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Pushing the Pocket - Preseason Week 1 Winners

Fahey looks at three players who stood out for the right reasons in Preseason Week 1.

Evaluating preseason football can be difficult. It's important to keep everything in perspective so you don't overstate the positive performances or overreact to the negative ones. Generally if a player is thriving in the second half of a game or games it's because he's going against opponents who won't even be on practice squads when September rolls around. That doesn't mean those performances don't matter but it does mean you should remain skeptical. That's the clear and obvious context that anyone can see. it's tougher when you look at how teams treat the first halves of games.

Some teams play their starters more than others, significantly so in some cases, and even those teams may still be running a bland scheme that doesn't feautre creative and deceptive elements. It's hard to react to opponents who are using their whole playbook when you've only been in training camp for less than two weeks.

That doesnt' mean these performanes are worthless for evaluation, they just need to be treated properly and received with a grain of salt. As such, here are three players who stood out for different reasons in Week 1.