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The Top 10: Week 10

Matt Waldman's Week 10 film notebook includes the Eagles' playground, Miami's new backfield, Panthers post-Benjamin, Engram's rising star, and Fresh Fish.


The Top 10 could be the Top 12 or Top 15 every week. Here are some short points and late cuts that didn't make the featured segments:

  • Los Angeles Rams RB Malcolm Brown is a favorite young prospect of mine. I said earlier this season that if I were starting an expansion team, I'd spend most of my budget in the trenches and one of my cheaper additions would be installing Brown as my starter. He's big, strong, and quicker and agiler than most realize. If the Rams continue along this winning path, we may see Brown as a fantasy playoff starter. 
  • Seattle had nine offensive penalties against Washington and multiple offensive line penalties that nullified big plays, including three during the final two drives of the half. 
  • The top three priorities on Jameis Winston's preseason worklist were wiser decision-making, improving red zone production, and increasing vertical accuracy. He's 0-for-3 thus far and could be out 2-3 weeks with a shoulder injury. Watching him in the vertical game, it appeared that his baseball pitcher's stride into vertical throws is part of his problem. However, a bigger issue is the likelihood that he's overthinking everything and it's got him spiraling into an overanalysis phase that's deteriorating his game right now. 
  • 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin is just good enough for flex consideration because he has great deep speed and skill to use that speed in his favor on perimeter routes breaking back to the quarterback. Where he's always been inconsistent is targets over the middle. He'll drop more targets than what should be acceptable, but the 49ers are 0-9 and if you're truly desperate, Goodwin is the type of player who gives fantasy owners a puncher's chance for a big play.  
  • Adrian Peterson's best carries happened behind left guard Alex Boone this weekend. By the way, Peterson's 37 attempts on Sunday were a career high. His 36th attempt was a nice run up the middle that he bent outside but could not extend into a breakaway run. If I were forced to make a call right now, I'd say his long speed has diminished. However, that's a difficult thing to judge about a back on the penultimate carry of a career-high day in volume that would be tops for almost any pro running back. Regardless, the agility, burst, strength, and vision are all still intact and the fact that Bruce Arians said he panicked early in the Rams game and went away from the run too soon is a good sign that Peterson will be the focal point down the stretch. 

 Roll the tape. 


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