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Preseason projections for a standard league

Projections for: Projector: Scoring System:

1Aaron Rodgers GB/73515.6364.0554.065.739397.1131.210.359.03072.0354.15
2Cam Newton CAR/42915.5301.0509.059.134516.7823.315.0124.05875.1340.05
3Tom Brady NE/114115.6377.0557.067.743227.7630.57.327.0380.9340.00
4Russell Wilson SEA/73015.6328.0525.062.537647.1725.211.789.04512.9339.80
5Deshaun Watson HOU/102315.2309.0494.062.636657.4224.814.772.04473.9335.85

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