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QB Eli Manning - New York Giants

6-4, 218Born: 1-3-1981College: MississippiDrafted: Round 1, pick 1

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Week 21: bye week

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Recent Stats and Projections

17 at WAS 72 17 27 180 0 0 0 0 0 0 9
18 at GB 65 23 44 299 1 1 1 11 0 1 18.05

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 18 vs GB (23 / 44 / 299 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / 11 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had to contend with mediocre pass protection in this game, an unproductive running game and drops from his receivers. Beckham had several drops throughout the game, including one early in the game on a fade pass that could have been a touchdown. Manning also found Shepard open on a high ball in the back of the endzone that should have been caught but fell incomplete. He played mostly mistake free football but had a few careless moments where he was let off the hook. Manning was late to the outside and could have been picked off as a result. He had bad field position on a lot of his drives as the Giants special teams were very poor throughout. Manning still played at a relatively high level and continued to throw the ball down the field, he just wasn't getting the support around him. Tye snagged a perfectly thrown ball on a seam route which opened up the Greenbay defense with a big play. Manning had a lot of open receivers in this game but the pass protection was not there in crucial moments and hurried passes fell incomplete. He hit receiver King with a nice ball in stride on a post route down the field for a touchdown, taking advantage of massive separation from the defense. Beckham was not on form in this game and was being double covered a lot of the time, this hurt Manning's production. He had two turnovers late in the game that ultimately sealed the Giants fate. Manning was hit from behind in the pocket and the ball was jarred loose. He then threw a hail mary pass late as time was expiring but the result of the pass would not have mattered.

2016 Week 17 vs WAS (17 / 27 / 180 / 0 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a mediocre performance on Sunday, with ups and downs throughout. Manning missed several easy throws to open receivers, usually throwing a short ball that hit the ground near their feet. He also could have easily thrown a pick 6 on a late ball to the outside but was fortunate that Sterling Shepard broke the pass up before the Washington defender could secure the interception. Manning was efficient on third down however and kept drives alive with short passes spread over the field. He connected with curls/in/slant patterns that took advantage of coverage set up by Washington and frustrated the defense in this way. His offensive line was typically subpar and he faced a lot of pressure off the edges as his tackles were quick to give up pressure. Because of this and the fact that the result did not hinder the Giants, a heavy emphasis on the running game was employed and perhaps they did not attempt as many passes if the game mattered more. The Giants ran the ball a lot, even in the redzone and even on third down in the redzone. Manning's day was highlighted in their final drive as he hooked up with a nice bomb to King. King was open deep on a go route and Manning placed the pass perfectly in stride for his receiver to secure it in bounds. The Giants did not ask much of the passing game on Sunday despite holding a minor lead for most of this game. Manning did enough to move the ball with short passes to maintain the small lead but rarely threw downfield and the Giants clearly wanted to avoid any injuries due to inadequate pass protection.

2016 Week 16 vs PHI (38 / 63 / 356 / 1 / 3 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning threw for a lot of yards on Thursday night but his interceptions really dragged down the performance for himself and his team. Early in the game, he was forcing passes to Beckham that kept getting broken up due to tight coverage and ended up throwing a costly pick six. Manning made a terrible decision as he tried to squeeze a ball in between double coverage over the middle that was easily intercepted by the Eagle defense. He found Beckham open deep down the sideline with a perfectly placed ball over his shoulder to secure a big first down. Manning could not capitalise on this drive however. Shepard was open on a corner route in the redzone but the pass was too late and got broken up with a nice play from the Eagle secondary. Manning did find Shepard over the middle on a deep post but Shepard couldn't come up with it and it fell incomplete. He was very accurate at times in this game, just made some terrible decisions and was reckless with the football. Manning hit Cruz with a perfect over the shoulder fade pass along the sideline, just giving his receiver enough room to catch it in bounds. His only touchdown came on a slant pattern in the redzone to Shepard. Shepard did an excellent job of creating massive separation from his defender at the line of scrimmage and gave Manning a big window to throw into. Manning was somewhat erratic for the rest of the game and never found the endzone again. He was picked off for a second time after one his balls was underthrown towards the sideline and easily snagged by the defense. Manning then did the opposite by overthrowing Beckham on a deep fade pattern, just missing his target by a yard or two. His final interception was more of a "hail-mary" attempt as time was expiring. Manning moved the ball well between the 20's, but turnovers and settling for field goals sunk his team in this game.

2016 Week 15 vs DET (20 / 28 / 201 / 2 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning played a highly efficient and competent game on Sunday against the Lions. Manning had the benefit of playing with the lead for most of this game and this kept the Giants running game alive. The defense was never in a position to make the Giants one dimensional and Manning could keep them off guard with play action. He was much more accurate this week than in previous weeks and was decisive with the football, which lead to a high completion % throughout. The Giants offensive line was more effective at pass blocking and Detroit wasn't able to get the Giants into too many third & long passing situations. Manning was quick to break down the defense at the line and to recognise the weakness. He found Shepard isolated in the corner of the endzone on a corner route vs press man on the outside. This left his receiver with a large amount of space to unravel and Manning found his first touchdown quite easily. Manning had a potential touchdown/big gain negated by a penalty after Vereen took a short screen pass into the endzone. He found Beckham consistently against blitz situations and connected with the receiver to move the chains on short to intermediate routes. He had the confidence to throw a perfect ball to Beckham on the outside vs double coverage with the safety. Manning's second touchdown was a great play on the ball by Beckham with a one handed catch as the pass was slightly off target. He found his receiver open on a short out route and fired the pass in to secure the win for his team.

2016 Week 14 vs DAL (17 / 28 / 193 / 1 / 1 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning did not play well on Sunday night and the offense had many problems. Manning had many turnovers in a sloppy mistake filled outing and could have had more. He fired several passes in the direction of Cowboy defenders that were dropped and was very fortunate he only registered one INT throughout the game. Manning did not get much help from his offensive line, particularly his tackles. He lost two fumbles early in the game as his offensive line gave up pressure very easily and he was hit from behind, causing the ball to come loose. The Giants were also predictably mediocre on the ground but were able to stick with the rushing attack due to the low score nature of the game. Manning did find Beckham down the sideline in the redzone with a nice fade pattern but Beckham dropped the likely touchdown pass. At times, Manning was clutch with converting several 4th down attempts with slants/quick passes but he was very erratic with some throws when he faced pressure. His only touchdown was an unbelievable catch & run from Beckham jr. Manning found Beckham on a crosser over the middle and Beckham simply outran the entire cowboy defense down the sideline with blistering speed to secure the only Giant touchdown. Manning tried to hit Cruz on a curl route but the pass was late and the defender stepped in front to snag the only registered interception on the day for Manning. The offensive line really was a disaster for the Giants on Sunday and Manning was extremely careless with the ball at times; good end result for Giants fans but bad for fantasy owners.

2016 Week 13 vs PIT (24 / 39 / 195 / 2 / 2 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning did not play well overall on Sunday evening and his team suffered as a result. The Giants did not run the ball particularly well and struggled to come up with a legitimate threat opposite to Beckham jr. The Giants offensive line was also porous for a lot of this game, and Ereck Flowers in particular, gave up pressure too quickly after several of Manning dropbacks. This lead to many sacks and erratic passes as Manning had to evade the rush. He had several passes erased as the Giants offensive live was called for holding when they got beat at the line of scrimmage. Manning had several poor decisions and threw many inaccurate balls also however. He failed to see a Pittsburgh linebacker drop back in the endzone and threw a terrible redzone pick. He forced many balls to Beckham jr in the second half that should not have been thrown as the coverage was too tight. Manning's second pick came on a hail mary effort with a late ball across the field which was also easily intercepted by Pittsburgh. Manning's first touchdown was a play action fake screen pass to Jennings, who used his blocks well to walk into the endzone relatively unscathed. Manning's second touchdown came in garbage time as the clock was expiring, finding Shephard in the corner of the endzone on a fade pattern but this score rang hollow as the game had been long decided. Overall, Manning made several poor throws that did not give his team a chance to win. He was not aided with the mediocre pass protection he received but ought to play better in these situations.

2016 Week 12 vs CLE (15 / 27 / 194 / 3 / 0 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning struggled for parts of this game as he whiffed on several downfield shots to guys like Beckham jr and Roger Lewis. He forced several balls downfield despite close coverage and was somewhat off target when he found a good match up. Manning did eventually settle down as the game progressed and relied on Beckham to pick up the slack. He made a nice throw on a curl route to the outside on a rollout play, showing he can still move somewhat despite his age. Manning threw a terrific ball to Harris in the back of the endzone in the first half, placing the ball just high enough for his receiver to control it. One of his successful deep shots was to Cruz along the sideline, throwing a lofty pass and relying on Cruz to secure it in bounds away from the defender. Manning relied again on his receiver to make a play as he hits Beckham jr short on a crossing pattern which resulted in his second touchdown pass. Beckham simply outran the Browns defense along the sideline after securing the pass for an impressive looking run. Manning began to heat up later in this game despite looking mediocre for the most part. He had good pass protection on final drive and scored again with Beckham to seal the game. Manning took advantage of Beckham jr running a crossing pattern against a Brown linebacker and easily found room for his third touchdown. His stat line looks solid in this game and he played well in key situations but the Giants passing attack left a lot of plays on the field.

2016 Week 11 vs CHI (21 / 36 / 227 / 2 / 0 pass, 4 / 1 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning did enough to secure the win for his team and throw two touchdowns in a turnover free performance but wasn't able to fully take advantage of the bears defense. He had a good level of pass protection from his line for most of the game and this allowed him to progress through his reads. Manning also had a decent running game to utilize, certainly vastly improved from weeks past. He was able to set up screens well for his running backs and waited until the defense was drawn in before flipping the ball to his intended receiver. He played well in key situations like the redzone and on a 4th and 2 call over the middle to Shepard. Early in this game, Manning struggled to connect with Shepard or Beckham jr. despite many downfield attempts. The chemistry improved as the game progressed however. Manning hit tight end Tye on the outside in the redzone on an out pattern, allowing his receiver to use his larger frame to secure the score over the goal line. His second touchdown pass was a seam route play to Shepard. Shepard got wide open after faking inside and gave his quarterback a large window to throw into. Manning made a terrific play on a scramble outside to Cruz, showing nice chemistry. He got out of the pocket and found Cruz down the field, showing nice accuracy on the pass as he was scrambling towards the sideline. Manning began to fade late in the game however as the Giants looked like they were getting conservative with their play calling. He almost threw an interception as a high pass got tipped into the air but it fell harmlessly incomplete.

2016 Week 10 vs CIN (28 / 44 / 240 / 3 / 2 pass, 3 / 4 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning played well on Monday night but was a bit careless with the football at times. He started off hot, going 6/6 and leading the Giants down quickly with short passes. Manning was making quick decisions and redirecting his eyes when the first receiver wasn't open which proved very valuable. The Giants called for play action in the redzone and Manning found Adams alone in the flat for the score after his primary receiver wasn't open. Manning did misfire on some passes deep to the outside and left some big plays on the field. His receivers dropped a few passes too however and there seemed to be miscommunication a few times with Roger Lewis. He threw a terrible looking interception to the outside in their own half as Lewis fell down on a deep out and the pass floated for the Bengal DB to catch. Manning forced a pass deep to King that wasn't open and this was picked off also. His second touchdown displayed nice chemistry with Beckham on a hook n go pattern. Manning was patient in the pocket as Beckham unravelled to get wide open in the back of the endzone for the touchdown. Though he could have thrown a few more interceptions, Manning came through for the Giants on a 4th and 2 call which help to secure the game. Shepard was open on a shallow crossing pattern in the redzone and Manning hit him in stride at the right time for the score.

2016 Week 9 vs PHI (22 / 36 / 257 / 4 / 2 pass, 2 / -4 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning started off this game slowly with an underthrown ball on a corner route to Shepard but exploded onto the scoreboard thanks to some generous Eagle turnovers. Manning sold play action well and hit Beckham jr. over the middle short on a slant while deep in Eagle territory. His receiver took advantage of some poor positioning by the safety and blazed into the endzone untouched. Manning scored again in quick succession with a deep bomb in stride to Lewis. He was patient in the pocket, good enough pass protection and his receiver got behind the last defender for the second touchdown. Manning was fortunate not to be picked off on several occasions as dropped passes were tossed into the air and easily could have been intercepted. He showed good chemistry with young receiver Shepard, finding him on a deep drag route over the middle while throwing on the run. Manning kept up the attack when he found Cruz on a fade pattern deep after a successful slant and go route. He was able to place the ball perfectly where only Cruz could make the play and this set up the Giants in the redzone. Manning cashed in on this opportunity by hitting Beckham high in the back of the endzone on a fade pattern. He was making quick decisions when he read the defense correctly but was patient when his initial target was not open. Lewis let down his QB with two back to back drops that would have resulted in big first downs. Manning was not perfect however and overthrew Beckham jr who had broken free down the sideline for a missed score. Manning's final touchdown was a perfectly lofted ball on a corner route to Shepard who had to contend with holding from Philadelphia but still managed to snag the ball.

2016 Week 7 vs LA (24 / 37 / 196 / 0 / 0 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had a mediocre performance and stat line on Sunday against the Rams. Manning never truly got the Giants going on offense and there were very few big plays down the field. He had to contend with a poor running game as usual but also had difficult field position for a lot of this game as the Rams were able to pin them in their own endzone frequently. The pass protection was average as he had enough time to survey the field quickly but occasionally the pass rush got to him during his dropback. Manning made just enough plays to secure the win however, with the connection to Beckham proving too good to ignore. Manning connected with Beckham jr on a terrific sideline pass out of his own endzone, placing the ball high and only where his receiver could get to it while also changing their field position. He also showed trust to Beckham on a deep high ball towards the sideline into coverage. Manning was a little late with his pass but threw it high and Beckham managed to secure the ball despite close contention from the Rams secondary. He was otherwise unimpressive in this game and the passing game for the Giants still leaves a lot to be desired after this somewhat flat performance. Manning never made the big mistake and was turnover free, which is probably the best thing you can say about his performance in this game.

2016 Week 6 vs BAL (32 / 46 / 403 / 3 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning played a great game on Sunday as he got back on track with his explosive throws downfield to Beckham jr. Manning did start slow however and did not really get going until late in the second quarter. Manning was throwing passes behind receivers and forced a few balls that should not have been thrown. He finally connected with Lewis on a corner route, buying some time in the pocket before floating a perfect pass behind the defense for his first touchdown. Manning then threw two silly interceptions, one was as time expired at end of first half towards the sideline. His second turnover was a risky ball on the outside to Shepard who fell down and the defender was easily able to pick it off uncontested. Manning was not afraid of throwing over the middle on 4th down and came up several times in the clutch. He began to pick apart the Ravens secondary as he connected with Beckham jr on a double move pattern on the outside. Beckham had large separation from his man and Manning's pass was nicely in stride which allowed his receiver to take it all the way into the endzone. His last touchdown came on a 4th and 1 call on their final drive. Manning fired a pass inside on a slant to Beckham jr again who simply outran the entire defense down the field untouched. Manning got back to basics with explosive plays downfield and made the most out of his incredibly talented receiver on Sunday. He threw with confidence, had just enough pass protection to look downfield and kept the Giants alive with this clutch win.

2016 Week 5 vs GB (18 / 35 / 199 / 1 / 0 pass, 1 / 1 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning gave another mediocre performance on Sunday night and left a lot of plays on the field. Manning started the game off with a nice slant pattern to Beckham jr. for a first down but was rarely able to keep drives alive with any consistency. His accuracy was poor for most of the game and he missed several receivers for potentially big plays. Beckham jr had broken free and was running down the sideline but Manning fired way too high which led to an incompletion. Manning was under a lot of pressure as both of his tackles were playing poorly and gave up pressure very quickly. He was nervous in the pocket, took a lot of hits and this pressure also led to many other incomplete passes. Manning failed to get any receiver other than Beckham involved in the first half as he rarely targeted Shepard/Cruz throughout the game. He threw a poorly underthrown pass deep on the sideline to Cruz that easily could have been picked off. He also misfired on a seam route to Tye who had broken free through the secondary. Manning also struggled in the redzone and on third down, which clearly hurt his fantasy numbers. He got a late score to Beckham on a pass to the very back of the endzone that was almost overthrown. Beckham made a terrific catch and bailed out his quarterback as he managed to keep both feet in bounds. Manning had sloppy accuracy, mechanics and looked skittish in the pocket. His offensive line was porous for most of the game however, and the running game was virtually non-existent.

2016 Week 4 vs MIN (25 / 45 / 261 / 0 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had gave a lacklustre performance on Monday night against the Vikings. He struggled to string first downs together and rarely entered the redzone. Manning also tried numerous times to hit the big play down the field but could never connect with one of his receivers. Manning threw a lot of short passes which connected for the most part but the Vikings defense was sharp and made solid tackles after each grab. He also looked skittish in the pocket and seemed to panic when he felt the rush. This resulted in a lot of incompletions as he threw uncatchable balls to avoid getting sacked. Manning tried to connect with Beckham jr. on a go route vs the blitz in the second half but there was major miscommunication between the two. Beckham broke inside while Manning threw a fade pattern which the defensive back easily intercepted. Manning should have been picked off a second time as time was expiring as he forced a pass in the direction of a Viking linebacker who couldn't handle the ball. His play was ineffective for most of the game and really looked out of sync with his receivers. The Viking secondary had very good coverage which made for some tight windows. Manning did have sufficient pass protection to make some plays, however.

2016 Week 3 vs WAS (25 / 38 / 350 / 1 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning's day was filled with plenty yardage but too many turnovers. He started the game out playing clean and efficient as the first drive resulted in a touchdown. It was initially a three and out but a muffed punt gave Eli a chance to capitalize. His accuracy was sharp as he connected with 3 receivers before taking it in for a one yard score. He then followed that up with another touchdown on the next drive connecting with rookie Sterling Shepard. Eli put the ball right on target for a skinny post route over the top of the defender. After these highlights most of Eli's day was bogged down with penalties that stalled drives. He got everyone involved throughout the day but the yardage doesn't have much to show in relation to points. Eli's two fourth quarter interceptions closed the door on any opportunity to win this game. The Giants actually had one last shot with a little less than two minutes to go but on the second throw from Eli was picked. A bad read on an underneath route allowed the linebacker to cut underneath and intercept Eli's throw. When the Giants needed Eli the most he came up empty today regardless of the massive yardage he threw this game.

2016 Week 2 vs NO (32 / 41 / 368 / 0 / 0 pass, 4 / -4 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning had an extremely efficient day passing against the Saints and was almost mistake free. Manning got excellent pass protection for most of the game though the running game was not stellar by any means. The Saints were thin at cornerback due to injuries and the Giants took full advantage of this. Manning and his receivers had their way working up and down the field for a lot of this game, taking advantage of many mismatches. Manning saw a lot of separation between his receivers and the defense which led to a lot of first downs. Manning drew several defensive pass interference calls by throwing deep to Beckham jr. and wasn't afraid to throw downfield. Manning got into the redzone early but twice was unable to score as his receivers couldn't come up with the ball when he threw it up for contention. Manning had excellent chemistry with Beckham jr. with key first downs being picked up on short routes outside. Manning also rolled out of the pocket twice and hooked up with Beckham while throwing on the run. He did turn the ball over on a questionable fumble call that was reviewed and upheld as he was sacked in the pocket. Manning and the offense struggled heavily in the redzone however and turnovers also killed many drives. Manning almost hit Cruz in the endzone for a score on an out route but the ball was tipped at the line. Despite the low score on the scoreboard, yards were not a problem for him to pick up as he fired passes over the middle into tight windows. Manning and Cruz sealed the victory on his final pass. Manning lobbed a high ball deep down the sideline and Cruz wrestled the ball away at its highest point to give the Giants the win. Not an impressive game in the stat sheet but Manning was decisive, accurate and moved the ball with ease for most of the game. Manning also should have had a touchdown pass to Beckham jr. late in the game on a perfect fade pass but the ball was dropped.

2016 Week 1 vs DAL (19 / 28 / 207 / 3 / 1 pass, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Eli Manning was on form on Sunday evening against Dallas and looked extremely comfortable in this offense for most of the game. Manning got great production on the ground from his rushing attack to keep defenses honest and his offensive line blocked very well for him in obvious passing situations. Manning got off to a slightly shaky start early as he failed to hit Beckham jr. over the middle and went 3 and out. Manning fired back on the next drive however and really lit up the Dallas secondary. Manning found Beckham jr deep on a fade route down the sideline, placing the ball perfectly in stride for his receiver to run after the catch. Manning then did an excellent job of seeing the field in the redzone as he spotted receiver Donnell was open almost straight away on a seam route for the score. Manning's second touchdown was a brilliant catch by rookie receiver Shepard on another fade route in the redzone. Manning's pass was slightly underthrown to the back of the endzone but his receiver made an an excellent play on the ball to secure it despite a defender in very close proximity. Manning's only turnover was a very silly interception to the outside. Manning was pressured in the pocket and rushed a throw to receiver Shepard on a curl route without properly scanning his target area. The Dallas cornerback was waiting in the receivers place and easily snagged the pick. Manning made the most out of the times he was afforded excellent pass protection by surveying the field and hitting receivers on deep in breaking patterns for first downs. Manning missed Beckham jr. on an out rout in the redzone, placing the ball too high for his receiver which allowed the defender to push him out of bounds before he could secure two feet in bounds. Manning shrugged this off however on the very next play, as he patiently waited in the pocket before spotting receiver Cruz running free in the back of the endzone on a crosser pattern for his third touchdown.


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