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QB Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers

6-5, 248Born: 5-10-1989College: AuburnDrafted: Round 1, pick 1

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17 at TB 69 18 32 237 1 3 3 6 0 0 13.45

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 17 vs TB (18 / 32 / 237 / 1 / 3 pass, 3 / 6 / 0 rush)

It was a fast-paced start for Cam Newton, and the up-tempo approach seemed to get him into an early rhythm. Throwing strikes to Greg Olsen and Brenton Bersin in tight coverage, Newton saw the field well and the drive culminated in a touchdown. After that point, it was all downhill as Newton's mechanics became more lazy and the pass rush pressure started to build. Pre-snap, Newton failed to diagnose a blitz and took a sack that lost significant yardage. A high pass in the first half was too high for the intended receiver, got tipped into the air and should have been picked had the defender not dropped it. Newton took a shot downfield to Corey Brown and it appeared his receiver had come down with it, but Brown had it wrestled away and the call on the field was an interception. The spectre of Newton's shoulder injury loomed large on downfield passes, with the balls losing velocity in the air and making it easy for Bucs defenders to break on them, as they did on a subsequent downfield target to Greg Olsen. Newton's decision making was spotty, but his biggest error was at the beginning of the second half. Throwing a quick out to Ted Ginn Jr, Newton's pass was telegraphed and taken back for a touchdown by Brent Grimes. Newton failed to look off the defensive coverage, and Grimes simply trusted his instincts and broke on the pass. To Newton's credit, he did well to rally the offense to almost steal the game at the death, firing a touchdown pass in the red zone to Kelvin Benjamin. However, the general inconsistencies of the offense and Newton, in particular on the simple plays doomed the Panthers to defeat.

2016 Week 16 vs ATL (18 / 43 / 198 / 1 / 2 pass, 8 / 36 / 0 rush)

A scattershot Cam Newton was unable to carry forward the positive momentum from the performance against the Redskins, instead regressing in a putrid display at home. It was the usual inconsistencies from Newton: poor footwork, late throws, decision making. The offense couldn't establish a rhythm in the early stages, and that seemed to hurt Newton's confidence. What would have dented it even more was a poor interception in the first half. Targeting Ed Dickson on a deep dig route, Newton failed to see Bryan Poole sinking underneath the throw, reading the eyes of the quarterback. However, it appeared as though the pass would not have been close to Dickson anyway, such was its inaccuracy. At times Newton was afforded decent pass protection, although even then his footwork was spotty and sloppy. He made good decisions to throw the ball away and did not take any unnecessary sacks, but the line let him down at times in the second half with immediate pressure up the gut. Newton was guilty of missing a wide open Greg Olsen in the end zone for what should have been a touchdown; he was too late as he rolled out to the right, and his hesitancy allowed the Falcons defenders to close on the intended target. The very next play saw Newton sail a pass to Kelvin Benjamin in the end zone. The no-huddle offense kick-started things in the second half, but it would prove to be a false dawn as Newton tossed his second interception. On this occasion he seemed to telegraph his intentions, and the zone coverage DB read his eyes and broke on the throw. Even so, there did not appear to be a receiver on the end of the pass had the DB not been there. He saved his game with a beautiful touchdown pass to Benjamin on a nine route, lofting it high for his behemoth receiver to attack. It was the lone bright spot in a thoroughly forgettable game for the quarterback.

2016 Week 15 vs WAS (21 / 37 / 300 / 2 / 0 pass, 3 / 0 / 0 rush)

Cam Newton enjoyed a comfortable game, his confidence in the pocket buttressed by an offensive line that afforded him ample time. The makeshift line gave him a clean pocket to survey the field, and he took advantage with chunk plays downfield time and again. The offense clicked early with strikes downfield to Greg Olsen and excellent, physical downhill running from Jonathan Stewart. Newton, who came into the game with a shoulder issue, seemed to hurt it on a hit. After that play, the running game revolved around Stewart and allowed Newton more opportunities off play action. Despite the shoulder issue, Newton looked comfortable firing darts all over the field. His first touchdown pass came on a strike down the middle to Ted Ginn Jr., who had been left alone by the Washington defense after a coverage breakdown. Continuing to feast on intermediate strikes to move the offense downfield, Newton settled for a short pass for his second touchdown. It was a straightforward flip into the flat to Mike Tolbert, who had sneaked out off play action from the one-yard line. Newton showed excellent touch on the pass, however, something he has struggled with mightily in recent weeks. That was the case for the entirety of the game; a beautifully floated ball into Fozzy Whittaker on a wheel route was another good example of his touch and accuracy. In what might have been his best game of the season, Newton showed his toughness and grit in the face of injury.

2016 Week 14 vs SD (10 / 27 / 160 / 1 / 1 pass, 8 / 31 / 0 rush)

After the debacle in Seattle, Cam Newton appeared more poised and comfortable than he has been in weeks. A rhythm pass to the sideline to find Greg Olsen early seemed to get him focused, and his accuracy remained solid for the remainder of the game. A much improved display from the offensive line was instrumental in his confidence from the pocket; there were few dropbacks where he seemed harried or under undue pressure. The emphasis on the ground attack - with Newton playing his part as well - seemed to settle him down. With that solid platform to build off, Newton led the Panthers to a handful of red zone opportunities. The passing game stalled in that area of the field, with San Diego's defensive backs clamping down and Carolina's receivers unable to get open. However, Newton did hit one spectacular pass to Devin Funchess in the red zone, a zipped ball on a skinny post that gave the defensive back no chance. Newton came within inches of a rushing touchdown in the red zone, a quarterback draw coming agonisingly short of the paint. Newton tossed one interception in the red zone on a target for Kelvin Benjamin. The big receiver ran an out pattern, but the route appeared lazy and Newton's pass was too far inside to begin with. It gave the defensive back the opportunity to attack, and he did so to pick it off. It appeared as though the defensive back had scored a touchdown, but Benjamin had touched him down by contact. It was one of the only blemishes on an otherwise clean day from Newton.

2016 Week 13 vs SEA (14 / 32 / 182 / 1 / 0 pass, 3 / 12 / 0 rush)

Due to a dress code violation Newton did not see the field on the first snap, and it proved to be a horrible start for the offense as Derek Anderson came in and promptly threw an interception. It would be a game to forget for Cam Newton and the offense, which simply lacked the precision necessary to string together drives against a defense like Seattle's. Despite the makeshift offensive line he had to play behind, Newton showed decent poise at times and was afforded enough time to find targets downfield. However, he would often hesitate at the crucial moment and his late flings of the football resulted in drops and incompletions as his mechanics faltered. The pass rush began to affect his throws in the second half, and he heaved a couple of balls up for grabs ñ one of which Earl Thomas should have picked off. His lone high point of the game was a beautifully floated touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr., who outran the safeties in Tampa-2 coverage. The arc of the pass allowed Ginn to run under it for an easy score. An interception thrown by Newton in the second half was saved by a defensive pass interference penalty, but in general his accuracy was scattershot and left his receivers with a lot of work to do. His footwork became increasingly sloppy and eventually the offense went into a shell and accepted its fate.

2016 Week 12 vs OAK (14 / 29 / 246 / 2 / 1 pass, 3 / 6 / 1 rush)

In the face of relentless pressure from a feisty Oakland front seven, Cam Newton steadily grew into the game after a horrid start. His accuracy was spotty early on, with passes fluttering too high for his intended receivers to haul in. He was often forced off the spot and the pocket collapsed on occasion, but he stood tall and delivered strikes as the game wore on. Two injuries on an already depleted offensive line did not help matters, and the pressure told in the final seconds as Newton took a game-ending sack. Prior to that, Newton kept a cool head to lead the Panthers back from a 17-point deficit. For his first touchdown pass he found a streaking Ted Ginn Jr. down the seam, laying the ball out in front of him so he could use his sprinter speed to reach pay dirt. The 88-yard strike came after Newton was afforded decent - but not ideal - protection. He tacked on a second touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin, heaving a deep ball hopefully in the tall receiver's direction. Benjamin outfought the defensive back in the air and impressively came down with the bomb. Newton had a horrific mistake at the end of the first half, throwing a pick six to Khalil Mack who took over this game with his all-around play. The play was a screen pass that Mack read perfectly, snatching the ball in the air and running in a short distance. Newton added a rushing touchdown to his day after he followed a good block from left tackle Mike Remmers off the left side on a sweep. Newton seemed to gain confidence in the face of adversity, and the Panthers offensive line - along with quicker releases and shorter drops - helped him rally the offense.

2016 Week 11 vs NO (14 / 33 / 192 / 1 / 0 pass, 5 / 7 / 0 rush)

It proved to be another inconsistent game for Cam Newton, who at times shot passes into receivers like bullets and at others looked all at sea in the pocket. There is a lack of confidence permeating Newton's game at the moment, with his lack of trust in the offensive line the culprit. On an early goal line opportunity that rushed process in Newton's head made him rush through his progressions and miss a wide open Ed Dickson in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. Instead, he lost focus quickly as his eyes dropped to look at the oncoming rushers. A calamitous red zone possession that included Newton inexplicably rolling out left and taking a huge shot summed things up for the offense. To his credit, he was able to connect on some beautiful strikes to Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen and Devin Funchess as the offense slowly picked up the pace. Newton played a small role as a runner, but in general Jonathan Stewart was handed the bulk of the carries - to little effect. Newton dropped a dime of a touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr., one of the best throws he has ever made. Hanging in the collapsing pocket as hands groped at him, an undaunted Newton heaved the ball on a high arc to the back line of the end zone. Ginn was able to blaze past the safety and run under the perfectly weighted pass for the score. The offense played keep away for most of the second half, limiting Newton's opportunities. However, he would zip a pass into Benjamin on 3rd and 10 with about 2:30 left to salt the game away. The throw encapsulated what a dominant passer Newton can be when given proper protection.

2016 Week 10 vs KC (23 / 38 / 261 / 1 / 1 pass, 12 / 54 / 1 rush)

When Cam Newton had a clean pocket, he showed tremendous zip and timing to keep the offense in rhythm. The Panthers could not run the ball effectively via traditional methods, so as the game wore on they began to lean on Newton's prowess as a rushing threat. It paid off early with a 28-yard scamper on a bootleg after the Chiefs bit inside on a run fake. Newton would get the nod in the red zone as the Panthers opted for the direct route. Running behind the right side of the line and Mike Tolbert, the six-five quarterback was initially stopped, but powered through contact and reached out for the goal line. As a passer, Newton's accuracy was excellent as he consistently fired passes exactly where they needed to be, with he and Kelvin Benjamin beating the Chiefs cornerbacks like a drum with well-placed inside patterns. Newton had a few inadvisable throws which were dripping with error potential, but at least in the first half he got away with them. A quick pass to the outside for Ted Ginn Jr. was the most egregious of such throws, with the Chiefs cornerback reading the quarterback's intentions. As the Carolina offense continued to hum, Newton fired a beautiful, lofted pass to Devin Funchess for a 38-yard touchdown. The safety and cornerback appeared to be lost on the play, but Funchess did well to snag the ball at the highest point and the pass from Newton was perfect. The second half saw a more engaged Chiefs defense cause problems for the weak Panthers offensive line, as pressure became a thorn in their side. Newton's worst error of the game came when, getting pressure up the middle, he tossed the football up for grabs down the left sideline. Eric Berry undercut the route and returned it all the way for a touchdown to change the game completely. Newton's footwork let him down on the pass; he did not step into the throw and the decision was the worst possible one he could make.

2016 Week 9 vs LA (20 / 32 / 225 / 1 / 0 pass, 7 / 16 / 0 rush)

Cam Newton registered an uneven performance in a game defined by a lack of flow on offense. The Los Angeles pass rush - and Aaron Donald in particular - put heat on the Panthers undermanned offensive line, delivering a few hits early to set the tone for the game. The pattern continued throughout, with Newton's footwork and accuracy becoming more erratic as he struggled to find open receivers. When he was afforded time, he zipped some beautiful passes on time and between the numbers. A strike on a skinny post route to Kelvin Benjamin showed great anticipation and accuracy and was one of Newton's finest throws of the game. Other than a select few plays like this, however, his game was defined by inconsistency. Passes routinely flew over receivers' heads or out of bounds. In the second half, a deep shot in Devin Funchess' direction should have been a touchdown, but Newton had too much air on the ball and it soared over the receiver's head. With the traditional rushing attack being stonewalled time and again, the zone read rushing attack was implemented as a change-up with little success. In a game of few opportunities, Newton took his best one when it presented itself as he threw a strike for a touchdown to Greg Olsen. Set up in the red zone, Olsen juked the defender in coverage and got an inside release. Newton identified the single high safety had cheated to the opposite side of the field and quickly fired it in to a wide open Olsen. It was a simple pitch and catch and a throw you would expect every quarterback to make.

2016 Week 8 vs ARI (14 / 27 / 212 / 0 / 0 pass, 7 / 43 / 0 rush)

A controlled display by Cam Newton had the Panthers offense looking like its 2015 best, as a healthy mix of quick passes, zone read runs and play action settled him in. Newton zipped some beautiful passes into tight windows throughout the game, showcasing good timing and rhythm on his dropbacks. A designed quarterback run which seems to have been reinstalled into the offense after Newton's concussion saw him dash and weave around defenders for a 19-yard carry. In the red zone Newton was unable to notch any touchdown passes as the Panthers' rushing attack took the lead. Newton was unfortunate to be tackled short of the goal line on two designed quarterback runs in the red zone. He will have been frustrated after he missed a wide open Jonathan Stewart on a wheel route in the red zone. The pass sailed a little too high for the back to see it in to his hands. Newton never looked uncomfortable in this game as the offensive line stoned pass rushers, and he managed to maintain a good platform for throwing downfield. He was let down on a couple of occasions with drops, notably a perfectly zipped pass to Fozzy Whittaker that would have extended a drive. With the team nursing a comfortable lead, Newton played it conservatively in the second half. The numbers may not indicate it, but this was Newton at close to his best.

2016 Week 6 vs NO (27 / 47 / 322 / 2 / 1 pass, 2 / 1 / 1 rush)

Cam Newton looked a little uneasy to begin the game as a familiar pattern began to unfold: offensive line issues. The Saints edge rushers quickly made Newton move off the spot in the pocket, and he was often forced to retreat or take sacks against the rush as both offensive tackles struggled. Inaccuracy began to creep into some of Newton's throws, notably a deep shot to Ted Ginn Jr. that was left badly underthrown and should have been a touchdown. When he had a chance to operate from a clean pocket, he showed terrific chemistry with Kelvin Benjamin, who he peppered with passes from the get-go. The Panthers turned to the no-huddle when they trailed 21-0, and Newton seemed to pick up some momentum and rhythm with this approach. Newton was picked off on a red zone possession that could have made the game closer in the first half, but his floated pass intended for Devin Funchess was intercepted. The cornerback had excellent position on Funchess and was able to run under the football on the fade pattern, but Newton will have expected better from his six-four wideout. Newton, undeterred by Funchess' mistake, came back to him and fired a strike for his first touchdown pass between two defenders. Set up in the red zone, Newton quickly recognised a breakdown in coverage, giving Funchess an easy inside release with no safety help. The pass was perfect and on time for the score. Newton tossed his second touchdown pass as the Panthers found themselves on the Saints 1-yard line. In an unbelievable effort, Newton rolled left and just when it appeared he was throwing it away he lofted the ball up to Ed Dickson at the back of the end zone. Dickson and Mike Tolbert were the intended receivers on the play action pass, but both fell down in the first few seconds of the play. To Newton's credit, he kept the play alive and lofted an incredible improvised pass. Newton grew stronger as the game wore on, and despite not being involved as a runner he finished the game with a touchdown using his legs. In what has become a staple of the Carolina offense, Newton scrambled right with the Panthers at the 1-yard line of New Orleans and outpaced Cameron Jordan to the pylon. He reached the ball across the goal line for the score, but it was an incredibly athletic effort.

2016 Week 4 vs ATL (14 / 25 / 165 / 1 / 0 pass, 5 / 30 / 0 rush)

It was one of the more forgettable days in the career of Cam Newton, as the Falcons defense set the tone early and made him antsy. His pocket presence was lacking after some early shots across the bow from the Falcons pass rush, and he never seemed to settle in to the game. His footwork in particular was an issue, as it led to scattershot accuracy on what should be simple passes. The offensive line struggled to blow open holes with the rushing attack, so Newton was forced into long third down situations and he didn't deal with them very well. He zipped a lovely pass in to Kelvin Benjamin on a quick slant for a rare third down conversion, but would later overshoot Ted Ginn, who was wide open on a shallow cross. To the credit of the Atlanta defense, they successfully defended the zone read and delivered a blow to Newton on one keeper in particular. Newton started to regain some confidence in the no huddle, eventually culminating in a zipped red zone pass on a slant to Benjamin, who had established inside leverage on his defender. The timing and accuracy of the pass were rare exceptions in Newton's mechanics in a game otherwise littered with problems. Newton sustained a concussion, ending his day, on the subsequent two-point conversion. In a flashback to a similar play against the Saints two seasons ago, Newton seemed to let up as he reached the goal line, and a Falcons defender flew into Newton at eye level, delivering a vicious helmet-to-helmet shot. Newton managed to reach the ball across the goal line for the conversion, but quickly left the game.

2016 Week 3 vs MIN (21 / 35 / 262 / 0 / 3 pass, 7 / 26 / 1 rush)

Cam Newton endured a torrid day against the Vikings, struggling to find any open targets as a disciplined defense suffocated the offense. In all, he was sacked eight times and was under duress on almost every dropback as the Panthers had to go into pass-first mode late in the game. The beginning of the game looked like a typical Carolina home game, with Newton leading a straightforward pair of drives, one for a field goal and one for a touchdown. On the latter, Newton lofted a beautiful pass over the shoulder of Corey Brown on a deep corner route, setting up the offense inside the 10. Newton finished the drive off with a walk-in touchdown on a zone read, and it appeared as though Carolina would roll. However, as the game wore on Newton became increasingly skittish as the Vikings confused him and the offensive line with various blitz packages. The double A gap blitz look in particular caused serious issues. Even when Newton had time, he seemed uncertain of his progression and often there was simply nowhere to go with the ball as the Vikings blanketed receivers downfield. Newton's errant play was summed up by an interception to end the half; he never seemed to step into the throw, his poor mechanics resulting in a lofty pass down the sideline to Ted Ginn Jr., who was undercut by the defensive back. His day would only get uglier in the second half, as the Vikings really turned up the heat. With a blitzer bearing down on him, Newton tossed a sideline pass intended for Ginn and was picked off again, Terence Newman sinking underneath the out route. With Newton beginning to force throws, the offense sputtered towards the end of the game. The Vikings happily surrendered short completions, but the typically vertical Panthers attack simply had no opportunities. On the rare occasion they did, Devin Funchess and others would let the team down, albeit the passes were often outside the numbers and difficult to haul in. The final nail in Newton's coffin came in the waning moments as he tossed his third interception. With another blitz in his face, he tossed the football up for grabs. It landed in the arms of a defensive lineman, who essentially iced the game despite fumbling it out of bounds. Newton was physically beaten and bruised throughout, with his mechanics suffering as a result.

2016 Week 2 vs SF (24 / 40 / 353 / 4 / 1 pass, 6 / 37 / 0 rush)

Cam Newton started the game off in inauspicious circumstances, firing a pass to Ed Dickson that was deflected and landed in the hands of a 49ers safety for an interception. The pass was a little late, but Navorro Bowman deserves credit for reading the play and closing in for the deflection. The Panthers offense found their rhythm soon after that, with zone read concepts and quick completions settling Newton down. They soon opened it up downfield, and Newton was unfortunate not to have a touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr. after dropping the football perfectly in the bucket on a deep pass. Ginn failed to get his second foot in bounds. Newton would a few plays later miss a wide open Greg Olsen on third-and-long, putting too much air under the pass. Newton would respond almost instantly, lofting a beautiful pass to a streaking Olsen, who had no 49ers defender within five yards of him when he made the catch for a 78-yard score. It was an excellent job of identifying the defensive breakdown by Newton. Throughout the game Newton was afforded excellent pass protection, and it led to a series of big plays, with Kelvin Benjamin in particular prospering. Newton and his favorite target connected on a series of inside-breaking patterns, with Benjamin's size and body position too much for defensive backs to deal with. Set up in the red zone, Newton's second touchdown pass was a low dart to Benjamin, who had to stoop to reel in the football. The off coverage offered Benjamin enough room to run the out pattern, and enough time was given to Newton to fire the ball in on time. The pair connected again for Newton's third touchdown pass, another pinpoint accurate throw between Benjamin's numbers. It was another red zone opportunity, and Benjamin simply got in front of his defensive back on a quick slant, Newton firing in the football on time. Newton would toss a fourth touchdown pass to Devin Funchess on a beautifully placed back shoulder pass, putting the ball above the rim for the six-foot-four receiver to attack. Newton had a bad fumble after scrambling as he failed to secure the ball with both hands. He was chased down from behind and the ball was stripped out, eventually being recovered by the 49ers. It was a controlled display from the quarterback, who made good decisions under pressure for the most part and took what the defense gave him.

2016 Week 1 vs DEN (18 / 33 / 194 / 1 / 1 pass, 11 / 54 / 1 rush)

It was the classic tale of two halves for a battered and bruised Cam Newton, who guided the Panthers offense to an early lead, only to see it evaporate in front of him. Offensive coordinator Mike Shula had a solid game plan to calm Newton down early and get him comfortable, utilizing the zone read rushing attack to give the quarterback some early touches. Newton made excellent reads off the so-called 'belly option' and managed to use the Broncos' aggressive up the field rush against them. Newton tossed his first touchdown pass of the season to Kelvin Benjamin - who he enjoyed a terrific rapport with throughout on a perfect post route in the red zone. Benjamin established inside leverage off the snap, allowing Newton to fire early on a high pass that only Benjamin could snag. The offensive line's protection was crucial on the play; Newton had a clean pocket to step into the throw in rhythm. The pressure began to build on Newton as the half wore on, but for the most part he coped well with it, either throwing the ball away or releasing it just a beat before a Denver defender could reach him. His best play in this regard was a pass to Greg Olsen where Newton had to roll left to escape a blitzing T.J. Ward, then loft a pass into the tight end's hands. Newton capitalized on his second red zone opportunity, taking the football around the right end to the pylon on a designed quarterback sweep. The seal block from Ted Ginn on the edge was enough to get Newton over the goal line. Newton played well in the two-minute drill, releasing the ball quickly and not allowing the Broncos pass rush to get to him. A punishing hit in the third quarter seemed to rattle Newton, and he never quite fully recovered his poise from that point on. A series of helmet-to-helmet hits followed, with only one being called as a penalty. Newton's interception came on a brilliant play by Denver CB Chris Harris Jr., who met intended target Benjamin at the catch point and caught the fluttering pass just before it hit the turf. The ball was thrown a little behind Benjamin, but it was a catchable pass; it was simply an incredible play by Harris. To Newton's credit, despite the constant heat from the Broncos' blitzes he led the offense down the field in the final seconds of the game and set them up for a potential game-winning field goal. The offense seemed to go into its shell a bit in the second half, but Newton's performance was not the reason the Panthers lost the game.


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Panthers | 'No concern' Cam Newton ready for opener (Sun Mar 26, 01:39 PM) - Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton (shoulder) will be ready for the season opener 'without a doubt', according to head coach Ron Rivera.

Our View: He should've had shoulder surgery earlier this year, but apparently Newton made a different decision. Newton is set to undergo surgery Thursday, March 30, to repair the partially torn rotator cuff he suffered in Week 14.
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Panthers | Cam Newton to have surgery (Tue Mar 21, 03:33 PM) - Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton (shoulder) will undergo surgery on a partially torn rotator cuff Thursday, March 30. The procedure is expected to sideline Newton for about four months.

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