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WR Jarius Wright, Carolina Panthers

HT: 5-10, WT: 182, Born: 11-25-1989, College: Arkansas, Drafted: Round 4

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David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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0 0.0 37 0.1

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2014 Schedule

1at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2 Detroit Lions
3 Pittsburgh Steelers
4at Baltimore Ravens
5 Chicago Bears
6at Cincinnati Bengals
7at Green Bay Packers
8 Seattle Seahawks
9 New Orleans Saints
10at Philadelphia Eagles
11 Atlanta Falcons
Bye week
13at Minnesota Vikings
14at New Orleans Saints
15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
16 Cleveland Browns
17at Atlanta Falcons
18 Arizona Cardinals
19at Seattle Seahawks

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Wright didn't get much work, relegated to fourth fiddle behind Jerome Simpson, Greg Jennings and tight end Kyle Rudolph, many of which also had quiet days. Wright didn't have much luck getting open and was the target of a pass which was behind him and should have been picked off as well. Wright showed some skill and ability last season, but it's hard to see him getting a lot of snaps, especially as rookie Cordarrelle Patterson gets healthy and up to speed.

Week 2 - Only targeted twice, the play that will stand out for most is the fumble in the third quarter which was ultimately overturned by replay. Jarius Wright ran a short slant and quarterback Christian Ponder hit him with a perfect pass. Wright was immediately hit and the ball came out. While originally ruled a fumble, Wright never had possession and the Vikings dodged a bullet. However as lucky as they were, Wright has to make that catch, which would have given the team first-and-goal and positioned them for a touchdown rather than settle for a field goal. That, in turn, could have made a huge difference in whether the Vikings won the game, as the Bears would have needed more than a field goal to win.

Week 3 - Jarius Wright’s first catch could have and should have been a much bigger play. Wright was wide open on a crossing route but Ponder’s throw was slow and high. Instead of hitting Wright in stride, which would have allowed for a chance to turn the ball upfield for more yards, the throw forced the receiver to slow down and leap up, extending his body to catch the ball. As a result the play went “just” 20 yards instead of potentially all the way to the end zone.

Week 4 - Wright had just the one catch, on a short out which gave him some room to add another three or four yards to the play. Other than that, Wright was on the field just 20 more snaps and Cassel just rarely looked his way.

Week 6 - Wright was targeted on just a pair of short passes, the second of which was so low that it required him to get down on his knees to make the catch. He did make a heads up play on an Adrian Peterson fumble late in the second quarter. On the play, Wright was blocking on the play when the Panthers stripped the running back of the ball. It looked as though Panther cornerback Captain Munnerlyn had the ball, but Wright must have ripped it from his hands as he ended up with it in the end.

Week 7 - While there were a ton of passes to go around, Jarius Wright had little success in catching the ones thrown his way. As was the case across the board for the Vikings, a lot of his targets were just plain off, but Wright also hasn’t appeared to add much sharpness to his game skills and his role in this offense given the talent ahead of him right now is pretty limited.

Week 9 - As was the case with most of the Vikings receivers, Jarius Wright saw most of his targets on shorter passes. The only true deep ball he saw was at the end of the game which fell about five yards short of where Wright was standing in the end zone. For the most part though, Wright did a nice job catching his targets even when a defender was draped on him. He did show off some speed on a short screen where he had a ten yard cushion. There was nobody near him and whether that was by design or a blown assignment was unclear. Wright dialed up the speed and closed the ten yards quickly, plowing past the first defender for another yard as well.

Week 10 - Second-year receiver Jarius Wright saw very little action on Thursday and all of it came in the second half of the game. Wright had one big play in the third quarter, a 28-yard completion down the sideline. On the play, quarterback Christian Ponder was flushed from the pocket and scrambled to his right. Ponder kept his eyes downfield, looking for a receiver to throw the ball to and saw Wright literally jumping up and down trying to get Ponder’s attention. Wright had been released by the corner who stepped up to help contain Ponder when the quarterback scrambled. However, both Washington safeties were too deep and so Wright was completely open. Ponder got the ball there, albeit slow enough for the safety to have reached Wright, so he got minimal yards after the catch. Wright was able to drag two defenders an extra couple of yards.

Week 11 - With Greg Jennings out, Jarius Wright became the important target among the receivers, scoring a touchdown with each of the two quarterbacks who played for the Vikings. On the touchdown for Christian Ponder—a 38-yard pass in the second quarter—Wright ran an “out and up” shaking his coverage and ending up wide open. Ponder threw a rainbow to Wright, who then took it in for a touchdown. Wright’s second touchdown came in “garbage time” with just over two minutes to go in the game. On the play, Wright ran a slant route and found open space behind the linebackers, but in front of the secondary where Matt Cassel hit him in stride for the score.

Week 12 - Wright was targeted just once as rookie Cordarrelle Patterson saw a huge uptick in passes thrown his way this week—at what appears to be Wright’s expense. His one target was on a short “go” route and hit him in the hands, but he was unable to haul the pass in.

Week 13 - After throwing up a donut in Week 12, receiver Jarius Wright had an OK day against the Chicago Bears. He caught all three of his targets, two for significant yards. His first reception was a 24-yard reception on a “go” route down the left side of the field. Wright slowed and paused for a moment in his route to catch the ball and added a few more yards before defenders brought him down. Wright also had a huge catch along the right sideline with 36 seconds left in the game. The Vikings were trailing by a field goal and were driving down the field. With just one timeout left and with 33 yards to go, Wright found an open space between the cornerback and the safety. Cassel threw a quick strike to Wright, but the ball was a bit low and behind the receiver. Wright caught the ball as he fell to the ground, sliding out of bounds as he did so. The play was reviewed and clearly showed Wright had control of the ball and was in bounds when he made the catch.

Week 14 - Despite quarterback Matt Cassel throwing the ball 38 times, Wright only saw one target. Especially with the emergence of rookie Cordarrelle Patterson, Wright just isn’t very high in the pecking order. On his catch, the defensive back was careful to give him a lot of cushion so that he wouldn’t slip when trying to tackle Wright. So Wright had an easy and uncontested route and an easy catch just at the first down marker.

Week 15 - It was a very productive day for Jarius Wright, who caught almost everything thrown his way. The only ball he didn’t catch was a badly thrown pass which was tipped and then picked off. For the most part though, Wright did an excellent job gaining separation from the defenders. On three of his catches, Wright was wide open, with no defender closer than five yards. On his other catch—a 42-yard reception in the third quarter—Wright was pretty well covered. The pass from Matt Cassel wasn’t incredibly well placed—Wright had to slow a bit and instead of being led by the pass, he had to reach up and slightly behind him. Roc Carmicheal, the Eagles cornerback on the play, got a hand on the ball too. But Wright hung on and kept control of the ball as he fell to the turf and skidded out of bounds. Overall Wright did a great job on Sunday and it was one of his better days as an NFL pro.

Week 16 - Wright’s touchdown came on a brilliant double-move which totally left cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick in the dust and Wright wide open. Quarterback Matt Cassel underthrew the ball a bit, causing Wright to slow down but the receiver easily scored anyway. Wright’s second target was a wildly overthrown pass. Perhaps Wright wasn’t where he was supposed to be, but it’s impossible to know for sure.

Week 17 - It looks like Jarius Wright is the odd man out when it comes to a role. Cordarrelle Patterson is the home-run hitter, while Greg Jennings is the reliable playmaker. Wright is a solid receiver but isn’t bringing much to the table that anyone else on the team brings. That said, he has filled in well over the past two years and could develop into a decent possession receiver. On both of his catches Sunday, Wright did a good job of pushing the defense back, then stepping backwards to create separation in order to catch the ball cleanly. He also made a defender miss with a beautiful cut in the second quarter, enabling him to gain a first down. Still, Wright’s role will probably be limited by the players around him.