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WR Griff Whalen, Oakland Raiders

HT: 5-11, WT: 185, Born: 3-1-1990, College: Stanford, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

Jason Wood16.

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99 0.0 119 0.2

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2014 Schedule

1at New York Jets
2 Houston Texans
3at New England Patriots
4 Miami Dolphins
Bye week
6 San Diego Chargers
7 Arizona Cardinals
8at Cleveland Browns
9at Seattle Seahawks
10 Denver Broncos
11at San Diego Chargers
12 Kansas City Chiefs
13at St. Louis Rams
14 San Francisco 49ers
15at Kansas City Chiefs
16 Buffalo Bills
17at Denver Broncos

2013 Game Summaries

Week 9 - Luck's security blanket in college, Whalen was put in positions to be that slot guy in this game, he just couldn't take advantage of the opportunity. Being second on the team in targets this game, Whalen only caught three of the nine, dropping what seemed like more than he caught. However someone else is going to have to step up and be a receiver on this team, the staff likes him and you know Luck does- Whalen could see himself continue to get the looks in the slot that he did this game.

Week 10 - Playing the slot role, Whalen had 5 targets on the day, bringing in 3 of them, as he was Luck's last option when the other reads went cold. Getting (basically) just as many looks as the 2-wide Heyward-Bey shows that there is room for Whalen to get some recognition in this offense, however him just being an under/slot man really limits his game when it comes down to it. One of Luck's three INTs went the way of Whalen, as he is a shorter WR, the ball was thrown over his head, resulting in the pick.

Week 15 - Catching 4 of his 5 targets, Whalen definitely made the most of his afternoon- clearly having a repertoire with Luck dating back to college, they were on the same page the whole time; so much so that Luck hooked up with him for the first TD of the game- a 16 yard in route that had Whalen wide-open when it was thrown to him. Whalen was originally cut because he wasn't effective when given the chance, but maybe this second chance with can turn into something as they are needing a sure-handed slot man that Luck can rely on.

Week 16 - Luck leaned on Whalen for what seemed like every third down conversion as it felt like every pass on the down went in his directions. Whalen, leading the team in both catches and targets, was about as sure-handed as he could be catching every pass he physically was capable of. Coverage was tight on Whalen all afternoon but it didn't matter as Luck was pinpoint accurate, fitting the ball where it needed to be. Whether it's from their chemistry back at Stanford or something they've developed being teammates in Indy, whatever the case may be Whalen has earned his spot in the Colts three-receiver sets and it seems as if Luck has no problem getting Whalen the ball when a play needs to be made.

Week 17 - Second on the team in targets and catches, Whalen has Luckís confidence and because of that heís coming up with the catches. Plugged in when the Colts were desperate for a wide out, Whalen has held up rather nicely as Luck is finding him on short, chain moving routes. He also caught Luckís lone TD pass in this one- a 7 yard slant route down inside the 10 where he made his cut and was tackled into the end zone. Heís not a gamechanger however Luck has turned him into a formidable weapon for this offense- an offense who was in dire need of some sort of boost from the WR core.

Week 19 - The connection he has with Luck continues to show as Whalen always seemed to find himself open when Luck needed a receiver to make a play. Catching five of his seven targets, Whalen had a few crucial third down converting catches- and as Andrew Luckís slot man, thatís your job. Whalen was signed just to be demoted just to be signed again with Indy, and as the season progressed it was evident Luck was a more comfortable QB when he had Whalen on the field as an option. Indy has Wayne returning next year and with DHB out of the picture, Whalen should be on Indyís team for the long haul now.