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QB Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos

6-5, 230Born: 3-24-1976College: TennesseeDrafted: Round 1, pick 1

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Peyton Manning has a partial tear in the plantar fascia ligament of his left foot. He will not play Week 11, but his status beyond that is unknown.

He is listed as out on this week's official injury report.

News you need to know

From Mark Wimer's Monday injury report (Mon Nov 23): Broncos coach Gary Kubiak announced Monday that the 25-year-old Brock Osweiler will make a second consecutive start at quarterback, against the New England Patriots on next Sunday, as Peyton Manning continues to rehabilitate left foot and rib injuries. Kubiak also said Manning was in Charlotte, N.C., on Monday to seek a second doctor's opinion on his foot. 'Peyton is frustrated by the fact that he's injured,' Kubiak said. 'He is doing everything he can possibly do to get himself healthy.'

General News (Fri Nov 27): is out for this week's game.

General News (Fri Nov 27): did not practice on Thursday.

General News (Wed Nov 25): did not practice on Wednesday. Manning will miss at least the next two weeks as he continues to recover from a partially torn plantar fascia and a rib injury, according to head coach Gary Kubiak. Manning will still be able to participate in workouts and be a part of team meetings, but his foot will also be in a cast for at least a week.

General News (Tue Nov 24): has been focused on recovering in order to play this year, contrary to rumors that he had been talking about next year, according to head coach Gary Kubiak.

Week 12: vs New England Patriots

All QB vs NE

Mark and Joe say: Neutral matchup. Brock Osweiler won his first start 17-15 and looked comfortable in Gary Kubiak's offense while he did so, posting 20/27 for 250 yards passing, two TDs and zero interceptions thrown. He linked up with Demaryius Thomas early on (eight targets for 3/59/1 receiving) and found Cody Latimer later in the game (three targets for 2/22/1) - even in Emmanuel Sanders' absence (high-ankle sprain), Osweiler found ways to keep the ball moving downfield. We'll see if he can build on the momentum here in Week 12. The Patriots' pass D is ranked 21st in the NFL averaging 252.5 net passing yards allowed per game, with 14 pass scores given out vs. nine interceptions (tied for 15th in the NFL) and 32 sacks generated (second). Osweiler was sacked five times for -31 yards last week - the Patriots will bring the heat to bear here in Week 12, you can be sure. Over the past four weeks (four games), this team has allowed the fifth-least fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks (16.4 on average); is sixth-least in fantasy points allowed to opposing tight ends (5.1); however, they have given up the 11th-most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers (22.9). Last week a banged-up Tyrod Taylor could only muster 20/36 for 225 net passing yards with zero TDs or interceptions against the Patriots. The Patriots' pass D has been up and down during the season - this looks like a neutral matchup for Osweiler at home in Mile High Stadium.

Recent Stats and Projections

8 vs GB 67 21 29 340 0 1 0 0 0 0 16
9 at IND 52 21 36 281 2 2 0 0 0 0 20.05
10 vs KC 32 5 20 35 0 4 0 0 0 0 -3.25
12 vs NE PROJ-Tremblay * 0 0 * * * 0 * * * *

Recent Game Summaries

2015 Week 10 vs KC (5 / 20 / 35 / 0 / 4 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Many words will be written about the irony of Peyton Manning being benched against the Kansas City Chiefs on the same day that he set the NFL's all-time career passing yardage record. Some comparisons will be made between Manning's season so far and the final season of the man who previously held the record; Favre's 10 touchdowns against 16 interceptions in his first nine games of 2010 are quite similar to Manning's 9 touchdowns against 17 interceptions in his first nine games of 2015. Historical significance aside, Peyton Manning turned in what was easily the worst game of what has easily been the worst season of his 17-year career. 5 completions on 20 attempts for 35 yards paints a grim enough picture without acknowledging the four interceptions, (and handful of other passes that easily could have been picked. His errors ranged from mechanical, (two underthrown passes downfield that landed nowhere near his intended target), to the mental, (failing to recognize a Chiefs' defender in his passing lane), to, admittedly, bad luck, (a receiver fell down in the middle of his cut after being "helped" by a a nearby defender). Is this the death knell for Manning's record-setting, award-winning career? Reports out of Denver suggest that Manning was far more hurt than he was letting on, and that he was playing through a torn plantar fascia. Coach Gary Kubiak has already announced Manning will be inactive next week to heal. Perhaps, with history on the line, Manning rushed into the lineup before he was truly ready. Perhaps.

2015 Week 9 vs IND (21 / 36 / 281 / 2 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

A week after showing signs he might be turning the corner, Peyton Manning played closer to his typical 2015 form against the Indianapolis Colts, making risky throws, floating footballs, and generally lacking the surgical precision that he's been so famous for throughout his career. On his first interception, he badly overthrew a crossing pattern, floating the ball into the midst of three defenders with no Broncos in sight. On his second, he forced a risky throw to Demaryius Thomas on an out route, trusting his receiver to make a play, only for Thomas to stumble and get beaten to the ball. While his lows were very low, Peyton also displayed some positive traits in tough situations. Of the 13 third downs Manning faced, nine were of 8 yards or longer as Denver's running game struggled to find purchase and Manning was routinely asked to bail the offense out. Manning converted on four of his nine third-and-very-long attempts, (and three of his four third-and-manageable attempts), keeping drives alive by himself. Included in that total was a deep 64-yard bomb to Emmanuel Sanders to convert 3rd-and-14 and get Denver back into the game. While he may not be the dominant force he once was, Peyton Manning is still a credible quarterback and an asset to his offense.

2015 Week 8 vs GB (21 / 29 / 340 / 0 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Taking good advantage of the bye week, Denver entered the game against Green Bay with a plan for how to fix the offense in the short term and the long term. In the short term, Peyton Manning victimized the Packers with a series of intermediate crossing routes for 10+ yard gain after 10+ yard gain, taking a break from the steady stream of jabs to launch an occasional haymaker down the field. In the long term, Manning and head coach Gary Kubiak seem to have reached some sort of consensus on how best to tailor scheme to Manning's current skillset. While the offense still called for a few rollouts, they were done more selectively and left Manning in more of a position to succeed. While Manning's deep accuracy is still spotty, (and several of those effective crossers were thrown a touch too high, forcing the receiver to leave his feet to haul them in), the quarterback and the play caller did a good job at diagnosing weaknesses pre-snap and leaving Manning in a position where he didn't need a perfect throw to win the matchup. While Manning was once again held without a touchdown, his apparent comfort in the offense should be viewed as a huge positive sign for his production going forward.

2015 Week 6 vs CLE (26 / 48 / 290 / 1 / 3 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Manning who had thrown more interceptions than touchdowns through five games, only widened that margin with three picks vs. one lone touchdown pass against the Cleveland Browns. While one of the interceptions was only marginally his fault, as a pass slightly behind Ronnie Hillman went right through his back's hands and into the arms of a waiting linebacker, Manning made a few truly questionable decisions. On his first interception, for instance, Manning threw to a well-covered receiver and didn't even see the linebacker lurking underneath in coverage. Manning made another terrible decision, flipping a short pass right in front of a waiting linebacker on 3rd-and-20 in the shadow of his own goal line, though thankfully for his team he escaped that one without yet another pick 6. For all the bad, (and there was plenty), Manning did have a few terrific throws, including a deep shot to Emmanuel Sanders 20 yards downfield that hit him in stride, allowing Sanders to accelerate away and run 75 yards for Denver's lone offensive touchdown of the game. Manning also threw a few beautiful balls to Demaryius Thomas late in the game, one of them a strike fifteen yards downfield with nothing but green grass in the picture, only to have Thomas drop what would have been a huge gain. Overall, Manning made a few more nice throws than he had through five weeks, but not nearly as many as his offense will need going forward.

2015 Week 5 vs OAK (22 / 35 / 266 / 0 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Another week, another reminder that Peyton Manning's exceptional career is drawing to a close. Unable to get away with the risky passes he once has and unable to throw deep without a seeming herculean effort, Manning is forced to anticipate his receivers even more, leading to plenty of errant throws. On his first interception of the day, tight end Owen Daniels was jammed at the line and Manning didn't read it in time, throwing the ball directly into the waiting arms of a Raiders defensive back, (with two others in the vicinity). On his second interception, he launched a ball deep at the limits of his arm and it hung in the air too long, giving the defense plenty of time to play it. While his 266 yards look like a respectable total, Manning and the Broncos find their offense coming in fits and starts, and most tellingly have been unable to sustain anything upon reaching the red zone. Denver's kicker finished the afternoon with a pair of field goals under 25 yards, including a 20-yarder at the end of a "drive" that started in the red zone after a turnover.

2015 Week 4 vs MIN (17 / 27 / 213 / 1 / 2 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

At this point, Peyton Manning's struggles have been well documented. Four games into the 2015 season, he shows little sign of regaining the dominant, unstoppable form he showed as recently as midseason of last year. Instead, he seems determined to leverage his experience to drag a few more passable performances out of his failing body. Against the Vikings, Peyton spent much of the day alternating between throws that it looked like he wouldn't be able to make, but did, and throws it looked like he would be able to make, but didn't. Included in that total was his first interception, an ill-advised throw he tried to rifle past linebacker Anthony Barr, but which he hasn't had the arm strength to make in years. Manning continues to face pressure at a shocking rate, given his history, as his patchwork line is clearly overmatched and he's no longer able to cover for it like he once could. Still, as he has in recent weeks, Manning managed to get into a flow in the latter half, negate much of the pass rush, and move the ball. It hasn't been as much as we've typically seen from him, but paired with Denver's dominant defense this year, it has been enough.

2015 Week 3 vs DET (31 / 42 / 324 / 2 / 1 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Peyton Manning was hardly in vintage form, but after two poor outings to start the year, his "pretty decent" showing against the Detroit Lions was a welcome sight. His mechanics still seem labored as he is forced to use his entire body to generate power on his deep throws, and the result is spotty accuracy beyond fifteen yards. While he had previously been consistently overthrowing his targets, against Detroit he had a few notable underthrows where the ball hung up in the air a little bit. Despite the ugliness of Manning's performance, it was still his most consistently effective outing of the season. Manning's one interception came on a pass that was tipped at the line of scrimmage, and for the most part he made fewer risky or questionable decisions. He also seemed to be a bit more aggressive attacking the intermediate-to-deep areas, including a crucial touchdown on 4th-and-1 to end the first half; Demaryius Thomas ran a deep "go" route, Manning heaved the ball up for grabs, and Thomas was able to outmuscle the much smaller defender for the underthrown pass, avoid the tackle, and walk into the end zone for a touchdown.

2015 Week 2 vs KC (26 / 45 / 256 / 3 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Peyton Manning looked better mechanically to begin the game against Kansas City, but early results were a continuation of last week's poor showing against Baltimore. Manning finally threw a beautiful deep pass, only to have it knocked out of his receiver's hands. Against a blitz, Manning threw to Demaryius Thomas on a hot route, but Thomas was slow looking back for the football, the throw was off-target and behind him, and the result for the second consecutive week was an interception returned for a touchdown. Shortly afterwards, Denver switched to a more shotgun-heavy offense to help get Manning comfortable. It paid immediate dividends in the form of dramatically reduced pressure, but Manning was still spotty with his delivery. He comically overthrew an easy dump-off and was almost intercepted, and had a few other near-picks that were dropped by the defense. He had flashes of quality play, leading the announcers to praise him at one point for throwing three consecutive accurate passes-- something that would have been taken as a given from a younger Peyton Manning. Despite the uneven performance, Manning came alive when it mattered most, throwing several do-or-die intermediate passes in traffic to move Denver down the field for the game tying score. For two minutes, he managed to roll back the clock. Questions of whether this was a fleeting reminder of what was or a herald of things yet to come would-- perhaps mercifully-- be left for another day, as Denver's suffocating defense scored the winning points before Peyton could again be asked to place the team's fate on his aging shoulders.

2015 Week 1 vs BAL (24 / 40 / 175 / 0 / 1 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Preseason struggles have historically been very common for Peyton Manning offenses, so when Denver's players discussed how their offense would come together, they merited the benefit of the doubt. After an anemic first game, the benefit must be wearing thin. Manning was able to generate power on his throws, but he did it with labored body mechanics that threw off his accuracy and left him consistently overthrowing his intended target on passes of more than 10 yards. Additionally, Manning showed little functional mobility, frequently giving up and going to the turf at the first sign of pressure and struggling to set his feet in time after the rollouts that are such a signature of new coach Gary Kubiak's offense. One such throw was a softball over the middle that hung up in the air until it was tipped by a defensive back, intercepted, and returned for a touchdown.


Latest News

Broncos | Week 12 injury report for Friday (Fri Nov 27, 06:43 PM) - Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning (foot) and DE DeMarcus Ware (back) are out for Week 12 against the New England Patriots. OG Evan Mathis (ankle) is questionable, while TE Virgil Green (finger), OT Ryan Harris (knee), C Matt Paradis (finger), OT Michael Schofield (finger), DE Antonio Smith (hip) and DE Vance Walker (shoulder) are probable. Manning and Ware missed practice Friday, Nov. 27. Mathis was limited, while the others were full participants.

Broncos | Peyton Manning idle Thursday (Thu Nov 26, 02:07 PM) - Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning (foot) was out of practice Thursday, Nov. 26.

Our View: As expected, it continues to be "Brocktober" in November and we will not see Manning for the next month or so at minimum. We don't trust Osweiler as more than a QB3 against the Patriots, as the Broncos are likely to go run heavy again this week.
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Broncos | Peyton Manning out at least three weeks (Thu Nov 26, 10:55 AM) - Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning (foot) will be out at least three weeks as his foot is in a cast for the next 10 days. He'll need at least a week of rehab after that.

Our View: So we've got three weeks of Brock Osweiler, or as some might call it "Brock and Roll." We liked what we saw from him last weekend, but are not all that enthused by what he might be able to do against New England. Despite a banged up defense, the Patriots have been holding their own against offenses and the Broncos are likely to run the ball a lot again to protect their young quarterback. He's no more than a QB3 this week and his value will go up and down while Manning is out.
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Broncos | Peyton Manning out at least two weeks (Tue Nov 24, 08:50 PM) - Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning (foot, ribs) will miss at least the next two weeks as he continues to recover from a partially torn plantar fascia and a rib injury, according to head coach Gary Kubiak. Manning will still be able to participate in workouts and be a part of team meetings, but his foot will also be in a cast for at least a week.

Our View: This makes Brock Osweiler the starter during that time..and perhaps even longer. Osweiler performed well against the Bears in Week 11. It will be a tougher test for him against the Patriots at home in Week 12.
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Broncos | Denver used more two-TE sets (Tue Nov 24, 06:27 PM) - The Denver Broncos used multiple tight end sets on 83.8% of their Week 11 plays with QB Brock Osweiler under center as opposed to using three-wide receiver sets 60% of the time with QB Peyton Manning playing. TE Vernon Davis was more involved as a result, and the Broncos ground game was successful.

Our View: Keep this in mind when considering Davis or Daniels for your fantasy lineup. Both are TE2s with upside in Week 12 against the Patriots.
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