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QB Eli Manning - New York Giants

6-4, 218Born: 1-3-1981College: MississippiDrafted: Round 1, pick 1

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17 vs PHI 84 24 43 302 2 0 0 0 0 1 22.1

Recent Game Summaries

2015 Week 17 vs PHI (24 / 43 / 302 / 2 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a slightly above average performance in a disappointing final game for the Giants 2015 season. Manning was able to audible and utilise the running well a lot as Rashad Jennings was a force on the ground. This helped out the pass protection and kept the Eagles guessing defensively for most of the game as they could not focus on any one area to defend. Manning targeted a wide open Myles White on a deep corner route in the first half but the pass was off target unfortunately and it fell incomplete. Manning was kept upright for the most part but did take 2 key sacks in critical situations, including a third down. Manning found Randle over the middle on a post route and placed the well in an excellent location for his receiver. Manning then connected with Will Tye in the redzone for his first touchdown. Tye faked a block at the line before uncovering on a slant out pattern and juking his defender in coverage to extend his arm just enough for the score. Manning got his second touchdown to Randle deep on a deep in& up pattern. Randle got good separation from his defender and Manning fired an accurate ball that Randle was able to haul in and fall into the endzone. Manning almost hit Beckham jr. on a post route in the endzone but the defender was flagged for defensive holding which caused the play to be interrupted. Disaster struck Manning later in the game as he was hit from behind in the pocket and the ball flew into the air before an Eagles defender brought it back for a touchdown, it was later correctly ruled as a fumble return touchdown and not an interception. Manning kept the Giants in the game as he bought time scrambling out of the pocket and throwing on the run. Manning almost connected deep with Beckham jr. for a potential touchdown but the pass was slightly underthrown for Beckham's position. Hakeem Nicks later failed to haul in a well thrown pass from Manning on the sideline, letting the ball hit the ground as he dove for it. The Giants ultimately failed to convert a 4th down in a subsequent drive which ended the game.

2015 Week 16 vs MIN (15 / 29 / 234 / 1 / 3 pass, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a very poor game but he received almost no support from his teammates in this blowout loss to the Vikings. Manning was under pressure for a lot of this game and gave up many sacks in key third down situations. The offensive line, especially on the right side, was overmatched and gave Manning no chance to survey the field at times. The running game for New York was satisfactory with Jennings but not productive enough to carry the team by any means. Manning got picked off early in the game on a tipped pass over the middle that was caught by the Vikings secondary. Manning did execute a well timed double fake screen pass to Jennings, sucking the defense in before lobbing it over to the running back for a big play. Manning had two more terrible interceptions however that sealed the team's fate. Manning had some miscommunication with Randle on the outside and ended up throwing a dreadful pass that was off target and returned for a touchdown. Manning threw another awful interception, not recognising the defender was in a great position to undercut the route. The pass was returned just shy of the goal line and could have been his second pick six of the game. Manning's only touchdown came on a big play downfield but it was too little too late for his team. Manning evaded pressure well and fired an accurate bomb downfield to Randle on a deep post who made two defenders miss for the score. Manning could not convert many third or fourth down plays and it was a miserable time on Sunday night for the Giants and any fantasy owners of Giants players, save perhaps Reuben Randle owners (if anyone did risk to start him).

2015 Week 15 vs CAR (29 / 46 / 245 / 4 / 1 pass, 1 / 4 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a wild and wacky day on Sunday. Manning and the entire Giants offense was stuck in neutral due to sloppy mistakes and poor execution, for the most part. Manning found Beckham open deep in the first quarter on a post route and dropped in a perfect ball but the pass was dropped due to poor hand placement/use. Manning used the running game to his advantage to keep the defense honest which worked well. The offensive line blocked well for him for most of the game in key situations and should not be blamed for their offensive woes in the first half. Manning found Randle alone on the sideline after the safety blew his assignment and Randle was able to take it into the endzone untouched. Manning tried to get the ball deep to Beckham again who was open on a post route but the pass protection didn't give him enough time to throw an accurate ball. Manning missed Will Tye on a seam route, the pass was too high and sailed over his intended receivers head. Manning made up for this to his tight end later in the quarter as he connected with Tye for a touchdown on an out route in the redzone. Tye made a terrific catch and adjustment on a low pass to the outside and broke the plane with the ball for the score. Manning's only turnover was a terrible decision and awful play near Carolina's endzone. Manning threw a high ball late towards the endzone off his backfoot to escape pressure and it was picked off, in part due to the fact that his receiver fell over. Manning kept the pressure on Carolina however and finished off another well executed drive with a short pass out of the backfield for Vereen who split defenders to burst just over the line for the score. Manning's final touchdown was a fade pattern to Beckham in the corner of the endzone, a nice pass that was easily caught as Beckham had his man beat by a step.

2015 Week 14 vs MIA (27 / 31 / 337 / 4 / 0 pass, 3 / -2 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning was excellent on Monday night and highly productive for his team. Manning played one of his best games and was helped by his teammates. The Giants offensive line was much improved and gave Manning adequate pass protection several times in key pass situations. Rashad Jennings even managed to provide somewhat of a running with over 80 yards which helped Manning keep the defense honest. Manning used slants well and converted third downs with excellent communication with his receivers at the line of scrimmage. Manning's first touchdown was a simple curl route to Randle in the redzone. Randle found a gap in the zone coverage and held onto the pass well. Manning later successfully found Beckham deep down the field on a deep post pattern, leading his receiver well. Manning's second touchdown was a corner route to tight end Tye, which was in large part due to the excellent pass protection he got which gave him the necessary time to survey the endzone. Manning felt the rush well at times and checked down passes to his running back before the rush got there on numerous occasions. Manning's third touchdown was in part due to an unbelievable catch attempt by Beckham jr. Manning threw an out route pattern in the endzone and Beckham was somehow able to drag his feet just enough to keep the catch in bounds, despite the pass being thrown outside. Manning had an opportunity for a big play to Nicks on a scramble but his pass was highly erratic. Manning's final touchdown was helped by blown coverage on Beckham jr. after a slant and up pattern was not picked up by the Miami secondary. Manning recognised it quickly, fired the pass down the field and let Beckham jr. run all the way untouched into the endzone. Manning had several clutch key passes to help seal the game and fantasy owners can't complain about this performance one bit with the production to match his accuracy.

2015 Week 13 vs NYJ (18 / 34 / 297 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning and the Giants offense struggled for most of this time and relied too heavily upon splash plays. Manning failed to convert in the redzone on multiple occasions and this had a big effect on the game. Manning's pass protection was poor again on Sunday and he took too many sacks in key situations which killed off many Giants drives. The running game continues to be a "token" running game that is ineffective to say the least and mixed in sparingly due to how unproductive it is. Manning tried to get Randle on a bomb route down the field early but there was no separation from the defender to allow a catch. Manning found Nicks on a crossing route early in the game and was very unfortunate not to score the touchdown as Nicks was tackled mere inches shy of the white line and the Giants had to settle for a field goal ultimately. The best play the offense produced under Manning was a 72 yard catch and run hookup with Beckham jr. Manning located Beckham in man coverage over the middle and got him the ball quickly which allowed Beckham to outrun the defense for the score. Manning was able to connect down the field on a number of occasions to tight end Tye, throwing accurate balls behind defenders to allow yards after the catch. Manning should have had a touchdown to Beckham jr. on a deep post route as he threw a nice ball which Beckham got his hands on initially but the pass was ruled incomplete after a defender broke it up. Manning also found wide receiver White down the field on a fade route with a nicely located ball but this was called back due to holding by the offensive line. Manning was almost intercepted on a tipped pass on outside to Will Tye but the defender lost track of the pass as it fell incomplete. Manning threw a silly interception on 4th and 2 in the redzone, forcing a pass to a covered receiver in complete desperation. Manning also overthrew Beckham jr. on the final drive, though Beckham also looked to misjudge the ball over his shoulder. An uneven performance for Manning with pedestrian fantasy numbers, he is a risky start at this point in the season despite each game being very important for the Giants season.

2015 Week 12 vs WAS (26 / 51 / 321 / 2 / 3 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a poor game on Sunday though he didn't receive much help from his teammates. Manning had an interception on the first drive, though it was as a result of a tipped ball as Vereen knocked a catchable pass into the air. Manning had another bizarre interception on his next drive as Dwayne Harris caught a ball on the sideline but proceeded to lose it due to a strong hit and a Washington defender was able to pick it off with a diving catch. Manning had some communication errors in this game as he was throwing one route while his intended receiver ran another. Manning's pass protection was not solid either as Ryan Kerrigan beat right tackle Newhouse very quickly on numerous pass plays. The Giants offense sputtered in the first half and Manning failed to get the ball to Beckham down the field despite numerous attempts which were knocked away due to close coverage. Manning eventually found Beckham early in the second half on a 30 yard pass, placing the ball perfectly in stride. The drive was for nought however as a lazy route by Randle on a slant play allowed the Washington defender to undercut it for the terrific interception. Manning had a few other passes that should have been picked off as he hurled high balls to avoid sacks but got fortunate as they fell incomplete. Manning finally got in the endzone on a well executed corner route deep to Randle. Randle faked inside and got open easily while Manning fired a perfect pass in stride for Randle to take it into the endzone. Manning and Beckham had another amazing connection towards the end as the pair hooked up for a long touchdown on a fade route. Manning lobbed a pass high and away from the defender to the pylon of the endzone and Beckham jr. was somehow able to haul in and secure the pass with one outstretched arm on a diving play. Manning struggled for most of this game and the few spectacular plays were not enough to get the win. His pass protection was subpar and the running game was also very underwhelming.

2015 Week 10 vs NE (24 / 44 / 361 / 2 / 0 pass, 1 / 10 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning played a solid game on Sunday evening while committing only one turnover. Manning's day started off explosively as he scored a touchdown on a long pass play to Beckham jr. on the first drive. Beckham jr. ran a fade pattern deep and Manning threw a very accurate ball along the sideline which allowed Beckham to do the rest as he outran the defense. Manning took chances down the field all night long, with somewhat mixed but overall positive results. He connected along the sideline with young receiver White, placing the ball high and away from the defender. Manning misfired on a few occasions on short routes to underneath receivers early in the game but he got passed these few errors relatively quickly. Manning's only turnover was a fumble in the pocket in the redzone. Manning got hit from behind and the ball was knocked out of his hands which took away a golden opportunity for the Giants to score. Manning continued to test the Patriots deep when he saw isolated coverage and found Randle along the sideline with a nicely placed high ball. Manning then threw a strike over the middle in the redzone on a post route to tight end Tye (fitting the ball between multiple defenders) who was tackled just half a yard shy of the endzone. Manning's second touchdown pass was a perfectly placed corner route in the back of the endzone to Harris, who did a superb job of keeping his feet in bounds. Beckham jr. struggled to get open throughout the game and was often unavailable for Manning. Eli Manning did put the Giants in a spot to win the game as he found Beckham jr. on an out route in the endzone with a nice high ball but the ball was knocked loose as he landed and it was ruled incomplete. The Giants passing game was intent on testing the Patriots deep and they completed many passes down the field as well as drawing multiple pass interference flags. Manning was clutch on third down often and made several big throws to keep the offense alive but the redzone inefficiencies let the team and fantasy owners down ultimately.

2015 Week 9 vs TB (26 / 40 / 213 / 2 / 2 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning did not have a good start to this game as he threw an interception on his first drive. Manning threw the pass far behind his intended receiver, it was tipped into the air and easily picked off by the defense. Manning did manage to put this poor start behind him as he began to connect with his teammates for first downs. He was decisive early and hit a lot of short routes to keep the offense on the field. Manning dealt with pressure well throughout the game, avoiding sacks when necessary and finding the open receiver. He should have had a touchdown to his tight end Tye on a seam route down the field. Manning put the ball right into the hands of Tye but he took a minor hit and the ball was jarred loose. Manning made an excellent play in the redzone to score his first touchdown. Manning avoided the blitz and stepped up in the pocket with his eyes downfield as he spotted Randle in the corner of the endzone all alone for the easy throw. Manning had a strong rapport with Beckham jr. in the short passing game and the duo kept many drives alive on with slants/curls/in patterns. Manning was also clutch on third down as he picked up many first downs from third and 8+ yards situations. Manning's second touchdown was a highly accurate pass low to Vereen in the redzone. He placed the ball away from the defender and Vereen caught it for the score on an out pattern. Manning almost had Beckham jr. for a big play near the endzone on a post pattern but he missed his receiver with an overthrow. Manning was picked off again later in the game on a slant pattern inside, the receiver being somewhat to blame as he allowed the defensive back to undercut the route. Overall, Manning did enough to secure his team the victory and did make a lot of big throws in key situations. He was not perfect however with 2 interceptions and missed a few plays with overthrows or passes that were too high.

2015 Week 8 vs NO (30 / 41 / 350 / 6 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had one of the most productive and wild games of his career on Sunday afternoon as the Giants tried to play catch up with the Saints and Drew Brees. Manning spread the ball well amongst his receivers but did focus more on Beckham down the field and in the redzone. Manning had mostly solid pass protection in this game but occasionally it let up and he was sacked in obvious passing situations. Manning began the game with a perfect throw over middle on in breaking route to Randle after play action. Manning later finished off the drive with a quick slant inside on the goal line to Beckham jr. for the touchdown. The Giants offense clearly tried to take advantage of any off coverage by the Saints and Manning was ready to throw quick strikes inside. Manning had Harris open deep down the sideline but overthrew him by a few yards. Manning found Beckham jr again on a slant route inside after a successful rub route from his slot receiver which freed up Beckham jr. Manning almost lost the ball on a bizarre fumble where the ball slipped out of his hand unexpectedly but he was able to recover it. Manning continued to focus his attention over the middle and utilize quick slants when possible. He found Vereen open at the goal line on a flat route for the touchdown, using his excellent route running to provide a big window for Manning to throw into. Manning threw an excellent deep pass to Beckham jr. for another score after he rolled out of the pocket and threw it perfectly behind the defense. Manning was also lucky to escape a sack-fumble due to a holding by the defense. Manning made another miraculous play near the goal line. He rolled out of the pocket and threw a medium distance hail mary ball on a high pass to Harris who made an excellent jump for the score. Harris later scored again on a seam route, catching the ball perfectly from Manning who placed it just away from the defender. Manning targeted Randle deep in the final few minutes on a streak pattern but just overthrow his man and it fell incomplete. Manning played well in this wild shootout but was lucky to escape numerous fumbles without much harm. The Giants mediocre pass protection reared its ugly head again as it gave up too much pressure. This type of performance is very rare of course and fantasy owners should not expect similar numbers week to week.

2015 Week 7 vs DAL (13 / 24 / 170 / 0 / 0 pass, 4 / -4 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had poor fantasy numbers and wasn't asked to carry the entire team on his shoulders on this game. The Giants ran the ball well and they kept the balance on offense. Their defense and special teams also scored two touchdowns which kept Manning off the field for long time during stretches of the game. Manning played the short game for the most part and tried to keep drives alive through slants and quick passes over the middle. Manning made two nice throws on rollout plays on comeback routes to Beckham jr. His offensive line did struggle at times also and gave up sacks almost instantly on some obvious passing situations. Manning was almost charged with a bizarre interception that initially looked like it was tipped off a defenders shoe into the air but this was later ruled incomplete. Manning found Harris and Randle over the field for 2 big plays, leading his receiver in stride and allowing for a lot of yards after the catch down the field. Manning struggled to connect with Beckham and overthrew him in the endzone, placing the ball just out of his reach. Manning was bailed out of a tough position in his own redzone on a streak pattern to Randle who made a terrific one handed catch down the sideline to completely change field position. The Giants ran the ball often when they got into the redzone and Manning struggled with pass protection when it was his turn to throw while in the Cowboys redzone. Manning should have had a touchdown on a post route to Randle. He laid out a perfectly placed ball deep but Randle seemed to lose his concentration for a second and it fell incomplete. Special teams and defense did a lot of the scoring for the Giants, which took away some of his chances to see the field.

2015 Week 6 vs PHI (24 / 38 / 189 / 1 / 2 pass, 1 / 12 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had one successful drive in this game and was plagued by a myriad of errors. Manning began the game with poise and accuracy as he delivered strikes all over the field. He moved the Giants down the field very well and made it look easy. He was patient and targeted the middle of the field. Manning hit Beckham jr. on a slant inside over the middle in the redzone. Beckham jr. was untouched after the catch and managed to extend his arm over the goal line for the score. Manning was charged with a bizarre interception on next drive as he hit Donnell with an accurate ball to the outside but Donnell got stripped and lost it as a turnover. Manning also hit Donnell deep down the sideline with an accurate ball but the pass fell incomplete as it slipped through the targets hands. Manning made a very poor decision to throw a pass to the outside that was late and in his own half which resulted in an interception returned for touchdown. Manning began to feel the pressure as the Giants were made one dimensional due to the lopsided scoreline. The Giants offensive line could not protect him adequately and he took a lot of sacks which helped take them off the field. Manning fumbled twice in the pocket throughout the remainder of the game but was lucky as his offensive line recovered the ball both times. Manning misfired and failed to connect with Beckham jr on the sideline deep, throwing it out of bounds. He never managed to recover the rhythm and tempo of the first drive, mostly due to the pass rush he felt from the Eagles. Mistakes were made all over the offense on Monday night and Manning could not overcome them.

2015 Week 5 vs SF (41 / 54 / 441 / 3 / 1 pass, 1 / 11 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a highly productive game on Sunday night and threw for a lot more yards than he's typically asked to as the Giants running game was an afterthought. Manning threw well on the move and escaped the pocket when necessary to keep drives alive and eyes downfield. Manning played patiently for the most part and tried to beat the defense with pre snap decisions while making quick throws post snap. Manning first touchdown came on a simple out pattern by RB Vereen in the redzone. Vereen was isolated one on one vs a 49ers linebacker and easily created enough separation for Eli to throw find him in the endzone. Manning was in a rhythm throwing over the middle of the field to Randle/Harris/Beckham jr. and put the ball on the receiver in stride so they could gain as much yards as possible. Manning was afforded more than adequate pass protection from his offensive line. Manning only interception came on an ill advised throw on a go route to Beckham jr. as the defensive back had his eyes on the football all the way. Manning almost was intercepted multiple other times throughout the game but was fortunate as the 49ers defense failed to secure the pass. Manning's second touchdown was aided by elite speed from Beckham jr. Manning found Beckham over the middle short and Beckham cut back to the sideline as there was room to run into the endzone. Manning was almost forced to spread the ball very well amongst his receivers as injuries played a part, especially late in the game. He did save the best for last, however, as a miraculous play with Donnell picked up his third touchdown. Manning threw a high ball on a seam route for Donnell who just managed to secure the ball in the back of the endzone with his fingers.

2015 Week 4 vs BUF (20 / 35 / 212 / 3 / 1 pass, 3 / -2 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning did not throw a high number of yards on Sunday but was productive and efficient when it counted. The Giants held the lead for most of the game and made an effort to stay with the running game to help balance the offense. Manning tested the Bills defense early with passes downfield, particularly to Beckham jr but had no success. Manning and his receivers were not on the same page and a lot of these passes fell incomplete. Manning's chemistry with Beckham jr. struggled throughout the game as the two seemed to see the field differently. Manning did get fellow receiver Harris a lot more involved however and this lead to his first touchdown. Manning hit Harris on a seam route in stride towards the goal line and his receiver took a big hit but held on for the score. Manning's second touchdown came on a slant play in the redzone. Reuben Randle broke free from his defender at the line of scrimmage and gave Manning a big window to throw into with the slant pattern for the easy score. Manning did hit Donnell nicely on a corner route after play action and the Bills respected the run of the Giants. A lot of penalties and sloppy play hurt the Giants on several drives, but also kept their drives alive when the Bills committed their own penalties. Manning's final touchdown came on a simple pass in the flat to Jennings who did the rest. Jennings made his first defender miss on the blitz from Buffalo and put a quality stiff arm on another defender while racing down the sideline for the dramatic score. Manning's first interception of the season came very late in the game as the Giants were throwing into the redzone despite a two touchdown lead. Manning forced an in-breaking route pattern over the middle of the field and the Buffalo defender simply beat Randle to the ball. Manning spread the ball well, got receiver Harris involved and kept the Giants moving while scoring touchdowns in the redzone.

2015 Week 3 vs WAS (23 / 32 / 279 / 2 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning continues to grow in confidence in this offense and had a solid performance against the Redskins on Thursday night. Manning was not sacked in the game and had enough time in the pocket to throw accurately. Manning made quick decisions after the snap and took what the defense gave him which was quick out/slant patterns. Manning showed nice touch on a deep corner route to Randle early and proved to be dangerous from the pocket when afforded time from his offensive line. Manning used Randle on the sideline when he scrambled out of the pocket and stayed turnover free. He had Donnell open in the redzone on a slant pattern but missed him, which was unfortunate as it may have resulted in an easy touchdown. Donnell had a similar mistake as he dropped a pass on the very same situation later in the game. Manning kept his eyes downfield throughout the game and hit tight end Fells on a seam route after play action, getting help from a nice one handed grab from Fells. Manning didn't force any bad balls into covered receivers kept drives alive with accurate passes over the middle. Manning's first touchdown came on a post pattern late in the game. He isolated Beckham jr. deep in one on one coverage and gave his receiver an excellent opportunity to snag it for the score. Manning's second touchdown came in a bizarre tip drill pass situation to Randle deep. Manning fired a deep ball down the sideline to Randle who caught the pass after it was mishandled initially and juggled into the air. Randle subsequently ran untouched into the endzone. Manning spread the ball well and looked in control for the game, while putting up solid number 2 fantasy numbers.

2015 Week 2 vs ATL (27 / 40 / 292 / 2 / 0 pass, 2 / 23 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a strong performance statistically speaking and was much improved from last week in Dallas but it wasn't enough to get the job done for his team. Manning used quick throws and slants to take advantage of any soft coverage defense used by Atlanta. Manning looked to Beckham jr. often early in this game to move the chains and the pair connected on many plays, displaying the great timing and chemistry that exists in that relationship. Manning floated a pass towards the sideline on a corner route for Beckham jr. that was perfectly placed where only his receiver could get it. Manning's first touchdown pass came on a simple slant play over the middle of the field that Beckham jr. took all the way to the endzone. Manning's pass was placed in stride for Beckham jr to catch without having to slowing down and then he exploded down the field untouched for the score. Manning also used Vereen heavily in this game as an option out of the backfield and he recognised Vereen's potential for yards after the catch. Vereen turned many short passes and check down plays into first downs with his quickness. Manning was patient in this game however and even picked up 18 yards on a scramble outside of the pocket. He avoided throwing any interceptions and was decisive with the football. Immediately after an incomplete pass was thrown at Donnell, Manning went back to his tight end and fired a perfect pass into Donnell's hands in the endzone on a post route. Manning's first fumble came at a terrible time as the Giants were deep in Falcon territory waiting to score again. Manning was under pressure in the pocket and failed to notice a Falcon defender behind him who subsequently tackled him and caused a fumble. Manning fumbled later in the game also in the pocket but was very fortunate as it was recovered by the Giants. His final drive ended poorly as receiver Parker failed to secure a slightly off target pass downfield. Manning was very accurate in this game and knew where to throw the football against the Falcons but fumbled the ball twice in the pocket and lost one in the redzone which is unacceptable.

2015 Week 1 vs DAL (20 / 36 / 193 / 0 / 0 pass, 1 / 8 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a solid but unspectacular performance against the Cowboys on Sunday night. Early in the game, Manning struggled to get first downs through the air as his offensive line did not afford him many chances to survey the field. The Giants were not able to run the ball consistently well and a lot of the offense production fell on Manning's shoulders. Manning had a lot of passes that were accurately placed for the receiver to catch but many were dropped or jarred loose by an incoming Dallas defensive back. It looked like Manning thought he had a 'free play as a Dallas defender appeared to be offside, which encouraged Manning to throw a highly risky ball on a corner route that was almost intercepted. Left tackle Eric Flowers struggled to protect the blindside for more than a few seconds but Manning did well to evade the rush at times and even picked up a first down as he scrambled upfield after the pocket collapsed. Manning played a patient game for the most part and took what the defense gave him. Dallas double covered Beckham jr. very often and played high safeties which encouraged Manning to look shorter at some underneath routes. Manning was successful at getting the ball out quickly to his tight ends and receivers on quick outs and slants to take advantage of any off coverage. Late in the game he threw a very accurate ball on a fade stop pattern to Parker who dropped it. Manning fitted a pass into very tight window to Beckham jr. in the redzone despite him being double covered. The Giants had few redzone opportunities due the takeaways they had on defense and scored their only offensive touchdown by rushing the ball on the 1 yard line. Manning was also under pressure too much in this game which hurt his production. Dallas did a good job containing Beckham jr. and backup receivers like Parker did not get the job done. Victor Cruz may be needed to improve Manning's consistency as a fantasy option.


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