions went away from the running game as it simply wasn't working.

2016 Week 4 vs CHI (11 / 31 / 0 rush, 7 / 4 / 27 / 0 rec)

Riddick started the football game for the Lions and like last week, he struggled to make anything happen early in the game. Riddick is putting forth great effort and he runs hard between the tackles but is limited as a traditional runner and should be viewed as a pass catching option used out in space. In the first quarter, Riddick dropped a pass on second down as Stafford scrambled away from pressure. Riddick continues to make the first defender miss as a pass catcher and was dangerous in this area of the game Sunday. The Lions ran mainly out of the shotgun, and when Riddick can see a cutback lane he is very effective. Riddick ran behind guard Larry Warford and right tackle Riley Reiff for 11 yards and on another carry he started left, but curt it back quickly to the right side, taking the ball down to the one yard line. After that play, Riddick got a red zone carry but had absolutely nowhere to go and was stuffed for no gain. He was targeted seven times and ended up with four catches, totaling 27 yards. Riddick was dangerous as a receiver and had catches of 10 yards and eight yards. He had a nice reception set up but slipped as he was cutting on the Solder Field turf and fell after gaining five yards. Overall, Riddick is not perfectly set up to be a traditional running back and it showed in this game as he was fairly ineffective generating 31 yards on 11 carries.

2016 Week 3 vs GB (10 / 9 / 0 rush, 9 / 7 / 39 / 0 rec)

Riddick started the football game for the Lions and struggled to make anything happen early in the game. He worked hard, but there was simply no room for Riddick to operate. In the first half, Riddick had six carries, all of which went for negative yardage or no gain. It was in the passing game that Riddick made his mark. Perhaps Riddick's most effective trait is his ability as a route runner against a linebacker, specifically running an angle/jerk route near the line of scrimmage. Riddick's first catch of the game came on this kind of play and he took it for 11 yards. Packers' cornerback Ladarius Gunter made a great play coming up to blow up a screen pass to Riddick, forcing a three yards loss out in space. Riddick looked a little better in the second half, but the Lions were clearly in passing mode and Riddick made the most of his carries and catches. He ran hard behind the right side of the line to convert a first down in the third quarter, helping to keep the offense on the field. Riddick is amazingly elusive, and he deployed a nasty spin move that made a defender miss three or four yards behind the line of scrimmage, and took the ball off tackle for eight yards. He was targeted five times in the second half as the Lions were down big, the majority coming on screens and short throws out of the backfield. Stafford did target him on a wheel route down the left sideline, but he overthrew Riddick as coverage was tight. The Lions had a first-and-goal from the seven yard line, and they put Washington and Riddick on the field at the same time, and Riddick ran a quick out to the left side of the field, and he was tackled just short of the goal-line. Riddick finished with nine yards on 10 carries and 39 yards on seven catches while being targeted nine times in the passing game.

2016 Week 2 vs TEN (11 / 37 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 28 / 0 rec)

Riddick came in as a receiving option for the Lions on offense but that isn't his only role for this offense. He is getting carries as a traditional runner and his patience and vision allow him to hit holes and cutback lanes to generate positive yardage for the offense. He runs hard but needs a bit of room to make defenders miss, and there were moments that came as a runner where he didn't get that room. Riddick was dangerous as a receiver out of the backfield. He was targeted five times and caught four of them for a total of 28 yards. Riddick runs angle routes as good as anyone in the NFL as he is simply too quick for coverage and he accelerates out of his cuts to leave defenders in the dust. Riddick did drop a pass in the red zone that could have gone for a touchdown as the Lions set up a great play for him. The Lions lined up three receivers on the top of the formation and ran play action away from it to Riddick, but the throw was a touch high and it would have been a very nice catch if he had made it. When Abdullah was injured it was Riddick that got the majority of the work but the running game clearly wasn't the same. Riddick took the majority of his carries out of the shotgun and ran between the tackles but there just wasn't a lot of room for him. He displayed a nasty spin move twice in the game that allowed him to get positive yardage, none more impressive than when he made Titans defensive tackle Jurell Casey miss at the line of scrimmage. He spun out of the tackle and took that carry for 10 yards, and that run showed his balance and elusiveness and just how slippery he can be.

2016 Week 1 vs IND (7 / 45 / 1 rush, 5 / 5 / 63 / 1 rec)

Riddick didn't start the game but saw extended time as a pass catcher primarily, but he ran it effectively too. Riddick had seven carries and carried the ball both between the tackles and outside to the edges of the defense. He ran hard, and his patience is paying off as a runner, but he is most effective running the ball when he is decisive and quick to hit the hole. He did exactly that in the first quarter, taking a handoff and hitting the hole between the tackle and guard on left side of the line at top speed. He ran into space and pounded the defensive backs at the goal line to get into the end zone. The 21-yard run was a wonderfully designed play by the Lions, giving Riddick room to operate and space to make a play. Riddick had another run in the second half that showed how elusive he is as he took the handoff between the tackles and showed excellent vision to jump cut and run into space to gain 12 yards and move the chains. As a receiver, Riddick was his usual self. He caught all five targets and turned them into 63 yards and a score. He made the first defender miss and generated yards after the catch, and that makes him incredibly dangerous. Riddick was at his best in this game coming out of the back field with a linebacker covering him, shaking the defender before the ball was thrown and taking a short throw for good yardage. He is cemented in this offense as a playmaker and should continue in this role. Riddick also went for over 100 total yards in this game.


Latest News

Lions | Theo Riddick had double wrist surgery (Sun Mar 26, 03:03 PM) - Detroit Lions RB Theo Riddick (wrist) underwent surgery on both of his wrists after the season, according to sources.

Our View: Riddick is expected to be a full participant in organized team activities later this spring. The Lions should select a RB at some point in the 2017 NFL draft, and that player should be more of a full-time player. Riddick should continue as a fine receiving threat and change-of-pace back for the Lions.
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