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WR Dwayne Harris - New York Giants

5-10, 203Born: 9-16-1987College: East CarolinaDrafted: Round 6

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Photo: Matthew Emmons, US Presswire

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2015 Week 16 vs MIN (2 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris was invisible in this game for the most part and had a forgettable performance. Harris caught a short ball over the middle for 6 yards but was rarely targeted otherwise. Harris did manage to get a holding call on a deep pass but that's about it. Though he has talent and an opportunity to perform from the slot with Beckham jr out, 1 catch was disappointing to see. The Giants could not pass protect for Manning and fell behind quickly which also did not help the receivers chances.

2015 Week 15 vs CAR (3 / 2 / 9 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris was invisible for most of this game as Manning simply didn't target the receiver often. Beckham jr. played the slot a lot in this game which may have hurt Harris' production as he plays the same position. Harris made 2 short catches, one to the side and one on a curl route over the middle, for minimal gains. He did have a big catch over the middle for a first down on a seam route but it was negated by offensive pass interference from his teammate. Harris' production in this offense is often tied to the fact he can score and is dangerous in the redzone. However, he has had many games like this also where he contributes very little. Beckham jr. competes heavily for targets and even young players like Will Tye can outshine the veteran receiver. He is a low end #3 receiver moving forward.

2015 Week 14 vs MIA (5 / 5 / 41 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris had an average performance for him which can only be expected as Beckham jr. was so explosive in this game. Harris' first catch was a crossing pattern short of the first down. The Giants continued to use Harris over the middle from the slot position, which benefits his size and quickness but somewhat lack of true speed. Harris also worked the short passing game with a slant and quick out at the line of scrimmage but wasn't able to get many yards after the catch due to tight defense by Miami. Randle/Tye and Beckham jr. were the redzone targets for Manning unfortunately for Harris and he failed to get many looks here or down the field. Harris always has potential in this offense if teams double Beckham jr. a lot but he will have average games also. He excels at the slot position and can burn teams deep with seam routes and slants over the middle when asked to. His reliable hands and utility on third down keep him an important cog in this offense but Manning has other weapons he must also use with different skillsets.

2015 Week 13 vs NYJ (2 / 1 / 8 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris made a big play on special teams but contributed very little in the passing game. Harris' only catch came on a quick out that he fought for extra yards and stayed in bounds despite time running off the clock towards the end of the second quarter. Harris was targeted on a corner route after this but he had no separation and the pass was poorly located. Harris was again targeted on a corner route but the defender fouled him and was flagged for defensive pass interference to prevent a possible touchdown. Harris made no other significant contributions on Sunday as the Giants struggled in pass protection and lead an unbalanced offense.

2015 Week 12 vs WAS (5 / 2 / 28 / 0 rec, 1 / 1 / 0 rush)

Dwayne Harris had a forgettable performance on Sunday only registering 2 catches. He was responsible for an interception early in the game as a ball intended for him was tipped into the air by Harris after a vicious hit from behind. Harris did make a nice catch on a tightly contested pass on a seam route. Harris had to fight for a ball that was thrown with a defender very close by and did an excellent job making sure he retained most of the ball to be awarded the catch. Harris had poor communication with Manning on a play as Manning threw deep while Harris broke his route off early. Harris' last catch was at the end of the game as he was wide open at the line of scrimmage and then passed it backwards as the Giants tried one last attempt to score.

2015 Week 10 vs NE (9 / 6 / 82 / 1 rec)

Dwayne Harris had a strong performance on Sunday as he remains the Giants strongest slot WR option they have had since Victor Cruz. Harris has been a very good replacement for Cruz with a different playstyle and could be an option to pick up on the waiver wire as a #3 WR in PPR leagues. Harris made several catches on crossing patterns, getting time to achieve separation from man coverage over the middle with his speed. Harris was open in the redzone on another crossing pattern deep but Manning's pass was off the mark too far right of the receiver. Harris did an excellent job of keeping the chain moving for the Giants when he was targeted. He made an excellent touchdown grab in the back of the endzone from Manning also. Harris was wide open on a corner route and did a terrific job to keep his feet in bounds while catching the pass over his shoulder. Harris was also big on the Giants final drive to keep the game alive. He used excellent route running to get open an a corner route down the field. Harris then caught another big first down on a back shoulder fade stop pattern. Harris has the speed and quickness to beat most defenders in one-on-one coverage from the slot position. With Cruz still absent, Harris will get most of the targets from this position and is showing reliability to get into the endzone too.

2015 Week 9 vs TB (3 / 1 / 1 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris was very quiet on Sunday as he registered only one catch for one yard. Harris was targeted on a slant over the middle but the defender was flagged for pass interference as he made contact too early with Harris to prevent a catch. Harris was open on a curl route on the sideline but the pass from Manning was too high. Manning also overthrew him late in the game on a fade pattern along the sideline which further led to his quiet stat line. Harris' only catch was a short one to the outside as Manning was rushed in the pocket and Harris did well to prevent a negative play as a result. Harris has shown dependability and promise as a slot receiver in this offense but there will be games like this when he is ignored for other options.

2015 Week 8 vs NO (7 / 3 / 37 / 2 rec)

Dwayne Harris had few touches on Sunday with only 3 catches but it seemed like a lot more as he made every catch count. Harris was strong in the redzone as a slot receiver and has earned significant playing time with his production so far in the season. He has strong ability as a play maker down the field and over the middle as he is not afraid to take a hit. Harris was wide open down the sideline on a streak pattern but Manning overthrew him by a few yards. Harris was also targeted twice on out patterns but only held onto one as the other was inaccurately thrown. Harris made an unbelievable play on a hail-mary high ball from Manning on the goal line, timing his jump perfectly to snag the ball. Harris then hauled in a seam route in the redzone for his second touchdown. Harris got inside of his man with excellent route running and made a terrific adjustment to secure the pass.

2015 Week 7 vs DAL (2 / 2 / 43 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris only made two receptions on Sunday but made a big impact on special teams as he returned a kickoff for a touchdown. The Giants paid Harris a lot of money in the offseason and though his numbers offensively aren't terrific, his production as a returner and in the slot has been important to their early success. Harris made a big splash play on a slant pattern behind a Dallas linebacker. Manning threw him a ball placed in stride and Harris caught it with no defender near him which allowed for a big play down the middle of the defense. Harris caught another short pass on an out pattern for 5 yards. Harris and the Giants passing game struggled for most of the game however, due to suspect pass protection and limited passions on offense. The Giants also kept the running game alive throughout as they held the lead in the fourth quarter.

2015 Week 6 vs PHI (4 / 2 / 18 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris accomplished very little on Monday night as the Giants could not get enough first downs to stay on the field for long. Harris was targeted early on a go route down the sideline but there was not enough separation for him to make an easy catch. Harris did catch a slant over the middle and made a nice play on an inaccurate ball vs the sideline but both catches were for minimal gains. Harris and the Giants were not able to throw downfield often due to the pass rush of Philly and Manning was hurried a lot in the pocket. Harris has shown potential in this offense as a dangerous slot player downfield and a good chain mover for Manning but the gamescript got too wacky too quickly in this game.

2015 Week 5 vs SF (8 / 6 / 72 / 0 rec)

Dwayne Harris has shown a great ability to achieve separation and a toughness to fight for the ball in traffic which helped him produce on Sunday night. Harris played the slot position well and exploited the middle of the field well in man to man situations. Harris did struggle with his concentration and hands at times though, dropping two very catchable passes over the middle which may have brought his total number of yards over 100 if hauled in. Harris was an excellent chain mover for the Giants and ran curls, slants and seam routes against the 49ers. Harris showed excellent toughness fighting over the middle of the field and could be a low end number 3 receiver in fantasy PPR leagues if needed as he has performed well 2 weeks in a row, except for the drops. Harris is also excellent with the ball in his hands and shows his skills as a returner when he gets balls in open space.

2015 Week 4 vs BUF (6 / 5 / 51 / 1 rec)

Dwayne Harris was a nice surprise for the Giants and helped Eli Manning have a successful day. Harris got targets on a wide variety of routes and looks to be working his way into the offense. Harris got his first catch on quick slant out pattern and then had a nice catch & run over the middle but his play was unfortunately negated by a penalty on his own team. Harris picked up another first down over the middle on a slant pattern and showed skill at getting open against the Bills. Harris' touchdown came on a seam play down the field as he got in between two defenders. Harris got open inside and took a big hit after he caught the ball but hung on for the score. Harris got two more catches on simple short curl patterns over the middle but showed he has talent as a receiver and may see more action as a result of his impressive performance.


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