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QB Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens

6-6, 236Born: 1-16-1985College: DelawareDrafted: Round 1, pick 18

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2015 Week 11 vs LA (27 / 44 / 299 / 1 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Joe Flacco had one of his roughest game of the season and injury was added to insult. First, Flacco threw well short of Kamar Aiken on 3rd and 6. The following possession Flacco threw way off target trying to hit Kyle Juszczyk in the flat. Then Flacco missed Givens the following play on 3rd and 7. His first throw downfield was a halfhearted back foot lob to Crocket Gillmore that went a few yards over the intended receiver's head into the hands of Rodney McLeod. The following possession was a quick three and out featuring two stuffed run plays and a quick out route. However a muffed punt gave the Ravens the ball at the Ram's 31 yard line. At this point Marc Trestman appears to have changed his game plan. The Ravens began taking a more practical approach to besting the Ram's defense. They began using rubs, picks, and screen passes to create space for their playmakers instead of asking them to beat man coverage. Flacco hit Maxx Williams on slant for 12 yards on a nice rub route but was sacked by Aaron Donald the following play who schooled backup guard Ryan Jensen. The Ravens settled for a field goal after running a screen to tight end Crocket Gillmore for 11 yards. To open the second half Flacco hit Aiken on a quick screen who slipped a tackle and picked up 18. Then found Jeremy Butler who came wide open on a slant thanks to a pick set by Gillmore and outraced Joyner down the middle of the field for 25 yards. The drive stalled after a holding penalty by Gillmore and set up 4th down and 11 from the Ram's 33 yard line. The Ravens decided to go for it and Flacco completed a 5 yard dump off to Juszczyk. The following possession was 3 quick and ugly incompletions. Off of play action on a bootleg Geno Hayes started running unblocked towards Flacco. Flacco appears to panic and throws a pass towards Maxx Williams as he jumps in the air and crosses his legs . Predictably, the pass sails over Williams' head and into the hands of Trumaine Johnson. Flacco then missed Crocket Gillmore on a crossing route once again. Follow by another misfire aimed at Kyle Jusczcyk. Then finally threw short of Kamar Aiken on a comeback route. Following a turnover, the Ravens moved inside the Rams 10 yard line with quick completions to Buck Allen and Gillmore. Flacco capped the drive with a nice touchdown to Aiken in the corner of the end zone. To open the following possession Flacco hit Aiken against zone coverage for 16 yards. It was one of the first downfield completions to a wide receiver in the game for the Ravens. Then a busted coverage gave Gillmore a 46 yard gain. However, the drive stalled and the Ravens settled for a field goal. With less than 2 minutes to go Flacco found Chris Givens on a backshoulder throw for 20 yards setting up the game winning field goal for Justin Tucker. After the game it was revealed Flacco tore his ACL and will miss the remainder of the season.

2015 Week 10 vs JAX (34 / 45 / 316 / 3 / 2 pass, 2 / 17 / 0 rush)

Joe Flacco opened the game hitting Nick Boyle in stride on a corner route gaining 25. The drive stalled after a pair of miscues with Kamar Aiken. Flacco went deep to Aiken the next possession but the inaccurate pass floated toward the boundary and was nearly intercepted. On 4th and 3, in field goal range, Flacco hit Crocket Gillmore for a 1 yard gain. The Jaguars were consistently brining a safety up near the line of scrimmage and playing man to man coverage on the outside. This aggressive game plan lead to a pass heavy game flow for the Ravens. Flacco again misfired deep to Aiken on 3rd down, forcing another punt. Flacco connected with Aiken on a curl route for 14 yards but the Ravens were unable to pick up another first down and punted. Starting with excellent field position off of an interception, Flacco scrambled and ducked out of bounds for 16 yards. Flacco hooked up with Crocket Gillmore for a 10 yard touchdown the following play. Flacco opened the next possession with a play action bootleg and found Kamar Aiken down the sideline for 29 yards. Then the short passing game started clicking for Flacco finding Chris Givens and Aiken repeatedly for gains of 5, 7, 10, and 8. Flacco capped the drive hitting Maxx Williams down the seam for a 21 yard touchdown. Flacco placed the pass well and Williams avoided a big hit with a safety closing in. Trying to get into field goal range Flacco threw a dart to Gillmore who was streaking down the seam for 25 yards. To open the second half Flacco threw high and wide of Aiken who tipped the pass into the hands of Davon House for an easy interception. Flacco went deep to Givens on the following possession and was again intercepted by House who made a much better play on the ball. Flacco was pressured off the edge, stepped up, and was stripped by Telvin Smith forcing a 3rd consecutive turnover. The Ravens went 3 and out their next possession after Flacco misfired too high for Kamar Aiken who was short of the 1st down marker anyway. Flacco finally found a rhythm again hitting Williams for 12 yards. Then threw back shoulder to Jeremy Butler down the sideline gaining 21 yards. Flacco capped the drive hitting Givens between the numbers for a 14 yard score. Flacco found Juszczyk in the flat who out raced Telvin Smith up the sideline for 22 yards as the Ravens tried to run out the clock.

2015 Week 8 vs SD (25 / 37 / 319 / 1 / 0 pass, 4 / 2 / 1 rush)

Joe Flacco picked up where he left off against the Cardinals, turning in one of his strongest performances of the season. The game plan was pass heavy and Flacco kept the offense running efficiently; avoiding three and outs and unfavorable down and distances. The absence of Eugene Monroe was evident as James Hurst struggled and gave up a sack on the opening possession while struggling in the run game. Off of play action Flacco drifted from the pocket and launched a jump ball to Steve Smith who hauled it in for a 46 yard gain. Flacco and Jeremy Ross had a miscue on a slant route that should have been intercepted by Jason Verrett. Against the blitz Flacco stood tall and dropped a perfect pass into the hands of Chris Givens down the sideline for 39 yards. On 4th and 2, well within field goal range, the Ravens decided to go for it. Flacco was well protected but could find no open and escaped the pocket before firing a dart to Kamar Aiken for a 3 yard gain. Flacco had what would have been a 1 yard quarterback sneak touchdown nullified by a false start penalty. The Ravens have struggled in short yardage so Flacco should continue to vulture 1 yard touchdowns from the running game. Flacco found Crocket Gillmore wide open in the flat for a 3 yard touchdown following the penalty. Flacco hit Gillmore down the sideline for a 20 yard gain to open the second half but the catch was ruled incomplete despite simultaneous possession by Gillmore and Ingram. Flacco dropped in another pretty deep ball to Kyle Juszczyk for 39 yards who ran by safety Addae out of an I formation. Flacco was again sacked by Melvin Ingram who bull rushed Hurst and forced a field goal attempt. The Ravens were forced to punt for the first time after Flacco threw too low for Gillmore running open across the field. On back to back plays Steve Smith and Jeremy Zuttah were injured forcing John Urschel to assume snapping duties. Flacco locked onto Aiken after the injury. Flacco immediately found Aiken on an out route for 18 yards as he fell away from the pass rush. Flacco then completed quick passes to Aiken for gains of 7, 10, and 11. Flacco capped the drive with a 1 yard quarterback sneak with an empty backfield. With the game on the line and sans Smith and Zuttah Flacco manufactured a game winning drive. Flacco put a back shoulder throw on the money to Givens for 18 yards. Then hit Aiken in stride on a slant picking up 13 more yards. A bad snap forced the Ravens into 3rd and 19 but a pass interference call drawn by Aiken would set up the game winning field goal.

2015 Week 7 vs ARI (26 / 40 / 252 / 1 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Joe Flacco played his best game of the season against the Cardinals. Flacco was accurate, poised, and gave his team a chance to win. Flacco was very good on 3rd down and kept the down and distances manageable despite an inconsistent rushing attack The Ravens offense got off to a hot start but sputtered in the 2nd and 3rd quarters thanks to sacks and miscues. Flacco hit Steve Smith on a shallow crossing route Smith took up field for 22 yards. Flacco underthrew Chris Givens on a potential 39 yard touchdown allowing Tyrann Mathieu to recover and knock the pass away. Flacco rebounded by rifling a pass into Smith's chest the following play on 3rd and 11 for a gain of 16. Flacco hit Smith for 29 more yards as he ran down the seam. Flacco did well placing the ball away from Reshad Johnson for the big gain. The Ravens first three possessions of the second half stalled after Dwight Freeney made Eugene Monroe look silly, Marlon Brown dropped an easy catch trying to turn up field, and Flacco failed to identify the blitz and was sacked by Tyrann Mathieu. A blocked punt gave the Ravens the ball at the Cardinals 1 yard line and gave the offense life. Flacco found Kyle Juszczyk off of play action for a 1 yard touchdown. Flacco threw a dart to Nick Boyle on a slant route for the 2 point conversion just in front of Mathieu. On 4th and 1 Flacco was flushed from the pocket and chased toward the sideline and threw across his body just as he reached the boundary finding Crocket Gillmore for the first down. Flacco followed it with a dime to Chris Givens who capitalized on a blown assignment for 31 yards. Then with free rushers in his face Flacco faded away and lofted a pass towards Gillmore who hauled it in for 23 yards. A few plays later Flacco went back to the jump ball to Gillmore as the blitz was on but the pass sailed on Flacco and was intercepted by Tony Jefferson.

2015 Week 6 vs SF (33 / 53 / 343 / 2 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Joe Flacco had some costly mistakes against the 49ers but should not shoulder all the blame for the loss. Steve Smith provided a lift to the passing game but the lack of weapons is evident in the play calling and execution. Flacco got into a rhythm on the Ravens third possession after gaining only 1 first down on their first 2 possessions. Flacco stood tall in the pocket and found Steve Smith down the sideline for 19 yards. Flacco threw high over the middle for Crocket Gillmore who made an athletic grab for 19 more yards moving the Ravens into the red zone. Flacco fit a pass between a linebacker and a trailing defensive back to Steve Smith in the back of the end zone but watched the pass go through his hands and the Ravens settled for a field goal. Next possession Flacco had Aiken open in the middle of the field for a potential 20 yard catch but threw it a few yards over the receiver's head. Then on 3rd down Flacco threw very late to a double covered Kamar Aiken and was intercepted by Michael Wilhoite. Flacco found Smith over the middle for 29 yards as Flacco once again had excellent protection and Smith found the hole in the coverage. Flacco was again denied 6 points because of drops. Flacco dropped a dime to Buck Allen who was trailed by Aaron Lynch but the ball skipped off his fingertips in the end zone. Flacco threw to Smith who dropped what would have been a diving catch in the end zone. Flacco made a costly mistake on a boot leg off of play action. Flacco was chased by Ahmad Brooks and back tracked while trying to make a sideline throw to Buck Allen. The pass was a lame duck that ended up in the hands of Kenneth Acker nowhere near a Ravens receiver. Flacco was again pressured up the middle and released off his back foot but found a leaping Steve Smith in the corner of the end zone for a 34 yard score. Flacco squeezed in another 19 yard completion to Smith just in front of Trumaine Brock. Flacco then started getting his lesser targeted weapons involved with completions to Aiken, Maxx Williams, Jeremy Ross, and Chris Givens. On 4th and goal Flacco escaped a muddy pocket and rifled a pass into the end zone as defenders closed in. The pass was intended for Marlon Brown but a leaping Kamar Aiken snatched the 2 yard touchdown out of the air. Flacco was again able to find Smith open between the linebackers and safeties over the middle for 22 yards but the play left the Ravens with very little time left to mount a comeback.

2015 Week 5 vs CLE (19 / 35 / 210 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / 2 / 2 rush)

Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense again struggled to find consistency in the passing game. The offensive line and running game performed very well. Flacco had good protection all game but was mostly unable to find open downfield targets. Flacco is hesitant to throw to Marlon Brown and Maxx Williams. Even as he sees one of them come open, there is still hesitation before he releases the pass. The bottom line is Flacco is playing scared of making mistakes and missing opportunities as they present themselves. Flacco and the Ravens offense opened the game with a pitiful three and out. The offense was able to build some momentum on their second possession. Flacco hit Kamar Aiken on back to back plays picking up 25 yards. Flacco then found Jeremy Ross for a pair of completions moving the Ravens down to the Brown's 1 yard line. Flacco would score on a fake running back dive, as the entire Browns defense crashed in to stop Forsett, Flacco bootlegged and walked in the easy score. The following possession on 3rd and 7 Flacco hit Aiken in stride down the right sideline for 48 yards. Flacco capped the drive with a swing pass touchdown to Kyle Juszczyk. The Ravens following possession stalled thanks to a Marlon Brown drop on third down. Flacco took a deep shot to Chris Givens but the underthrown pass was nearly picked off by Joe Haden. The Ravens put together a scoring drive to open the second half. Flacco connected with Nick Boyle twice and seems to trust him more than his rookie counterpart Maxx Williams. Flacco capped the drive with a 1 yard plunge behind Kelechi Osemele. The next two Ravens possessions stalled after some ugly play from Flacco. First he was sacked by Armonty Bryant on third down by pressure he should have seen coming and avoided. Then Flacco badly missed Kamar Aiken down the sideline for a potential big play. With the game on the line, down 3, on third down, Flacco was way off on a throw to Marlon Brown but was awarded the 1st down thanks to an unnecessary roughness penalty. Flacco was 1/6 for 0 yards in the 4th quarter with less than 2 minutes remaining before finding Forsett uncovered in the flat who raced down the sideline for 32 yards. The Ravens promptly went 3 and out on their only and last possession in overtime.

2015 Week 4 vs PIT (20 / 33 / 189 / 1 / 1 pass, 3 / 0 / 0 rush)

Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense struggled to find any sort of rhythm against the Steelers. The lack of weapons in the pass game, inconsistent play calling, and struggles against the blitz all hindered the Ravens offensive efficiency. Flacco was sacked 5 times and botched two snaps on top of it. The Ravens also failed to convert 3 times on 4th down including an ugly quarterback sneak, a coverage sack and a pitiful fake field goal. Flacco was sacked after two quick incompletions for a quick three and out on the Ravens opening possession. Flacco had 5 straight completions before making his first poor decision. Flacco misread the coverage allowing Cockrell to jump in front of Steve Smith for an easy interception while Laurence Timmons trailed Marlon Brown down the sideline. Flacco was sacked for a second time when he failed to identify edge pressure and was blindsided by Sean Spence. To open the second half, Flacco ran towards the sideline to avoid a Cameron Heyward sack but instead had it knocked out of his hands straight into the hands of Cockrell for his second giveaway of the game. Flacco's first downfield completion came midway through the 3rd quarter when he found Kamar Aiken in the back of the end zone for a 15 yard score. Flacco converted a 4th and 1 with a pinpoint throw to Nick Boyle in tight coverage. Flacco kept the Ravens season alive with a 20 yard sideline completion to Aiken as William Gay came untouched and put a hit on Flacco. Flacco again made a beautiful throw to Aiken in front of the safety but it was knocked out of Aiken's hands before he could secure the pass. In conclusion, the Ravens pass game lacked chemistry, execution and downfield plays before Smith left the game with injury.

2015 Week 3 vs CIN (32 / 49 / 362 / 2 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Joe Flacco had a solid game against the Bengals. The lack of success in the run game and the absence of downfield targets leave much to be desired. The result is that the Ravens offense has a very small margin of error against good defenses. They need perfect execution in the short and intermediate passing game to sustain offensive drives and score points. The Ravens too often found themselves in 3rd and long after a stuffed running play on first down and an incompletion on second down. 3rd and long gave the strong Bengals secondary a bigger advantage over the Ravens receivers. Offensive penalties often put the Ravens behind in the down and distance as well. Flacco had time to set his feet and throw from a comfortable pocket most of the game. Flacco's first shot downfield went to Kamar Aiken on 3rd and 5 who was outmuscled and pinned against the sideline by Dre Kirkpatrick. The Ravens settled for a field goal attempt that sailed wide right. Flacco's worst throw of the game came on the Raven's third possession. He received pressure from his blind side and threw a hurried pass across the field off his back foot to Adam Jones. One of Flacco's finest throws came on the opening possession of the second half. He rifled a perfect pass to Smith who was surrounded by 3 Bengals over the middle for 20 yards on 3rd and 5. Smith returned the favor and padded Flacco's stats by catching a short curl route and evading defenders en route to a 50 yard catch and run for a touchdown. Flacco made a beautiful sideline throw to Marlon Brown to convert a 3rd and 21 following an unnecessary roughness penalty. Flacco underthrew Kamar Aiken on a potential touchdown as he ran past Reggie Nelson and Adam Jones. Flacco connected with Maxx Williams down the seam for a gain of 27 as he found the soft spot in the Bengals zone coverage. Flacco kept the drive alive converting third and longs to Steve Smith and Michael Campanaro with decisive and accurate throws. Flacco capped the drive with a back shoulder throw to the front pylon as Steve Smith outmuscled Kirkpatrick for the football. On 4th and 17 following a facemask penalty Flacco underthrew Maxx Williams who was behind his defender and was forced to make a diving attempt at a poor pass.

2015 Week 2 vs OAK (32 / 45 / 384 / 2 / 1 pass, 2 / 2 / 0 rush)

Flacco played well overall but a couple key off-target throws probably cost the Ravens the game. After getting destroyed by the Broncos edge rushers and being called out by John Harbaugh, the Ravens' offensive tackles responded with an excellent performance against the Raiders' pass rushers. The line didn't give up a single sack and Flacco had a nice pocket to work from most of the afternoon. The first bad miss by Flacco was late in the first quarter from near midfield. Kamar Aiken had ten yards of separation behind the defense and Flacco underthrew him by at least 10-yards, causing Aiken to have to try to stop and come back for the ball which allowed the Raiders defenders to catch up. The drive did end up in a touchdown though as Flacco hit a wide-open Crockett Gilmore for an easy 26-yard score. Flacco had a nice connection all day with Gilmore, Smith and Aiken. Near the end of regulation, Flacco had Smith wide open in the end zone and would have given Ravens a 7-point lead late, but a terrible overthrow forced the Ravens to settle for a field goal. Flacco got the ball back with less than 30 seconds and needing a touchdown and threw an interception trying in desperation to make a big-play against the Raiders' prevent defense.

2015 Week 1 vs DEN (18 / 32 / 117 / 0 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Joe Flacco and the Ravens struggled mightily to move the ball against Denver's fierce defense on Sunday, but to some extent his struggles were understandable. Facing one of the best pass rushes in the NFL, Flacco lost his starting left tackle early in the game. From that point on, defenders virtually took up residence in the backfield, getting pressure from all directions him on more than half of his dropbacks. While much of Flacco's struggles are excusable given the circumstances he found himself in, he still found himself forcing plays late in the game trying to make something happen. With pressure coming up the middle and hands in his face late in the 3rd quarter, he dumped the ball off over the middle into the waiting arms of a Denver defender who returned it for a touchdown. On Baltimore's final play of the game, one of the few times Flacco had time to step up and survey the field, Flacco felt pressure that wasn't there and lobbed a pass with his feet not set for a game-ending interception. While Denver's defense deserves credit for Baltimore's anemic passing output, Flacco also deserves a large portion of the blame.


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