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Spotlight: Tom Brady

posted by Chris Smith on Jul 22nd

Chris Smith's thoughts

Last season, Tom Brady put up one of the most impressive seasons of any quarterback in the history of the NFL. Is that a big statement? You bet it is, but when breaking down the statistics, it is hard to remember a quarterback who put together a more perfect season.

Check these statistics out!

  • 65.9% completion percentage
  • 3,900 yards passing
  • 36 passing touchdowns
  • 4 interceptions (1 interception every 123 passing attempts)

Sure other quarterbacks have thrown for more yards, tossed more touchdowns and had a better completion percentage but what Tom Brady managed to do last season was in a word, "Incredible."

As impressive as those passing numbers were last year, it is even more impressive to see what he has accomplished over a larger scale. Over the past three full seasons (scrapping the 2008 campaign in which he was injured Week One), Brady has put up some staggering stats:

  • 1093 completions
  • 1635 passing attempts
  • 66.9% completion percentage
  • 104 passing touchdowns
  • 25 interceptions
  • 13,104 passing yards
  • 8.0 YPA

Those numbers above are truly spectacular. Several years back the debate between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady was in regards to Manning putting up monster numbers when compared to Tom Brady who was considered the epitome of a 'winner'. Brady in many circles was considered the better quarterback even though his numbers paled in comparison to his rival Manning's stats. However in the past three years, Brady has begun to put up the type of statistics that truly rival anybody who has ever played the game. The touchdown to interception ratio (104 to 25) is special and he has averaged 4,335 passing yards per season over that span. He has become an ICON in every sense of the word.

So sure, we all know that Tom Brady is one of the greatest to ever have lined up behind center. He is a guaranteed Hall of Famer and will be remembered for all time. However he will be turning 34 years old this season and Father Time catches up to all players eventually. Will this be the year that Brady slows down and fails to put up 'Superman' like numbers or is there another couple of seasons of elite quarterbacking in him? That is the million dollar question.

Brady is not ready to slow down yet and here's why

He fits the Patriots system perfectly and has the ability to spread the ball around to his various receivers no matter who shares the field with him.

Sure Brady may not be as agile as he once was but at the quarterback position, without question experience trumps that in spades. It is truly remarkable how his statistics have continued to improve over his career, prove that hard work and determination does indeed pay off.

Despite the amazing success over the last several seasons, the fact is the Patriots have failed to win a Super Bowl since 2004. This will drive the team to be better than ever this season and it all starts with Brady.


  • Perfect blend of skills, experience, leadership and hard work
  • Team committed to excellence and returning to glory
  • Doesn't lock on to a receiver, spreads the ball around well


  • At 34 years old, Father Time is drawing nearer to Brady
  • Lack of elite receiver does hurt this squad
  • Entire team overachieved somewhat last year and could struggle to continue that level of play in 2011. Of course that may be wishful thinking from a Dolphins fan as well

Final thoughts

What can you say about Brady that hasn't already been said? He is a perennial Pro Bowler, a Super Champ multiple times over, was part of a 16-0 regular season team for the first time ever, has put up staggering offensive numbers, is a sure fire Hall of Famer and folks, he isn't done yet. I see no reason not to have him up near the top of your cheat sheet at the quarterback position. He will have another stellar campaign in 2011.

Quotations from the message board thread

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bostonfred said:

Tom Brady is coming off an MVP season. The Patriots should have an improved WR corps this year, with Branch getting a full(ish) year in the offense, Welker being a year removed from injury, and links to a number of veteran WRs including Ocho, who could very easily pull a Corey Dillon if he moved from Cinci to New England. They have Woodhead, an apparently healthy Faulk, and added a good pass catching RB in the draft. They have two young stud TEs. They pass the ball well inside the red zone. Brady just set the interception record. The X factor is really just the offensive line. And it's non-trivial.

baconisgood said:

I would take Brady over Manning who is coming off another neck surgery but not Brees who's lowest yardage total in 5 years with the Saints is 4388 and that yardage will always be > 4k in this system while Belicheck and Brady have always been willing to run the football a lot more. Skipping the injury year in Brady's past 4 seasons the Pats have had between 450-500 rushing attempts each season while the Saints have been under 400 attempts 3 times in the past 5 years. This makes Brees a much safer pick and he has the skills to be the #1 fantasy QB in any year.

drater said:

OK, I went and did it to see if my theory that Brady was top tier QB since 2007 held true. I threw out the injury shortened 2008 season and to make it fair for the other 3 (I didn't do Vick because statistics be damned, he's an elite QB in almost every format out there), I threw out their worst season. For Rodgers and Brees, that was 2007 and for Manning it was 2008.

Rodgers and Brees got 47 games in this window, Brady and Manning 48 each.

Based on 1/25 and 1/10 with 4 for Passing TD/6 per Rushing TD and -2 per INT:

Brady 970.36/48 games = 22.22 ppg
Rodgers 943.66/47 games = 20.08 ppg
Brees 881.98/47 games = 18.76 ppg
Manning 843.6/48 games = 17.58 ppg

Based on 1/25 and 1/10 with 6 for all TDs and -2 per INT:

Brady 1198.36/48 games = 24.96 ppg
Rodgers 1115.66/47 games = 23.73 ppg
Brees 1083.98/47 games = 23.06 ppg
Manning 1037.6/48 games = 21.62 ppg

Go Blue said:

I think Brady is one of the safest QB's for 2011. He should match last years fantasy production. I'd lump Brady right there with Manning, Rivers, Brees, and even Romo. My top tier is Vick and Rodgers.

Tom Brady projections

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