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QB Tom Brady - New England Patriots

6-4, 210Born: 8-3-1977College: MichiganDrafted: Round 6

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Week 21: bye week

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Recent Stats and Projections

17 at MIA 56 12 21 134 0 0 1 -1 0 0 5.6
19 vs KC 58 28 42 302 2 0 6 6 1 0 29.7
20 at DEN 83 27 56 310 1 2 3 13 0 0 18.8

Recent Game Summaries

2015 Week 20 vs DEN (27 / 56 / 310 / 1 / 2 pass, 3 / 13 / 0 rush)

Pick a synonym for awful. Terrible? Ghastly? That's the summation of the final game of this season for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. The absolute meltdown started with Brady's line, which had an all-time historic bad performance by many metrics, including number of QB hits (most in any game in over a decade), pass rusher time to quarterback, and more. The Patriots could simply do nothing on offense because of the Patriots line. As a result, Tom Brady was rattled, consistently got no time, and made some horrible decisions and throws. On one of his interceptions, he stared Von Miller down and threw the ball right to Miller. The problem was, Von Miller is in the other team. It was one of the worst passes you'll ever see. Brady's other interception was a silly ball to a double covered receiver. He definitely deserves part of the blame, as these decisions shouldn't have been made even with the offensive line in shambles. The game plan was also highly suspect. No variations in snap count, no hurry-up, predictability in critical situations, and more. Brady's lone touchdown came late in the game, and would not have happened in most drives, as it was a 4th down pass to Rob Gronkowski. It was a sorry wrap-up for what was a good year for Tom Brady, and the Patriots will need to invest in their offensive line if they want any modicum of postseason success in 2016.

2015 Week 19 vs KC (28 / 42 / 302 / 2 / 0 pass, 6 / 6 / 1 rush)

In stark contrast to the last month or 6 weeks of the season, Tom Brady was fairly effective this game barring a few opening drives yips. The reasons? Great offensive line play (a rarity), and healthy receiving weapons, especially Julian Edelman. With those two areas of the offense operating at full go, the gameplan called for Brady's arm to deliver, and that it did, with running backs receiving a mere 7 total carries. One of Brady's best plays was early in the game on a 3rd and 14, where he eluded the pass rush and converted to Gronk for a big conversion. Brady later converted an easy stick route touchdown to Gronkowski, who teams continue to leave in single coverage in the red zone for some strange reason. Later in the first half, Brady missed a fairly easy throw to Danny Amendola that may have gone for a long touchdown. Beyond that, he was money, and many of his incompletions were receiver drops. Brady's second touchdown was a patented sneak touchdown, but that was set up by a 10 yard Brady Ždad run' that narrowly missed scoring in the first place. Brady's final touchdown was a beautiful pump fake that shed a defender off Gronk, allowing the tight end to score his second touchdown of the game. Overall, this was a big improvement on the end of the regular seasons, and the Patriots will hope to keep the momentum in the AFC Championship (which Brady has made in 10 of his 15 seasons, by the way).

2015 Week 17 vs MIA (12 / 21 / 134 / 0 / 0 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

It was a bad day for the Patriots offense as a whole and an odd day for gameplanning, as the Patriots went fairly vanilla for much of the game. The first half saw a slew of runs compared to only a few passes from Tom Brady, whereas the script was flipped in the second half despite a Brady ankle injury. When the passing game was in session, it was so bad that Tom Brady was actually yanked at the end of the game, something you never see. He was relentlessly harassed by pressure and his receivers weren't getting open, all of which has been nothing new over the last month or so. Brady did overthrow a few deep balls, and almost half his yardage came on one James White slant. Other than that, it was short passes or throwaways to avoid pressure. Brady didn't complete more than 2 passes to any receiver, which is very rare. As long as the Patriots get healthy for the playoffs, that matters most, but the way the Patriots have limped into the playoffs is fairly sobering for their outlook.

2015 Week 16 vs NYJ (22 / 31 / 231 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

In a day where Tom Brady was missing key receivers and more offensive linemen went down with injury, it's a wonder he was able to stay upright at all. Brady faced plenty of pressure, both due to good coverage as well as sieve-like offensive line play at times. The fact that the best wide receiver for the Patriots was Keshawn Martin speaks volumes. Brady only hit 5 players with passes, which is abnormal considering how much he usually spreads the ball around. 21 of his 22 completions went to 4 different receivers. Brady's interception looked like a miscommunication with Rob Gronkowski, who ran a slant while Brady threw the ball well behind him. He also narrowly missed Gronk on a flea flicker that would have resulted in a monster gain. He did have several good plays, including a beautiful lob to Gronk on a deep ball, a great conversion to James White after a solid pump fake on 4th down, and a threaded dart to Keshawn Martin with a defender draped on him. His touchdown was an easy toss to James White, who was wide open out of the backfield. It was hard to take much away from this game, but Brady played admirably given the circumstances.

2015 Week 15 vs TEN (23 / 35 / 267 / 2 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

A fairly efficient Brady for Tom Brady, though at points in the 2nd and 3rd quarter the pass rush did get to him. He started off 7 for 7 with a clockwork-like touchdown to Rob Gronkowski . Gronk ran an out route with a linebacker in coverage, and we all know who that works out for most of the time. BradyŪs second score was a screen pass to James White, who scampered his way to the end zone from 30 yards out. The Brady to White connection also missed a monster 70 yard touchdown on a dodgy OPI call against Keshawn Martin. As the game was 24-3 by halftime, Brady spent much of the second half handing off and simply managing the game. There were a few off throws here and there, but quite frankly, this was a pretty understated and workmanlike day from the Patriots quarterback.

2015 Week 14 vs HOU (22 / 30 / 226 / 2 / 0 pass, 4 / 10 / 0 rush)

Compared to the last few weeks, this was a great game for Brady and the Patriots offense. There was more balance, the offensive line held up better (especially in the first half), and Brady seemed more at ease in general. The Pats were also able to absolutely stifle J.J. Watt, making him look like a pick-up off the street with their gameplanning. His stat line doesn't show it with gaudy numbers, but Brady himself also had a very solid game. Smart decision making, limiting unnecessary risks, and getting the ball to the right people were key. The Pats also played the horizontal game well. Brady's first touchdown went to Keshawn Martin, who ran a great inside-out double move to get wide open in the endzone. His second was a 1 yard corner fade to Rob Gronkowski, who dominated his safety in coverage for an easy score. Besides a couple big gains to Gronk, most of Brady's throws were short and intermediate, though he was afforded time to throw on most occasions.

2015 Week 13 vs PHI (29 / 56 / 312 / 3 / 2 pass, 6 / 17 / 1 rush)

2015 is turning out as an exact opposite of the 2014 season for the Patriots. In 2014, the Patriots started off with numerous duds, then starting getting hot, eventually winning it all. In 2015, the Patriots started off on fire, but have played like a pedestrian team over the last month without any convincing wins. Though his o-line and receiving corps continue to stink up the joint partially due to injuries, Brady had his fair blame in the game against the Eagles. His most egregious plays were his two interceptions, which were absolutely baffling, particularly his 100 yard pick 6. Brady tried to thread a ball to Danny Amendola, one of the dumbest decisions and throws you'll see any quarterback make. The ball was deflected, popped in the air, and returned for a pick 6 for a complete momentum shift. One of the better plays of the day involved trickery that saw Danny Amendola take a snap and use Brady as a wide receiver for 36 yards. Who knew? After that play, Brady promptly threw another interception on a deep ball to Brandon LaFell, as there was clear miscommunication on the route. Why Brady keeps throwing deep balls to LaFell is anyone's guess, as LaFell has played simply terribly this year, but he keeps trying to force the issue with absolutely no success. These gaffes, along with special teams miscues, allowed the Eagles to rattle off 35 unanswered points. In spite of that, Brady did throw for 4 touchdowns, though they weren't enough to make up for the gaffes. His first was a short toss to James White, who leaked out of the backfield. His second touchdown was a beautiful route by Danny Amendola, who blew by a cornerback on a corner route for an easy score. Brady's third touchdown came in near garbage time on a Scott Chandler corner route, while his 4th was a quarterback sneak. Brady also constantly sensed phantom pressure in the pocket, something you don't see often from him. He and the entire team needs to get their act together, or they'll be one and done in the playoffs in spite of Gronk and Edelman's returns.

2015 Week 12 vs DEN (23 / 42 / 280 / 3 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Some days, everything works against you. For Tom Brady, that day was against the Broncos, resulting in the first Patriots loss of the season. In consecutive weeks, Brady has lost Dion Lewis, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski to injury. The offensive line is still thin, and the defense has lost core players such as Jamie Collins and Donta Hightower. Adding to that was some tickytack officiating that the normally reserved Brady questioned after the game, and it was a recipe for failure in many respects. Though Brady was definitely pressured at times during the game, it's clear the biggest obstacle to a huge day was simply receivers getting open. Wide receivers who weren't named Brandon LaFell were targeted exactly twice, meaning Brady tried to funnel most of his passes to tight ends and running backs. In theory, the gameplan was sound since Denver's linebackers aren't as good as their cornerbacks in terms of coverage. However, Brandon Bolden and James White aren't worldbeaters, which meant half of Brady's targets went to Rob Gronkowski and Scott Chandler. Brady's first touchdown was a curl route to Gronk, who slipped past two defenders for a nice chunk score. His touchdown to Scott Chandler was a simple go route by Chandler with some defensive confusion in zone coverage, allowing the tight end to secure a fairly easy touchdown. The long Brandon Bolden touchdown was simply beating a linebacker on a wheel route, slipping a tackle, and running into the endzone. Brady's final drive in regulation was a masterpiece given the situation and talent around him, as he needed to drive down the field with a minute left and get in field goal range. He did just that at an astonishing pace. He did have some off throws, including a huge missed connection to Rob Gronkowski on a crossing route. He also inexplicably kept trying deep balls to Brandon LaFell, none of which worked. Still, Brady's success going forward is highly dependent on the cast around him.

2015 Week 11 vs BUF (20 / 39 / 277 / 1 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Talk about a rough day. Tom Brady was harassed all day by the Bills for a myriad of reasons. One, the Bills had a great defensive gameplan, and confused Brady and the offensive line at times. Two, the offensive line was in tatters, particularly the right side, which was consistently beaten on almost every pass play. Three, Tom Brady lost Danny Amendola and Aaron Dobson to injuries at points in the game, leaving Brandon LaFell and Chris Harper as the only available wide receivers by the 4th quarter. Needless to say, this meant the offense had an extremely tough time moving the ball for most of the day. Brady was pressured on 23 of his 40 dropbacks, by far the worst mark of the season. He had an early interception bounce off Rob Gronkowski's hands, but luckily for him, the play was negated because of offset penalties. His actual interception was just an awful throw and decision into double or triple coverage. Worse yet, it was to Chris Harper, who was just called off the practice squad and isn't a deep threat. There was some good, such as a few good throws while getting drilled by a defender. His touchdown was a dumpoff to James White, who broke a tackle to scamper in the endzone. But by and large, this was a very ineffective and inefficient day for the Patriots, who won because of great defense and special teams more than anything.

2015 Week 10 vs NYG (26 / 42 / 334 / 2 / 1 pass, 2 / 9 / 0 rush)

Tom Brady had what was arguably his worst day of the 2015 season, yet somehow managed to escape New York with a win. Working against him were the NFL's most injured offensive line, his #1 target in Julian Edelman suffering a broken foot, Dion Lewis going down with a torn ACL the prior week, amongst other issues. The offensive line held up at times and was sieve-like at times, but Brady often held the ball for too long, looking for deep shots that simply weren't there. Nowhere was this more evident than the throw that should have ended the game, yet somehow Landon Collins dropped an easy interception while jumping. Brady's pocket awareness was also subpar on the day, twice getting sacked and fumbling. Brady's interception in the endzone was also just a plain bad throw behind Brandon LaFell on a slant route, a throw Brady normally makes with ease. Brady did have some positives, including a couple good deep balls, though some of the deep balls were plain bad as aforementioned. Rob Gronkowski's touchdown was a great throw and effort by receiver, who caught a deep ball, shed a tackler, and raced to the endzone for 76 yards. Brady's 4th and 10 conversion to Danny Amendola was also the stuff of pure mettle, as Brady's first three throws on the drive were awful. Though his stat line wasn't bad, Tom Brady didn't have a great day, and it will be interested to see how his offensive line and the loss of Edelman impacts the team going forward.

2015 Week 9 vs WAS (26 / 39 / 299 / 2 / 1 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

You know Tom Brady is playing well when 299 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception are a 'floor' for production. There were a couple major storylines for the Patriots, Brady included, during the game against Washington. Sebastian Vollmer, the former right tackle who had to flip to left tackle, left the game with a concussion. This meant Cameron Fleming, someone who hadn't been on the active roster at the start of the season , had to fill in at left tackle. Which meant that Brady's right tackles were a combination of a tight end (Michael Williams) and a 2nd-year center (Bryan Stork). It's amazing Brady was able to do anything at all, but his remarkably quick passing decisions and a good run game aided him. This was easily the most balanced gameplan of the year, with 39 passes compared to 35 rushes. This was partially because Dion Lewis got hurt, which meant a good piece of the passing attack wasn't available. Brady's first touchdown pass was a shallow route to Julian Edelman, who dove into the end zone to barely score. His second came late in the game to Brandon Bolden, who beat a linebacker on a go route. Brady's interception was his biggest blemish, as it was a bad throw to Julian Edelman that went directly into a linebacker's hands. Brady did miss a sure touchdown on a Dion Lewis drop on a deep ball, and also missed Brandon LaFell on another deep connection because he wasn't able to step into his throw. Still, the offensive line bears watching going forward and may be the biggest reason for any failures Brady has.

2015 Week 8 vs MIA (26 / 38 / 356 / 4 / 0 pass, 1 / 1 / 0 rush)

Though he was under pressure for a decent portion of the day, and considering his offensive line was once again in shambles, Tom Brady once again made it look easy, showing why he's the best NFL quarterback. To no one's surprise, his top targets were Rob Gronkowski, Dion Lewis, and Julian Edelman, who all caught at least one touchdown pass. The game was essentially over by the 4th quarter, as the Patriots defense showed up big. It's also interesting to note that this was one of the more Žbalanced' Patriots game plans of the year despite the 38:25 pass to run ratio. Brady's first touchdown was a pass to Rob Gronkowski down the middle that saw Gronk stiff arm a defender and race down the sidelines for a long score. Credit to Brandon LaFell on the play for a crucial block. His next was to Dion Lewis that saw Lewis sneak out of the backfield virtually uncovered with the Dolphins in a zone look. Not much to it other than a simple pitch and catch. Brady's first touchdown toss to Julian Edelman was a curl route with a linebacker in coverage. Edelman caught the ball around the 3 yard line and simply dove into the end zone for the score. Deciding he hadn't had enough, Edelman also caught Brady's final touchdown score. Edelman juked outside, slanted inside, caught a pass, and scored. All in all, another masterful day for an offense that keeps on rolling.

2015 Week 7 vs NYJ (34 / 54 / 355 / 2 / 0 pass, 4 / 15 / 1 rush)

#1 defense against #1 offense? Try #1 defense versus a Madden-like gameplan. The Patriots completely ignored the run and threw the entire offensive load on Tom Brady against the Jets, who as usual, responded like he was the greatest quarterback in history. In fact, for the first time in his career, Brady led the Patriots in rushing with a whopping 15 yards. Patriots running backs ran the ball 5 times, while Brady threw it 54 times, including during clock-chewing mode, something you'll almost never see. Brady's first touchdown was a quarterback sneak that saw Brady display his hops. However, it was set up by an 11 yard scramble on 3rd and 10 from the man himself, who wisely took off when no one was open and pressure was bearing down on him. Touchdown #2 was a stunning catch by Danny Amendola, who jumped in the air while being covered to secure the score. #3 came on an all-out blitz by the Jets, who left Rob Gronkowski uncovered as a result. Whoops. Brady was also plagued by receiver drops, as the telecast counted 10 of them, including 6 from a very rusty Brandon LaFell. Had he not suffered these drops, his totals would have been even gaudier. Regardless, another week, another stellar performance from the league's best.

2015 Week 6 vs IND (23 / 37 / 312 / 3 / 1 pass, 4 / 0 / 0 rush)

Though the box score was close, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense outplayed the Colts offense in most facets of the game. One of the biggest takeaways from Sunday is that the Patriots are razor thin at the tackle position, however, as Marcus Cannon left the game with a toe injury. With Nate Solder on I.R., this forced RT Sebastian Vollmer to fill in at left tackle, while newly called-up tackle Cameron Fleming was thrust into a starting role. Given the relative inexperience of the offensive line, Brady held up well, thanks in part to his slick maneuverability within the pocket. On many throws, Brady's ability to step up, slide, or roll out resulted in extended plays that were cashed in for meaningful conversions. Brady's first touchdown was a strike to Julian Edelman down the middle after stepping up in the pocket. However, the play completely mangled Edelman's pinky, which may have led to Brady's first interception of the season later on. On the play, Edelman bobbled an easy catch, the ball popped in the air, and a Colts safety returned the interception for 6. Not Brady's fault at all, but such is life. Brady's second touchdown caused a Gronk spike, as Gronk was inexplicably left open off the snap. You leave Gronk open, and he's going to ignore the tacklers coming his way on his way to the endzone. Brady's last touchdown was created once again by his legs, as he scrambled right because of pressure and found a roaming LeGarrette Blount. Once again, game script called for more passing than rushing as it has been all season, and Brady rose to the challenge despite adverse circumstances.

2015 Week 5 vs DAL (20 / 27 / 275 / 2 / 0 pass, 2 / 3 / 1 rush)

In a way, the game against Dallas was a tale of two halves for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. In the first half, Brady was pressured relentlessly, suffering five sacks and being pressured, hit, or sacked on all of his first 10 dropbacks. In the second half, the short passing game came into focus much more, and Brady wasn't sacked at all. The Pats' first half touchdown was a sneak from the 1 by Brady, who as usual, executed the play masterfully. Some of the Cowboys didn't seem to see the play coming, which made it even easier, as Brady crossed the goal line with no issues. Brady's touchdown pass to Dion Lewis was all Lewis, who took a short pass and eluded multiple defenders with a spectacular run after catch effort. Similarly, Julian Edelman's long TD was caught maybe 20 yards downfield, and the rest was Edelman eluding 4 tacklers. Because of the nature of the Cowboys pass rush, Dion Lewis was the most targeted Patriot on the day, as he was often the outlet or quick dumpoff. Because of game flow, time of possession and balance, Brady also had only 27 pass attempts, which was his season low.

2015 Week 3 vs JAX (33 / 42 / 358 / 2 / 0 pass, 2 / 4 / 0 rush)

The Patriots scored on every single offensive drive they had, which should probably tell you all you need to know about Tom Brady's performance. At 38, Brady has been dominant this season, and Jacksonville was no exception. Brady attempted more deep balls in this game than prior games, and some connected, some didn't. Seam routes to Rob Gronkowski worked on a couple occasions, as did a deep pass to Aaron Dobson that drew pass interference. Brady's stat line could have been much gaudier, but three New England touchdowns were cashed in at the 1 yard line by the running game, which won't always happen. Though the game was a bit more balanced than last week, the Patriots still went pass heavy when the game was in-hand, and ran consistently only when the score differential was 30 or 40 points. Brady's first touchdown was a play action set up that saw Danny Amendola wide open in the end zone, the definition of pitch and catch. Brady's second touchdown was next to brand new receiver Keshawn Martin. On the play, Brady was forced to awkwardly scramble to his left. Martin eyed his quarterback, saw he was in trouble, and smartly broke left, allowing Brady to throw it to Martin on the score. Credit goes to both quarterback and receiver on the play. Brady completed passes to 9 different receivers, and continues to excel as the season progresses.

2015 Week 2 vs BUF (38 / 59 / 466 / 3 / 0 pass, 3 / -4 / 0 rush)

For a second week in a row, Tom Brady showed why he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, absolutely shredding the Bills defense to the tune of multiple touchdowns and 466 yards. Brady operated the short and intermediate passing game masterfully, although huge credit should go out to his offensive line. Considering Brady attempted a whopping 59 passes, only 2 sacks allowed was a testament to the young group battling against a high-paid Bills defensive line. Game script obviously favored passing, as the 59 pass attempts were coupled with 15 rush attempts. Brady's first touchdown came to Julian Edelman on a play that was mostly Brady, as he scrambled left and threw to his receiver on the run. The 2 yard touchdown to Rob Gronkowski saw a tight run formation flex Gronk and Scott Chandler out wide. For some reason, the Bills double teamed Chandler and stuck a small cornerback on Gronk. Not the best decision, but it worked out for the Patriots. Brady's third touchdown was a short toss to Edelman that saw Edelman rack up YAC and dive into the endzone for a score. Brady did have several deeper completions, whether depth of target was short or far, including chunk plays to Gronk, Edelman, Dion Lewis, and more. Aaron Dobson even got involved in the intermediate game. Brady's only blemish was a fumble on a strip by a defensive lineman, but all in all, another great day at the office.

2015 Week 1 vs PIT (25 / 32 / 288 / 4 / 0 pass, 3 / 1 / 0 rush)

Anger. Revenge. Drama. Whatever fueled Tom Brady's fire, he was on his game against the Steelers, and started out with a bang. The generation's best quarterback eviscerated the opposing defense with quicker throws and targets primarily to his favorite targets, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. His offensive line's performance should also be noted, as it held up remarkably well given that it contained 3 rookies. Running back Dion Lewis also provided a spark with pass catching and running chops. Brady's only real blemish was an overthrow of a wide-open Danny Amendola on a deep pass, but other than that, his stat line, which included 19 straight completions, was an indicator of how well Brady played. Brady's first touchdown was a 16 yard toss to Rob Gronkowski that somehow had Gronk uncovered at the snap. You do that, you're gonna have a bad time. Gronk eluded a tackler, while another made a smart 'business decision' to not bother tackling Gronk properly and let him score. Brady's second touchdown was a play action touchdown to Gronkowski from 6 yards out in a tight end heavy set. Brady lobbed the ball over defenders down the middle, and the big tight end grabbed it. The third touchdown of the day was a 1 yard flat pass to Scott Chandler that barely saw Chandler score. Brady's last touchdown was of course to Gronk again on a fade from the 1, because the Steelers decided a linebacker could match up with Gronk, which is obviously wrong. All in all, a great day for Tommy Boy.


Latest News

Patriots | Tom Brady talks with NFL unlikely (Wed Apr 27, 07:54 PM) - New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and the NFL are not expected to talk anymore regarding a settlement, according to a source. The league doesn't believe the NFL Players' Association or any of Brady's representatives have provided a reason to renew settlement talks. Brady's suspension was recently upheld by a federal appeals court and he is expected to miss the first four games of the regular season.

Our View: It's time to plan on the Patriots not having Brady for the first four games, although he'll likely exhaust every legal avenue he has to avoid it.
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Patriots | Tom Brady not accepting ruling (Mon Apr 25, 04:37 PM) - New England Patriots QB Tom Brady will not yet accept the court ruling of his four-game suspension, according to sources. He is mulling options with his legal team.

Our View: Of course he is. An appeal of this decision may not result in a positive outcome for Brady. We just want this whole DeflateGate thing to go away. It's the week of the draft, and we're still dealing with something that allegedly happened in the 2014 playoffs! Ah, the wheels of justice.
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Patriots | Tom Brady's appeal chances not good (Mon Apr 25, 01:43 PM) - New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's chances of winning an appeal after his four-game suspension was reinstated are not good, according to director of Tulane Sports Law Program Gabe Feldman. 'But Tom Brady's next step is to make an en banc appeal to ask the entire second circuit to hear that -- those are very rarely granted. And even more rare is the Supreme Court to hear this case. So Tom Brady is almost out of chances. I think any chance he has left is very slim,' Feldman said.

Our View: Ugh, let's get DeflateGate over with please. Brady has a right to appeal, but it seems like that would not result in the outcome he wants.
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Patriots | Tom Brady's suspension restored (Mon Apr 25, 11:54 AM) - New England Patriots QB Tom Brady had his four-game suspension from last season reinstated by a U.S. Appeals court Monday, April 25.

Our View: This is not entirely unexpected. Now, the team will use backup Jimmy Garoppolo in their first four games against the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans, and Bills. Brady is eligible to return for the Patriots Week 5 contest against the Browns. The future Hall of Fame quarterback will be allowed to be with the team during training camp and the preseason.
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