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WR Dontrelle Inman - San Diego Chargers

6-3, 205Born: 1-31-1989College: VirginiaDrafted: ---

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Week 21: bye week

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17 vs KC 53 0 0 0 5 4 51 0 0 5.1

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 17 vs KC (5 / 4 / 51 / 0 rec)

With Tyrell Williams getting open almost at will over the middle of the field, and the team force-feeding the ball to Antonio Gates in the red zone, Inman's role shrunk quite a bit in this game. He had a handful of short catches, mostly near the sidelines, and one leaping grab at the 5-yard line before being pushed out of bounds. But for the most part, he was an afterthought in the game plan. He was seen on the ground after an incomplete sideline pass in the second half, but it was unclear what he had injured since it was away from the ball. He eventually came back in and actually converted a fourth down pass over the middle soon after.

2016 Week 16 vs CLE (10 / 3 / 44 / 0 rec)

Inman has shown a lot of consistency in recent weeks and had seemingly become a favorite target of Philip Rivers over that time. And while he did see a fair share of looks in this game, he wasn't able to really break free. Most of his work was done on sideline out routes and passes underneath. He was sort of targeted a couple of times in the end zone, but both times the ball was rushed out due to Rivers being under duress and Inman wasn't really open anyway. His first catch of the game didn't even come until there was about a minute left in the first half. He did come close to a couple of second half receptions, one going for a drop, one getting reversed to an incompletion after the officials huddled up, and one a diving catch near the sideline that was overturned due to an offensive holding penalty on San Diego. Inman did add a nice diving reception for 19 yards on the very next play anyway, which at least helped offset the previous loss.

2016 Week 15 vs OAK (8 / 5 / 68 / 0 rec)

Time and again, Inman was Philip Rivers' go-to guy whenever he needed a big conversion. Whether it was on the quick out routes or comeback routes, Inman seemed to be the only player on the offensive side of the ball for the Chargers who was able to get open with any consistency. While he didn't break any really huge gains in this one (his long gain was 26 yards), he nearly brought in a couple of deep sideline routes in the first half. The first was knocked away by the defender at the last moment, and the second saw him come down with one foot barely out of bounds. In the second half, he was the primary target on most third down situations. And he made a nice grab on that 26-yarder late in the game to get the ball inside the 10-yard line. He was dragged down a bit awkwardly, but was fine on the play. It was reported late in the game that de facto number on wideout Tyrell Williams was in the concussion protocol. Obviously it's a bit early to know his status for next week's game, but if Williams were to miss any time, it would stand to reason that Inman would clearly be the biggest beneficiary of the extra workload.

2016 Week 14 vs CAR (7 / 6 / 71 / 1 rec)

Inman was the most productive receiver on the day for San Diego, continuing a trend that either he or Tyrell Williams ends up turning in WR1 type of production each week. The problem lately has become figuring out which of those players it will be in a given week. Inman was very quiet the entire first half, but made several tough grabs in the second. He made a nice stretch grab over the middle of the field, showing no fear in using full extension to bring in the pass. Soon after, he made one of the more impressive receptions of San Diego's season, and as an added bonus it went for a touchdown. Inman demonstrated terrific body control by first hauling in the pass, then kept one foot inbounds the whole time while dragging the other behind him. It was difficult to see whether the ball had actually crossed the plane of the goal line or not, but at worst it was a clear catch and out at the 1-yard line. But since it was initially ruled a touchdown, none of the replay angles could conclusively show that the ball did not cross the plane, so the score stood.

2016 Week 13 vs TB (5 / 2 / 49 / 1 rec)

Inman hauled in a long 35-yard touchdown bomb down the left sideline early on. He shook free of his defender to get completely wide open, taking off the sideline, making one man miss, and then diving into the end zone to beat his original defender again for the score. His knee was very close to being down and might have actually been short of the end zone, but the replays were inconclusive. Later in the first half, he allowed a pass to bounce off his hands and was very nearly picked off. But he made up for that on the very next play with a tough fingertip grab while falling down on a crossing route. The pass was thrown high, but he managed to snag it. It had to be thrown high in order to get over the defense, so it was a nice job on both ends. Inman was the target on the last offensive play of the game for San Diego. With San Diego down seven, Philip Rivers tried forcing a pass to the end zone to Inman to tie the game, but it was horribly underthrown and easily intercepted by the defender to essentially seal the victory for Tampa.

2016 Week 12 vs HOU (6 / 6 / 119 / 1 rec)

After a short grab early, Inman really made his presence felt shortly after with a 52-yard bomb for a touchdown where there were no defenders within ten yards of him. He ran a terrific double move head fake route, and the defender couldn't regroup to get back in coverage. Inman waltzed in for the easy score. He added a leaping grab over the middle, a really nice sliding catch along the sideline, and a strong comeback to convert a long third down (fighting to push forward for the extra yardage). But it was his last reception that showed his willingness to make the tough catch that really impressed. While Rivers ran for his life in the backfield, Inman never gave up on his route. He came back to the ball and took a hit that was so big it knocked his helmet off, but he managed to pick up 25 yards on the play. He was later checked for a concussion, but it was determined he hadn't suffered one and so will not be in the concussion protocol for next week.

2016 Week 10 vs MIA (9 / 5 / 43 / 0 rec)

With Travis Benjamin sidelined, Inman was clearly in line for some additional work. He definitely took advantage of the extra workload by tying a team high in receptions, although there wasn't a lot of room for him to operate after the catch. With Philip Rivers so inaccurate for much of the afternoon, the receivers weren't exactly in position to pick up big gains after the catch from the moment they caught the ball. That was most evident on Inman's receptions, who made several tough grabs on passes away from his body but then couldn't do much with them. His first catch of the game was a really tough sliding grab that he made on his back. He was falling away as the ball reached him, and to top it off the pass was underthrown. But he managed to get his hands under it and corral it for the early third down conversion. Inman saw one end zone target that actually could have gone for a score, but he was basically tackled with the ball still in the air. He most likely would have been able to bring it in for the touchdown, albeit with a tough catch. The flag was thrown on the play, setting up a first and goal for San Diego at the 1-yard line. Inman left the game on two occasions seemingly due to injury. The first was on a first half drop over the middle where he appeared to take a knee to the head. He was in on the next possession, however, so he seemed okay. Late in the game, he did a nice job on an in cut where he took an almost immediate huge hit from a defender which sent him to the sideline.

2016 Week 9 vs TEN (9 / 6 / 56 / 0 rec)

With both Travis Benjamin and Hunter Henry hobbled coming into the game (Henry in fact did not play), it opened up an opportunity for another receiver to emerge. Enter Inman, who tied a team high with both his nine passing targets and his six receptions. He made some really tough catches in this one, all of them different types of passes too which showed his versatility. There was the quick sideline grab, a deep ball down the seam, a quick slant, all of which showed the full repertoire. He had one 15-yard reception negated by a holding penalty, although it should be noted that the catch probably wouldn't have happened without the hold. He had a chance to find the end zone in the first half. With Philip Rivers under heavy pressure, he had to release the ball sooner than he wanted to and didn't get a whole lot on it. Inman made a sliding attempt at the goal line to bring it in and actually had it in his hands momentarily, but just couldn't quite bring it in.

2016 Week 8 vs DEN (7 / 4 / 72 / 0 rec)

With the emergence of Tyrell Williams, Inman has been relegated to an afterthought in the passing game. But with Williams coming in at less than 100% and the better defenders locked in on both Williams and Travis Benjamin, it presented an opportunity for Inman to do a little more work. Inman did most of his work on shorter routes, mostly inside curls and comeback type routes. He did haul in one nice play to convert a third down and subsequently end Rivers' 0-7 streak, and then a couple of plays later he ran a nice out and up route for 37 yards. Inman made a terrific adjustment to the ball by slipping inside the defender to bring it in.

2016 Week 7 vs ATL (6 / 3 / 58 / 0 rec)

Inman has sort of settled into the background as the team's number three wideout, clearly behind both Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin in the pecking order. In this game, he did a really nice job with the targets he did see, picking up first downs on all of his receptions - one of which was a tough grab on a ball Rives threw away from his body that Inman managed to corral anyway.

2016 Week 6 vs DEN (1 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Inman has followed up his big breakout game with consecutive duds, as he once again caught just one ball in this game, a short pass to the right side on a second down pass play in the first half. His name wasn't called again.

2016 Week 5 vs OAK (3 / 1 / 3 / 0 rec)

Inman was coming off a big game a week ago and had entered the conversation as a potential go-to receiver in San Diego. But he sunk deep into the background in this week's game plan, as he made a short sliding grab on an inside slant late in the first quarter. Aside from that, he was targeted on one deep ball where he ran into the defender just as the ball got there, and later allowed a ball to bounce off his fingertips on a crossing route. The focal points of the offense from Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin, Antonio Gates, and Hunter Henry, with Inman a clear afterthought.

2016 Week 4 vs NO (11 / 7 / 120 / 1 rec)

Inman entered the game having been overshadowed in the passing game by both Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams. But by game's end, Inman was staking his claim as the team's top passing game threat after leading San Diego in both targets and receptions. Inman was seemingly getting open at will, taking advantage of the very porous New Orleans secondary. Late in the first half, he got loose from the defense deep down the left sideline for a 57-yard touchdown, easily beating his coverage. In the second half, he showed good ball skills on a laser pass over the middle. Inman was leaning right, but the ball went left. He reached back and just plucked it out of mid-air before it got past him. He had a couple other nice grabs in traffic, one of which he went high in front of a defender to snare it for a first down and one on which he managed to hang on despite taking a big hit. Inman was targeted later on a floater from the 5-yard line, but was badly interfered with by the defender and he had no chance to catch it. Melvin Gordon scored from a yard out two plays later. On San Diego's last gasp drive, Inman was the target of a bullet pass down the right sideline on a 3rd and 22 prayer. He actually had the ball bounce off his hands, but replays appeared to show that the defender had barely gotten a finger on it that deflected the ball at the last second. The announcers said Inman should have caught it, but those kind of passes that are deflected right in front of you that change the trajectory of the ball are almost always impossible to corral.

2016 Week 3 vs IND (4 / 3 / 32 / 0 rec)

Inman's role hasn't really changed a whole lot in the wake of the season-ending injury to Keenan Allen. He has seemingly been passed by Tyrell Williams in the pecking order, and caught just three relatively short passes in this one. He was very slow to get up after one such catch and was helped off the field by an official before jogging near the sideline. What appeared at first to be a possible concussion, actually turned out to be a contact lens issue. Inman returned to the game, and later added another reception.

2016 Week 2 vs JAX (3 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Inman started across from Benjamin but he was rarely targeted, even when Woodhead went down with injury. He appeared to be playing 4th fiddle in the offense behind Benjamin, Williams, and Gates.


Latest News

Chargers | Dontrelle Inman signs tender (Tue Apr 25, 07:24 PM) - Los Angeles Chargers restricted free-agent WR Dontrelle Inman signed his one-year tender Tuesday, April 25.

Our View: Inman will be the fourth receiver behind Keenan Allen, Travis Benjamin, and Tyrell Williams, but he has proven to be capable when called up due to injury. He could play a bigger role by the end of the season due to misfortune above him on the depth chart again this year.
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