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QB Austin Davis - St. Louis Rams

6-2, 221Born: 6-2-1989College: Southern MississippiDrafted: ---

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Week 8: at Kansas City Chiefs

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Recent Stats and Projections

5 at PHI 29 49 375 3 0 3 30 0 2
6 vs SF 21 42 236 1 1 1 -1 0 0
7 vs SEA 18 21 152 2 0 2 -2 0 0
8 at KC PROJ-Dodds 22 35 * * * 2 * * *
8 at KC PROJ-Tremblay 23 36 * * * 2 * * *

Recent Game Summaries

2014 Week 5 vs PHI (29 / 49 / 375 / 3 / 0 pass, 3 / 30 / 0 rush)

Austin Davis is the NFL's newest young gunslinger, as he put up big numbers in a near comeback against the Eagles. What started out as a horrible day, almost ended up as the most impressive comeback in NFL history. Two Austin Pettis drops on the final drive ended things and the Eagles survived Austin Davis and his big set of receivers. The thing that stands out about Davis is his complete trust in his receivers. He will throw it downfield at any moment, and he lets his receivers make plays on the ball. Thankfully for Davis, he has a big set of wideouts, and they were able to make the plays this week. Like another Southern Miss alum that loved to chunk the ball downfield, you get the sense that there will be some high interception days for Davis. But on this day his receivers won many of the battles. But for Davis, this was two different games in one. In the first half and the beginning of the second, the Rams just couldn't protect Davis from an Eagles' onslaught. Davis was sacked, rushed, blitzed and hurried. Twice he was blindsided, and he fumbled both times, one resulting in an immediate fumble recovery for a TD. Davis led the Rams on only one TD drive early on, as he threw a deep Ball to Britt and then hit Quick for a TD. Once the Eagles opened up a 27 point lead, they naturally relaxed a little. Davis finally had time in the pocket, and he began throwing the ball. Late in the third quarter, Davis started the comeback by hitting Quick on a comeback for 25, hitting Pettis on a crossing route for 16, scrambling for a first, hitting Cook for a 12 yard first, and finally handing off to Cunningham, who finished things off with a TD up the middle. On the next possession, he went to Cook again, hit Tavon Austin over the middle, and then setup a big play to Britt. Davis was under a bit of pressure and he scrambled outside of the pocket to the right and heaved the ball downfield to Britt. Britt completely outworked the cornerback for the ball, got in great position and jumped up and made the big 30 yard TD reception. On the next possession, the Rams were down 13 points and the Eagles' fans were starting to get nervous. Davis threw deep to Britt, who drew a PI penalty. A few more short passes got the Rams down to the 5 yard line. Davis threw a gutsy back shoulder pass to the left side of the field, and Quick adjusted and caught his second TD. The Rams got the ball back with 1:47 on the clock down 6. The problem was that they were stuck deep in their own territory at the 7. Davis quickly changed things by immediately firing deep downfield to Quick for a 42 yard gain. Davis showed no hesitation, and Quick made a great play on the ball. But the drive stalled on a couple drops. Davis hit Pettis across the middle on a deep slant, and Pettis dropped an easy first down. Then he again went to Pettis on the sideline, and, although it would have been a tough catch, Pettis dropped it again. On 4th down, Davis had some miscommunication with Quick and threw the ball downfield and away from Quick. Unfortunately he missed a wide open Jared Cook on the play as well. Overall, it was a spectacular comeback attempt, and has really put Davis on the radar. The only potential problem, though, is that most of his damage came late when teams traditionally back off of the pressure. The problem for Davis is that the Eagles aren't the best defensive line he will face this year, by any stretch of the imagination. While Davis had some extremely bright spots, the recipe for stopping this offense is going to be to rush the passer relentlessly. With his penchant to throw it up, this will likely result in a lot of interceptions along the way as well. Davis is young and may potentially have a bright future. For the rest of this year, however, he seems to be a boom or bust QB.

2014 Week 6 vs SF (21 / 42 / 236 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Davis started the game hot. He led the Rams on two scoring drives to begin the game. On his first drive, he hit Cook over the middle on a slant and Cook ran for 42 yards. On the third drive, Davis ran a nice play-fake and hit a wide open Lance Kendricks in stride for a 22 yard TD to give the Rams a 14-0 lead. Late in the half, Davis led the Rams on a drive that will prove to be the turning point of the game. Davis hit Britt on a deep comeback for a first, then threw a ball to Cook on a shallow cross. Cook made some very impressive cuts after the catch, but was called for a ridiculous offensive pass interference penalty that ended the drive and completely swung the momentum. In the first half, Davis looked calm and collect. He stepped up in the pocket, avoided the rush, made plays, and had faith in his targets. In the second half, everything turned around. As the 49ers made their move on the offensive side of the ball, they tightened up on defense. Davis looked quite shaky in the second half. The strategy of just throwing the ball up and giving his WR's a chance, didn't work against San Fran. He threw an out pattern that was almost intercepted on the left side. Then he threw a jump ball to Pettis, who tipped it in the air and watched as it was almost intercepted. On his next possession he avoided pressure, threw the ball deep downfield a few times, and wasn't close to completing anything. In fact, he failed to complete a single pass in the second half until 4:15 in the fourth quarter. On a late 4th quarter drive, he did lead the Rams downfield for a field goal, but he completely overthrew Jared Cook on a play that would have possibly given the Rams a touchdown. Then on his own ten with a minute left, Davis threw a pick 6 as he tried to force things across the middle to Britt that ended the game. It was one of many really bad second half throws, and it clinched the win for San Fran. Overall, Davis did some things early that you have to like. He showed nice first-half poise. But that poise crumbled in the second half as the pressure of both the SF line and of trailing in the game got to Davis. He was simply unable to make anything positive after the adversity of a bad first-half call swung the momentum. Late in the game he completed a few passes, but also threw another near INT. Davis has to learn to see the entire field and throw to the open guy. It's one thing to let your guys make plays, but throwing inaccurate passes under pressure to guys that are double-teamed is going to work out poorly most of the time. You have to remember that he's a young QB and could still improve. The problems in this game came when San Fran dialed up the pressure. San Fran is also a very good and veteran defense that troubles a lot of good QBs. Unfortunately for Davis, it doesn't get any easier next week against Seattle.

2014 Week 7 vs SEA (18 / 21 / 152 / 2 / 0 pass, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

After an awful second half against the 49ers, it was widely assumed that the Seahawks would pick up where the 49ers left off and continue harassing Davis into int's and mistakes. The Rams leaned on their run game to start the game, and thanks to solid running and a big kickoff return, got an early TD. On the next possession, Davis hit Quick over the middle, drew a pass interference call on a deep ball to Quick, and then threw a nifty shovel pass to Cunningham for a TD. After that, Davis really didn't get a lot of opportunities for the rest of the half. In fact, over a long stretch from the middle of the 2nd quarter until the end of the 3rd quarter, he only attempted 2 passes. With 4 minutes in the 3rd, Davis led the Rams on a solid drive that flipped field position, burnt clock and forced a punt. But Seattle continued to press. With 9:44 left, Davis got the ball deep in his own territory clinging to a 2 point lead. Austin Davis did a superb job on this crucial drive, hitting Quick on a deep 19-yard comeback. Seattle was after him, but he continued to escape the pocket and make big plays. He moved to his left, kept his eyes downfield, and hit Kendricks for 13 yards. He avoided a few sacks on this drive, and then hit Givens slanting across the middle and toward the sideline for a 30 yard gain. Then he capped it off with a TD across the middle to Kendricks to put the Rams back on top. On the Rams final drive, they really needed to hold the ball and get a first. Davis started well, by avoiding a sack, rolling right, spinning and then improvising on a toss to Cook that got the Rams close to a first. Overall, Davis played mistake-free football against a great defense. He looked very poised in this game, showing no fear and not forcing things. The gameplan was heavily slanted towards the run, but Davis was extremely accurate, going 18 for 21. Yes, he didn't put up big numbers, but he kept the chains moving, and made huge plays when he needed to. In previous weeks, Davis had begun to get into the habit of throwing the ball up for grabs to his big receivers. This was not part of the gameplan against Seattle. Davis took what the defense gave him and continued to find the open man wherever he was. When Seattle pressured him, he got out of the pocket, continued to keep his eyes downfield, and threw it to guys that were open. With two tough defenses out of the way, it will be interesting to see how Austin Davis progresses in upcoming weeks as the schedule gets a bit easier.


Latest News

Rams | Austin Davis has good first half (Mon Oct 13, 09:50 PM) - St. Louis Rams QB Austin Davis completed 11 of his 14 pass attempts for 137 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions in the first half of the Week 6 game against the San Francisco 49ers. His scoring strike went for 22 yards to TE Lance Kendricks.

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