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Jeff Fisher - - Free agent


HOU1995Head Coach21.82162323326446.268322714
HOU1996Head Coach21.62303172788750.664251819
TEN1997Head Coach20.825226819811556.469231932
TEN1998Head Coach20.625923524715147.184151434
TEN1999Head Coach24.528630527013946.483181828
TEN2000Head Coach21.621333425511554.387261225
TEN2001Head Coach21.029221635113247.770322425
TEN2002Head Coach22.92563283067250.569281515
TEN2003Head Coach27.230622244410149.467312117
TEN2004Head Coach21.525129439410141.754342918
TEN2005Head Coach18.722724824218440.16420837
TEN2006Head Coach20.32212342389151.073261824
TEN2007Head Coach18.81822912716753.856262318
TEN2008Head Coach23.415841620810152.850271427
TEN2009Head Coach22.12063962518651.288232221
TEN2010Head Coach22.321028330512246.182282226
STL2012Head Coach18.72252313649642.569201719
STL2013Head Coach21.821024128317145.766141436
STL2014Head Coach20.323026030114940.747191130
LA2015Head Coach17.51472662798747.871252225
LA2016Head Coach14.01691853127641.385311818

Defense / Special Teams

PHI1990Def Coord4-318.7
LAN1991Def Coord4-324.4
HOU1994Def Coord4-322.0
HOU1995Head Coach4-320.3
HOU1996Head Coach4-319.9
TEN1997Head Coach4-319.4
TEN1998Head Coach4-320.0
TEN1999Head Coach4-320.3
TEN2000Head Coach4-311.9
TEN2001Head Coach4-324.3344.824311194
TEN2002Head Coach4-320.3310.2294040111
TEN2003Head Coach4-320.3306.1343951126
TEN2004Head Coach4-327.4357.730322093
TEN2005Head Coach4-326.3319.320414199
TEN2006Head Coach4-325.0369.628275398
TEN2007Head Coach4-318.6291.5343920133
TEN2008Head Coach4-314.6293.6314430127
TEN2009Head Coach4-325.1365.6273240118
TEN2010Head Coach4-321.2367.6254012110
STL2012Head Coach4-321.8342.621515095
STL2013Head Coach4-322.8345295351112
STL2014Head Coach4-322.1351.4254132106
LA2015Head Coach4-320.6367.826413190
LA2016Head Coach4-324.633718311080

Offensive Categories

PPG = points per game scored by the team as a whole
QB = total fantasy points scored by the QBs on the team
RB = total fantasy points scored by the RBs on the team
WR = total fantasy points scored by the WRs on the team
TE = total fantasy points scored by the TEs on the team
R/P = percentage of the team's plays that were rushing plays
RB1% = percentage of the team's RB fantasy points that went to RB1
WR1% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR1
WR2% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR2
TE% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to the TE position

Defensive Categories

PPG = points allowed per game by the team
YPG = total yards allowed per game by the team
TO = turnovers forced by the team
SACK = sacks by the team
DefTD = interception/fumble return TDs by the team
RetTD = kick/punt return TDs by the team
PK = points scored by the team's kickers