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PPR Draft List

By David Dodds. Last updated:

Using this ADP data and our top 300 player rankings, I have constructed a Top 300 Draft List that merges the player rankings and ADP according to these rules:

  • If I have a player at 30 and ADP has him at 50, I assign a list_rank value of 40 (30+50)/2
  • If I have a player at 50, and ADP has him at 40, I assign a list_rank value of 50 (my value)
  • I then sort all the list_rank numbers and renumber.

The logic is to never take a player before where you like him. If ADP is way off my liking, the goal is to take the player as late as possible to maximize value.

The red (negative) or green (positive) numbers in parentheses beside the Overall and ADP columns indicate the player's change in rank versus the last version of the Draft List.

In my opinion this is the preferred drafting list (over the Top 300 list) because it properly balances worth with average draft position data.


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