QB Case Keenum, Washington Redskins

HT: 6-0, WT: 208, Born: 2-17-1988, College: Houston, Drafted: ---

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2014 Schedule

1at Houston Texans
2 Jacksonville Jaguars
3at Philadelphia Eagles
4 New York Giants
5 Seattle Seahawks
6at Arizona Cardinals
7 Tennessee Titans
8at Dallas Cowboys
9at Minnesota Vikings
Bye week
11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12at San Francisco 49ers
13at Indianapolis Colts
14 St. Louis Rams
15at New York Giants
16 Philadelphia Eagles
17 Dallas Cowboys

2013 Game Summaries

Week 7 - Keenum was eased into the game. His first pass was a screen pass and his second came on play-action. However, his second should have gone for a touchdown. Keenum ran into the flat, before setting his feet despite having a defender in the vicinity to throw the ball back across the field. Garrett Graham was wide open, but he dropped the pass as he misjudged the flight of the football. Keenum begun the game with confidence and made a few accurate throws on time. He didn't have to wait long for his first touchdown pass, as he threw a perfect pass down the sideline to DeAndre Hopkins for an easy reception in the end zone. Keenum almost had another touchdown pass to Hopkins in the third quarter, but the receiver couldn't make a difficult catch. On the very next play, he extended the play with his feet before finding Andre Johnson deepd own the field. While it's too easy of a comparison because both are undrafted quarterbacks, Keenum looked like Tony Romo at times during this game with his mobility and throwing style. Maybe Keenum's most impressive play wasn't his most impressive throw. When backed up in their own end zone in the fourth quarter, Keenum showed excellent poise before finding an open DeAndre Hopkins down the left sideline for a big gain. Keenum played very well considering the circumstances, but in the second half he didn't show the pocket awareness to avoid crucial fumbles and sacks. He needs to learn and grow, but he showed that he has the talent to be a quality quarterback in this league.

Week 9 - Keenum's first pass was dropped by Arian Foster, but his second wasn't. He rolled out to one side of the field on a hard bootleg, before working back to the other side to find DeVier Posey for a first down. On the very next play, Keenum found Andre Johnson on a double move for a huge touchdown. The Texans went away from Keenum after that as they focused on Ben Tate, but two passes later he found Johnson again for a touchdown. Keenum threw the ball up for Johnson to go and win it over Antonie Bethea. He did well to get it there, but realistically he just threw it up and hoped. Within two minutes of the first half, Keenum found Johnson down the sideline before scrambling for a big gain on third down. He then threw a fade route to Johnson who took the ball away from the defensive back for a touchdown. Keenum again was very impressive, but he had a number of plays that showed off his inexperience. None were major, but he did leave the pocket too early more than a few times. His ability to throw accurately on the run and down the field should be the overwhelming takeaway from this game however.

Week 10 - Keenum was too relaxed on the very first play of the game when he was stripped from behind to allow the Cardinals to score a touchdown. The young quarterback's second play was worse, as he should have been intercepted as he floated a pass into double coverage underneath. After that worrisome first attempt, Keenum settled down and made a few quality throws to lead a touchdown drive midway through the first quarter. He capped that drive off with a touchdown pass to Andre Johnson in the corner of the end zone. Keenum threw some very accurate passes as the second half went on, with one in particular to Andre Johnson down the sideline that the receiver couldn't coral. That throw came two plays before he got very lucky however, as he threw the ball straight to a linebacker who tipped it into the air for DeAndre Hopkins to catch. Keenum should have been intercepted. In the third quarter, Keenum was nearly picked off again as he forced a check down pass to Ben Tate in the flat. Johnson's second touchdown reception was much more a result of Patrick Peterson's tip than any accuracy from Keenum. Peterson had good coverage on the fade route, but tipped the ball into the air for Johnson to snatch as he fell out of bounds. There is no real base to the idea that Keenum is a good first half quarterback and a bad second half quarterback, he struggled throughout this game but had two drives in the second half destroyed by terrible offensive line play. This was clearly Keenum's worst game of the season so far. When he did pull the trigger and push the ball down field, his passes were not even close more often than not.

Week 11 - Keenum started the game with some crisp throws before he was intercepted on the Texans' third drive of the game. Backed up in their own end zone, the young quarterback held onto the ball too long and didn't feel the backside pressure as he forced a pass over the middle of the field. Keenum rebounded immediately as he evaded a defender in the backfield and found Garrett Graham for a big play down the sideline. Early in the second quarter, Keenum threw a strike to Andre Johnson between two defenders before evading Lamar Houston in the backfield to throw another perfect deep pass to Garrett Graham for a huge touchdown. Inexplicably, Keenum was replaced by Matt Schaub late in the third quarter. He wasn't playing incredible football, but he wasn't the reason the team as a whole was struggling either.

Week 12 - Keenum really struggled in the first quarter. He showed poor pocket presence against a blitz for a huge sack, before missing a wide open Andre Johnson on a curl route. Both of those plays ended drives. The first half provided multiple examples of Keenum's inability to handle any kind of blitz or pressure effectively. While it's impossible to know just from the tape, Keenum looked a little lifeless compared to his previous performances this season. His benching the previous week may have affected his confidence. Keenum came out with a statement throw to start the third quarter, as he found Garrett Graham down the field, but little improved as his lack of accuracy dominated his play. He should have been intercepted by Jonathan Cyprien late in the fourth quarter. Although the interception wasn't his fault on the final drive of the game, Keenum has to play better than this if he is to stave off any temptation that Gary Kubiak has to bring back Matt Schaub.

Week 13 - Keenum had a few errant throws early in the game, but for the most part he showed marked improvement in his decision-making and accuracy during the first half. He was intercepted in the second quarter, as he stepped up too far in the pocket and forced a throw across his body. Keenum focused a lot of his passes on Andre Johnson after that point, but he threw the ball accurately and wasn't forcing it to him. In the third quarter, he completed a few passes before taking a designed run into the end zone for a touchdown. Keenum definitely steadied the ship in this game after some very rocky displays as of late, but he also wasn't overwhelmingly impressive. Most of the Texans' success came when they were running the ball and he showed a reliance on Johnson that was reminiscent of Matt Schaub.

Week 14 - Keenum made a very poor start to the game. He couldn't adjust to a blitz early on to kill a drive, before he made a few errant throws underneath on the second drive. He fumbled the ball with the pocket closing in on him to end the second drive. The Texans recovered the fumble, but it was third down so they had to punt regardless. Keenum steadied the ship somewhat during the second quarter. He threw a touchdown pass to Keshawn Martin, but during their final drive of the first half he threw a terrible interception when trying to make a play down the sideline. Keenum looked nervous in the third quarter again, before Matt Schaub came in to take his place under center.

Week 15 - Keenum previously had a huge game against the Colts. That was just his second start when he was still playing with reckless abandon. Since then, his confidence has wilted and it showed. He wasn't pushing the ball downfield like he did in their first meeting and his first interception came on a check down into the flat. Andre Johnson probably could have prevented the turnover, but Keenum shouldn't have thrown it to him. In the second quarter, Keenum threw his second interception and he had only himself to blame. He began to push the ball down the field more in the second quarter, but before he could get into a rhythm he threw the ball straight to a Colts safety over the middle of the field. At the beginning of the third quarter, he made another bad throw that should have been intercepted for a touchdown. Keenum was showing off all the negative traits of his play, which made this game a stark contrast to their last meeting. Based on how he hasn't learned from his mistakes this year and how quickly his confidence has abandoned him, Keenum will be fortunate to be a backup in this league.