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WR Davante Adams - Green Bay Packers

6-1, 212Born: 12-24-1992College: Fresno StateDrafted: Round 2

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Week 21: bye week

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Recent Stats and Projections

17 at DET 70 0 0 0 9 6 31 2 0 15.1
18 vs NYG 70 0 0 0 12 8 125 1 0 18.5
19 at DAL 0 0 0 0 10 5 76 0 0 7.6
20 at ATL 0 0 0 0 3 3 16 1 0 7.6

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 20 vs ATL (3 / 3 / 16 / 1 rec)

Despite a late and irrelevant touchdown, Adams was widely shut down on Sunday. He did catch all his targets, including a touchdown, but after his first catch in the first quarter, he was unable to get open enough for Aaron Rodgers to get him the ball, while Rodgers was also unable to get enough time to let him get open.

2016 Week 19 vs DAL (10 / 5 / 76 / 0 rec)

The second-most targeted player next to Jared Cook, Adams had a good day which could have been even better if he hadn't been forced out on the one yard line on a 10-yard gain in the second quarter. On the play, Adams ran a short out route, and caught the ball out in the flat. He made a defender miss, but was hit just enough to be propelled towards the sideline. He reached out for the pylon, but the heel of his foot stepped out of bounds just before the ball crossed the plane. Adams also had a nice catch down field in the first quarter where he juked a defender to get open and then caught the ball in stride. Overall, Adams had a few missed opportunities, but continues to improve his consistency and skills, becoming a big asset to the passing offense.

2016 Week 18 vs NYG (12 / 8 / 125 / 1 rec)

Adams didn't see a target until the first play of the second quarter, but shortly thereafter Jordy Nelson went down with a rib injury and Adams had to step up--which he did. Adams put in work, making big plays throughout the rest of the game, including the first touchdown of the game for the Packers. It was the pass he caught two plays before it which might be the bigger play, though, as it was longer than the grand total of the yards the Packers had managed through the air previous to that pass and it seemed to juice the Green Bay offense. On the play, Adams lined up wide right, and looked like he was going to get double covered with safety Leon Hall coming over the top. Right before the play, Hall drifted towards the middle of the field instead, leaving Adams in single coverage. Adams easily beat corner Eli Apple for a critical 31-yard play. Not long after, Rodgers was scrambling and looking for a receiver in the end zone. Adams was being contained by his defender--almost standing still--but when he saw Rodgers step up towards the line of scrimmage, he shoved past the cornerback to get outside, where Rodgers delivered a perfect throw.

2016 Week 17 vs DET (9 / 6 / 31 / 2 rec)

With the Lions sitting on Jordy Nelson, the Packers needed Adams to step up and he did. It took a little time, though, and he had just one catch on three targets in the first half. He caught all but one of his second half targets though, including his third quarter touchdown pass. On that play, Jordy Nelson ran an underneath route to the outside, which delayed the coverage on Adams, who was running a post. He was wide open for the score.

2016 Week 16 vs MIN (7 / 4 / 44 / 1 rec)

Adams has been a bit of a "good news/bad news" guy the last few weeks. The good news is he caught his fourth touchdown in five weeks. The bad news is he had yet another big drop in the end zone. On that play, Aaron Rodgers threw a beautiful ball over two defenders and Adams extended his body and got his hands on it. He then bobbled it and dropped it to the turf. What causes people to pull their hair out about Adams is that he can do something like that and yet also make catches like the one he did to score his touchdown in the first quarter. On that play, a 20-yard score, Adams did a great job on his route, pushing his defender inside, and then leaving him behind with a nice cut before Rodgers delivered a perfect pass. Adams is capable of tremendous football, but also seems to be unable to get rid of his ongoing case of drops.

2016 Week 15 vs CHI (6 / 2 / 25 / 0 rec)

After weeks where the Packers receiver looked as if he had finally gotten rid of the hand yips which had made him drop so many passes in the past, Adams was back to missing out on big plays because of them. He had two huge drops in the end zone on Sunday. On the first he ran down the sideline and was open in the end zone. Aaron Rodgers dropped a perfect pass in front of him, hitting Adams in the hands. The ball bounced off those hands, though, and hit the turf. A quarter later, the Packers were first and goal from the 16 yard line after a penalty and Adams found himself even more wide open down the sideline in the end zone. The throw wasn't quite as perfectly placed, but it again hit him in the hands and subsequently also hit the turf. One hopes that this isn't the start of a trend and just a minor setback in what has been an exceptionally solid season for Adams.

2016 Week 14 vs SEA (6 / 4 / 104 / 1 rec)

Adams has really become a great asset to this offense, especially as a vertical threat. While still plagued by the occasional drop, Adams has become much more reliable and consistent, and as a result his role in the offense has ballooned. Adams was always talented, he just rarely seemed to be able to show it consistently. Adams scored in his very first target of the day, a 66-yard score down the sideline early in the first quarter. He had run right past the coverage, and had a step on cornerback Jeremy Lane, who subsequently fell as he tried to recover and make the tackle. Adams easily cruised in for the score. Adams again got a little distance on his defender on his next catch, a 26-yard throw down the opposite sideline in the second quarter. Adams was targeted on long passes two more times, once when he was overthrown by Aaron Rodgers and a second time in the end zone when backup Brett Hundley overthrew him--though in Hundley's defense he didn't have much room to work with on the sideline.

2016 Week 13 vs HOU (7 / 1 / 17 / 0 rec)

Adams biggest play (and only catch) could have had a bigger impact, but he stepped out of bounds before running for another 30 or so yards. Instead, he just had a 17-yard gain. He had multiple other chances to catch the ball, but he and Aaron Rodgers didn't seem to be on the same page. Many of the other targets were just off the mark, though Adams also couldn't hang on to a couple which were good passes.

2016 Week 12 vs PHI (6 / 5 / 113 / 2 rec)

Adams kicked things off with a bang, scoring a touchdown on his very first target--a 12-yard slant into the end zone with 10 minutes left in the first quarter. He repeated the feat on his second target, this time making a brilliant catch in the end zone on a 20 yard score. On that play, Aaron Rodgers was a bit lucky that the defensive back couldn't quite track the ball, and it sailed through his arms to Adams, who showed great focus in hauling in the ball. He kept things rolling with a great over the shoulder catch for a 50 yard completion with his third reception in the third quarter. His fourth catch was for a critical first down and featured Adams wide open on a slant. He then zigged and zagged his way around defenders to within the five yard line before the Eagles took him down. Adams has become a very reliable for his quarterback, a massive improvement from earlier in the season.

2016 Week 11 vs WAS (6 / 3 / 42 / 0 rec)

Adams had a bad game, failing to gain any separation from the defenders and even when he made a catch, the defense was there to immediately take him down. The one exception was his last catch of the game when he found himself wide open ten yards downfield, made an easy catch and then ran for another 27 yards.

2016 Week 10 vs TEN (9 / 6 / 156 / 0 rec)

Adams has begun to become more consistent and reliable and so Aaron Rodgers is leaning on him more as the season goes on. Adams had a solid day, with a career high in yards, but did most of his damage in the second quarter when the game was well out of hand and the Titans began playing much looser coverage. Adams' biggest play was a 46-yard reception where the coverage overran him and left him wide open. Adams then cut inside towards the middle of the field before getting brought down at the Titans' 40 yard line. That was followed up by a 38-yard grab on a deep crossing route where the defenders gave Adams too much room. Adams then meandered his way for an extra 20 yards after the catch. As with his other big plays, the defense was in more of a prevent look and it left a lot of room for him to get open for his quarterback.

2016 Week 9 vs IND (8 / 4 / 41 / 1 rec)

It was a rough first half for Adams, as both catches he made totaled -3 yards. Both were screen passes which the Colts sniffed out immediately and in one case took Adams down for negative yards. Adams didn't see another target until the third quarter. It didn't get a lot better in the early parts of the second half either as he was the target of an interception in the third quarter. On the play, Adams was running a post route and appeared to be open, but Aaron Rodgers didn't see the safety lurking in the middle of the field and when he threw the ball, the safety stepped in front of Adams for the pick. Adams finally had a few positive plays in the fourth quarter, one when a cornerback fell and Adams was wide open for a pass which he took for a total of 40 yards. The other was his touchdown, which he caught when getting good inside position on a slant route into the end zone.

2016 Week 8 vs ATL (14 / 12 / 74 / 0 rec)

With Randall Cobb and Ty Montgomery out, Adams had another big game. That's also two weeks in a row where Adams was consistent with his hands and didn't have any massive drops. While he didn't find the end zone or accrue a massive amount of yards, he has now been targeted 30 times in two games, while catching 25 of those balls. If there is one gripe with Adams on Sunday, it's more with the playcalling than the player, as the Packers really honed in on throwing screens to him. After a while the Falcons had no problem spotting it and hemming Adams in, limiting his impact.

2016 Week 7 vs CHI (16 / 13 / 132 / 2 rec)

Not only was this a career yardage total for Adams, it was the best and most reliable he has ever looked. Along with Randall Cobb, Adams was tough for the Bears to stop, especially in the first half when they accounted for 104 of Aaron Rodgers' 150 passing yards. Adams had one really nice touchdown and one which was pure luck. On the former, Adams ran a corner route in the red zone, but Rodgers underthrew the ball a little and the receiver had to reach back and across the defender to haul it in for the score. On the second touchdown, the Packers were on the Chicago four yard line and Adams lined up at the X spot, with Ty Montgomery in the Y spot next to him. The two crossed paths, with Montgomery running to the goal line pylon and Adams heading towards the goal post and for some reason both Bears defenders remained with Montgomery, leaving Adams wide open.

2016 Week 6 vs DAL (3 / 2 / 34 / 0 rec)

Adams left the game early with a head injury after a big shot by a defender, but prior to that it was the same old Adams--a nice catch followed by a brutal drop. His inconsistency certainly isn't enhancing the passing offense.

2016 Week 5 vs NYG (8 / 5 / 85 / 1 rec)

Davante Adams had a very good day on Sunday, as he was one of the beneficiaries of some decent downfield coverage, as quarterback Aaron Rodgers was forced to throw shorter passes. Adams did a good job of creating separation on his routes and made a nice grab on his 29-yard touchdown. On the play, Adams ran down the sideline on a "fly" route. He was actually pretty well covered but the defender didn't turn his head to track the ball and Rodgers dropped a perfect pass into Adams' arms. Adams was unfortunately the target on Rodgers' second interception, an underthrown ball which the defender jumped in front of. On the play Adams was trying to circle back and give the scrambling Rodgers as target and it's unclear if Rodgers was trying to actually get the ball to him and underthrew it or trying to throw it away and didn't do that right. Adams couldn't prevent the play though, and the ball was picked off.

2016 Week 3 vs DET (2 / 2 / 23 / 1 rec)

Adams was all about quality over quantity on Sunday as he only had a pair of catches, but scored on one. On the play, a 3rd and 7 from the Lions' 14 yard line, Aaron Rodgers used the hard count to bait Detroit into showing where the pressure was coming from, then immediately hit Adams on a slant in the wide open middle of the field. Adams turned upfield and then ran over safety Grover Quin on the way to a score.

2016 Week 2 vs MIN (7 / 3 / 26 / 0 rec)

The Packers and head coach Mike McCarthy really want to make Davante Adams happen, but his inconsistency is making that hard to happen--and also making a case that they should stop. Moments after his first catch, Adams was stripped of the ball and only a fantastic play by Randall Cobb to regain the ball saved the Packers from having the Vikings on their 10 yard line. Later on, Adams would make a big catch on a Hail Mary play, but draw a flag for offensive pass interference. He then let corner Terrance Newman get inside of him on a route, almost picking the ball off. Finally, Adams was the target on Aaron Rodgers' game ending interception. Rodgers threw it a little short of the mark, but Adams didn't attack the ball in the air, jumping backwards to try and make the catch. Instead, cornerback Trae Waynes jumped in front of him and made the interception to end the game. Overall, Adams is a mess right now and it's shocking they have him as involved as he is.

2016 Week 1 vs JAX (7 / 3 / 50 / 1 rec)

Adams continues to be a bafflingly inconsistent player. He can make a beautiful catch, as he did on Aaron Rodgers' 29-yard pass to end the first half. Adams got the inside position on the defensive back, and Rodgers threaded a perfect pass where only Adams could get to it. Adams extended himself and caught the ball as he fell into the end zone. He can also drop beautifully thrown ball as he did in the first half and occasionally is not where Rodgers needs him to be, which also happened more than once. Adams has flashed great ability, but cannot seem to do so for the entirety of a game.


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