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Player Spotlight: Pierre Garcon

A detailed look at Pierre Garcon's fantasy prospects


  • Garcon should be the 49ers top target in most, if not all, game scripts
  • Kyle Shanahan clearly knows how to leverage veteran receivers
  • The 49ers should be forced into passing a lot as they play from behind


  • Garcon needs a high target share for fantasy relevance; he's below average on a per-touch basis
  • The 49ers quarterback situation is worrisome (Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley)
  • He will be the unquestioned #1, and invite consistent defensive focus unlike his prior situations

Breaking the bank?

This NFL offseason was forecast as a bonanza for wide receivers, thanks to a handful of starting-caliber free agents and significant salary cap space throughout the league. When the dust settled, very few receivers struck paydirt. The tight market made the 49ers' pursuit of Pierre Garcon surprising. San Francisco signed Garcon to a 5-year, $47.5 million contract with $17 million in guarantees. By comparison, Garcon broke the bank compared to his peers:

  • Pierre Garcon, SF -- 5-year, $47.5mm, $17mm guaranteed, $9.5mm average annual value (AAV)
  • Kenny Britt, CLE -- 4-year, $32.5mm, $10.5mm guaranteed, $8.1mm AAV
  • Robert Woods, LAR -- 5-year, $34mm, $15mm guaranteed, $6.8mm AAV
  • Alshon Jeffery, PHI -- 1-year, $9.5mm, $8.8mm guaranteed, $9.5mm AAV
  • Jeremy Maclin, BAL -- 2-year, $11mm, $6mm guaranteed, $5.5mm AAV
  • Terrelle Pryor, WAS -- 1-year, $6mm, $6mm guaranteed, $6mm AAV
  • Brandon Marshall, NYG -- 2-year, $11mm, $5mm guaranteed, $5.5mm AAV
  • Eric Decker, TEN -- 1-year, $4mm, $2.5mm guaranteed, $4mm AAV 
What does that mean? Regardless of what we may think about Garcon versus other available receivers, it's clear the 49ers front office thought of Garcon as an impact player and one of the best options for a rebuilding franchise.


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