TE Garrett Graham - Free Agent

6-3, 243Born: 8-4-1986College: WisconsinDrafted: Round 4, pick 118 (2010)

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Game Recaps

2015 Week 2 vs CAR (5 / 1 / 7 / 1 rec)

Graham did not start the game strong with a drop on the first pass of the game, but he redeemed himself late with a one handed touchdown that was one handed tap back of the end zone. Graham is the best pass catcher of the tight end group and he could continue to get targets with only two healthy tight ends on the roster.

2015 Week 3 vs TB (1 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

A slow day for the tight ends, Graham had the first reception of the game for nine yards but was not looked at again for the rest of the day. He is on the field for plenty of snaps but not much is happening in the target category.

2015 Week 4 vs ATL (6 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Graham is supposed to have the best hands to the tight end group but it has been anything but that. He missed two passes from Mallett that went right through his hands and only had one reception on the entire day for six yards. Graham is slowly being looked over at the tight end position.

2014 Week 3 vs NYG (6 / 5 / 41 / 0 rec)

Graham had his best day of the O'Brien era on Sunday, and he looks like he is close to fully healthy for the first time all season. Graham was targeted on three straight passes on the first drive of the second half and caught several receptions for first downs. Graham was not, however, frequently targeted in the red zone. Graham is an up and down tight end that should only be used in cases of byes or injury fill-ins.

2014 Week 4 vs BUF (5 / 3 / 28 / 0 rec)

Graham had an uptick in targets this week, but had little production to show for it. He caught 3 of the 5 targets, but only for 28 yards. Graham made a couple of tough catches, which hopefully should make Fitzpatrick look his way more. The fact remains though, that as currently constructed the Texans offense does not have enough offense production to sustain a viable tight end. Also working against Graham is the fact that the coaching staff really likes CJ Fiedorwicz because he is a better blocker than Graham. If Fiedorwicz can get better as a receiver, he could see more snaps than Graham given the Texans desire to play out of one tight end sets.

2014 Week 11 vs CLE (2 / 2 / 34 / 1 rec)

Graham had his most productive day of the year, which isn't say much given the complete under utilization of Texans tight ends to date. Graham was only targeted twice, but caught both balls and fought to get into the end zone on one. Graham might have built some cache with his new quarterback, but it's too early to tell. Graham should be on fantasy radars, but isn't worth a speculative add in all but very deep teams.

2014 Week 12 vs CIN (7 / 4 / 41 / 0 rec)

Graham probably had an emotional reaction to the news of Mallett's season ending injury as his production was the most different with him vice with Fitzpatrick. With Mallett, Graham had a 33% of his catches, 32% of his targets, 40% of his receiving yards and 100% of his touchdowns. Graham was briefly brought back to fantasy relevance in the two games with Mallett, but again is cast on the tight end waiver wire trash heap.

2013 Week 1 vs SD (5 / 4 / 27 / 1 rec)

Graham made a very impressive reception on third down early in the game when Schaub sent him a high pass as he ran an out route with a defender on his back. Graham's next reception didn't come until late in the second quarter when Matt Schaub extended a play to find him at the sideline for a short gain. Graham did well to keep working for the football. After Andre Johnson and Arian Foster did most of the work to bring the Texans to the goalline, Graham joined Daniels in sniping a touchdown from his teammates as Schaub hit him on a quick route over the middle. Graham did well to hold onto the ball as he had a defender tight to his body. Graham caught a two yard pass underneath on third and 10 with six minutes left in the fourth quarter.

2013 Week 2 vs TEN (5 / 3 / 30 / 1 rec)

Graham's first reception went for a touchdown as he seeped out of the backfield after a play-action at the goalline. He was wide open as the Titans didn't cover him. Graham's second target came in the endzone again in the third quarter. Schaub missed him when he was open towards the pylon because he was hit as he released the ball. Graham finally saw a target outside of the endzone in the third quarter as he caught an 11 yard out route on second and 16. He did well to watch the ball into his hands as he was sandwiched between two defenders. In overtime, Graham caught a pass over the middle of the field for an 18 yard gain and a first down.

2013 Week 3 vs BAL (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Graham wasn't targeted during the game at all. The loss of Duane Brown played a part in that but the Texans used their receivers more this week than they had previously.

2013 Week 4 vs SEA (6 / 5 / 69 / 1 rec)

Graham's first reception was a shallow crossing route when he lost Kam Chancellor in a crowd. Graham adjusted well to a low pass over the middle for a first down on the Texans' next drive. Graham's first down reception set up a touchdown reception when he came free down the seam. On third and four, Graham settled down in a curl over the middle of the field against zone coverage for a first down. On third and four just before half time, Graham drew a pass interference flag against Chancellor. The pass was overthrown and the call was questionable, but the Texans still got a first down. Graham caught a short crossing route for three yards on second and 10, but he fumbled the ball as he was tackled. Fortunately for Graham, the ball went out of bounds.

2013 Week 5 vs SF (5 / 3 / 15 / 0 rec)

Graham's first target didn't come until the second quarter. He couldn't catch the ball as it was just slightly out of his reach in the flat. Graham had his first catch soon after when Matt Schaub extended the play and found him underneath for a short gain. Graham caught a short pass with a defender on his back late in the second quarter. On third and nine late in the third quarter, Graham caught a shallow crossing route before getting down the sideline for the first down.

2013 Week 6 vs STL (4 / 2 / 25 / 0 rec)

Graham didn't automatically assume Owen Daniels' targets. His first reception came in the third quarter as he caught an underneath curl route on third and long. Graham's next reception didn't come until the fourth quarter, when he did well to catch a high pass over the middle of the field.

2013 Week 7 vs KC (8 / 3 / 38 / 0 rec)

Graham dropped his first target that could easily have been a touchdown. After a hard play action, Keenum threw the ball back across the field to the tight end who was wide open. Graham's first reception came in the third quarter and he nearly made up for missing the touchdown early in the game. He was stopped just short of the end zone, but did well to sprint down the sideline and set his offense up in good position. Later in the third quarter, Graham caught a crossing route that was stopped just short of a first down on third and long. When Keenum was in trouble under pressure, he found Graham in the flat for a one yard gain. Graham couldn't escape Eric Berry all day.

2013 Week 9 vs IND (6 / 4 / 46 / 0 rec)

Graham's first reception came within two minutes of the first half. He caught a crossing route against tight coverage short of the first down marker on second down. In the third quarter, Graham caught a deep crossing route for a big first down. Keenum went back to Graham a few plays later on another crossing route for a first down. The young quarterback was relying on Graham during that particular drive, as Graham caught an out route for another good gain on second and 20.

2013 Week 10 vs ARI (3 / 2 / 18 / 0 rec)

Graham's first target came early in the first quarter. He caught a quick pass in the flat on third and three for a first down. Late in the second quarter, he beat Daryl Washington in man coverage to catch an out route for a first down.

2013 Week 11 vs OAK (13 / 7 / 136 / 1 rec)

Graham caught a crossing route early in the game, but he fumbled the ball as he was going to the ground. After the Raiders scored a touchdown, the Texans went straight back to Graham on a screen pass for a short gain. Graham was Keenum's favourite target early on, as he caught a big play down the left sideline after his quarterback's first interception. Again, Keenum extended a play in the second quarter before finding Graham for a big play. This time Graham caught the ball down the field instead of running with it before falling into the end zone. Graham caught a quick slant for a first down late in the second quarter. Graham caught a deep in route for a first down in the fourth quarter. Graham followed that up on the next drive with a first down on an out route.

2013 Week 12 vs JAX (9 / 5 / 32 / 0 rec)

Early in the third quarter, Graham caught a curl route for seveon yards on second and 10. On first and 10 soon after, Graham caught a pass in the flat for three yards on first down. Graham caught a crossing route for eight yards on second and 10 to end the third quarter. On third and eight, Graham caught a six yard pass underneath in the fourth quarter. Graham caught a pass underneath to start the Texans final drive.

2013 Week 13 vs NE (11 / 3 / 36 / 0 rec)

Graham caught Keenum's first pass of the game as he caught a wide open pass in the flat after play-action. On third and long, Graham caught an underneath pass before being tackled short of the first down marker. Graham dropped a few passes in the first half before he made a leaping grab over the middle of the field for a first down in the third quarter.

2013 Week 14 vs JAX (14 / 8 / 73 / 1 rec)

Graham caught a quick pass in the flat after play-action for two yards on the Texans' first drive of the game. In the second quarter, Graham caught a first down pass over the middle of the field as he extended well before absorbing a hit from an incoming safety. Two plays later, Graham caught a curl route for a first down, but the play was negated by a penalty against the offensive line. Another first down reception came a few plays later when Graham caught a pass after play-action down the sideline. To start the final drive of the first half, Graham caught a pass underneath for nine yards. Graham caught another first down pass late in the third quarter when Matt Schaub came in. Soon after, Graham caught a touchdown pass on a slant route at the goal line. Early in the fourth quarter, Graham caught another first down pass by the sideline. Graham caught a quick out route for five yards to start a drive in the fourth quarter.

2012 Week 3 vs DEN (4 / 2 / 39 / 0 rec)

Graham's biggest play came on the 99-yard TD drive in the 2nd quarter. Stacking all three TEs to the right, the Broncos attacked with a run blitz, leaving the streaking Graham all alone up the seam. Graham rumbled all the way down to the Bronco five-yard line. Graham would later set a pick on 3rd and goal on the same drive, allowing Foster to get to the pylon on his three-yard TD catch. Graham appears to have slid nicely into the void Joel Dreessen left when he took off to Denver in the offseason.

2012 Week 6 vs GB (5 / 3 / 25 / 0 rec)

Garrett Graham saw increased targets against the Green Bay Packers. Totaling 3 catches for 25 yards, Graham showed consistent hands. Graham's longest play came in the 2nd quarter on 3rd down. Graham slipped the coverage to take a short pass and turn it into 11 yards.

2012 Week 9 vs BUF (2 / 2 / 11 / 1 rec)

Not the pass catching threat Daniels and Casey are, Graham caught both targets, but only for 11 yards. Coming on consecutive plays, Graham was clearly a release for Schaub when the initial read was not there. Graham's first catch was a simple dump to the flat, with Graham conceding to the tackle immediately. The following play was designed for Daniels, but solid coverage and pressure forced Schaub to slip the pocket and Graham did a nice job working back to his QB, catching the six-yard TD.

2012 Week 10 vs CHI (4 / 3 / 15 / 0 rec)

Graham opened the game with a quick screen, but he was tackled for just a one yard gain. He disappeared after that until the 4th quarter where he had a short three yard catch and a drop on 3rd down that killed the drive two plays later. Graham may have had the catch of the day though on 3rd and 19. Graham took a short check down catch and was hit by Brian Urlacher. However, he shed the tackle for another five yards, giving him 11 yards on the reception and set up the 42 yard field goal that basically sealed the game for the Texans.

2012 Week 11 vs JAX (9 / 8 / 82 / 2 rec)

Backup tight end Graham had perhaps his best game as a professional. He caught two touchdowns in the final six minutes of the contest to tie the game and force overtime. His best reception came on the game tying score. On the play, Graham lined up tight to the right side and then slipped to the back left of the end zone. Schaub faked the handoff and slid to the right side of the pocket before throwing across his body to his wide open tight end. Graham finished the day with eight receptions on nine targets and had success both on go routes and curls between the hash marks and out routes and post patterns to the outside. Surprisingly, the Jaguars spent very little energy in bumping Graham at the line of scrimmage, thus allowing him to get in to the open field by himself on a number of receptions.

2012 Week 16 vs MIN (2 / 2 / 14 / 0 rec)

Graham returned to action and resumed his role as second tight end in the offense.  The Texans are doing an excellent job using Graham, Owen Daniels, and James Casey in versatile ways as both blockers and receivers.  Graham primarily runs quick outs and go patterns, most often from the right side.  He finished the day with two short catches, one on a quick out and one on a short curl to the inside.

2012 Week 18 vs CIN (3 / 3 / 29 / 0 rec)

Graham caught all three targets, picking up 29 yards including a long of 20 yards. Graham's best catch was his shortest; as he sealed the game with a three-yard catch on 3rd down on the game's final drive. Graham leaked off the line and faced Schaub right at the marker. The throw was high forcing the TE to extend and open up to a brutal helmet-to-helmet smack from Vontaze Burfict. Despite the hit, Graham maintained possession on the conversion.

2012 Week 19 vs NE (2 / 2 / 13 / 0 rec)

Graham only had two catches, picking up 13 yards. Graham was non-existent in the passing attack, despite the numerous shallow throws.