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How To Maximize Twitter For Fantasy Football

Matt Waldman shows you how to maximize the tremendous value of fantasy football on Twitter. 

The following article has been reposted for 2017 with updated thoughts about how to embrace the social media app.  

Every fantasy football owner should have some basic understanding of Twitter.

Yes, even you, because if I’m using Twitter, you have no excuse.

No shame, just the truth.  

Twitter has a bad rep among those who don’t use it and sometimes, it’s well-deserved.  But when used correctly, it’s the best free resource for fantasy football.

Today, I’m showing you how to set up Twitter for your fantasy football leagues.

Before I do, let me remind you that I’m not some twenty-something reared with a cell phone in my hand.  I don’t hate technology.  A truer statement is that I’m not often a first adopter.

Twitter was no exception. I joined in June 2008 when a coworker at my old gig recommended that we learn about it after the role of social media during the Arab Spring.

I had little use for Twitter.  I wasn’t planning any protests overseas in some despot-led nation where I might need to tell my family that I need their help after the military police arrest me.

NFL journalists gradually joined over the course of the following year. When Sigmund Bloom became a new convert in August 2009, all the components for a great football resource were in place:

  • NFL beat writers were using it.
  • Information that fantasy football analysts and die hard owners once waited hours for became instantaneous.
  • Rich discussion about the game happening at all hours of the day.
  • The opportunity to interact with writers, reporters, players, and NFL staff.

Despite the rise of Football Twitter, I had a love-hate relationship with it. At first, I was confused why I didn’t feel the same unbridled joy like Bloom.

I soon realized why:  I loved the resource and I hated the website’s platform. Experiencing Twitter directly from the site is like being at a huge music festival with thousands of fans, sweat-soaked from 90-degree heat and pressed chest-to-back while grooving to an unending vamp of a jam-band for hours on end.

Phishhead Bloom revels in the energy of Twitter from the raw. I smell patchouli and the kind of funk that can wilt Lettuce.  Unless you are like Bloom, Twitter in its raw state is a bad trip, inducing information overload, disorientation, and anger.

The speed, emotion, and often the redundancy of the information spilling onto the screen can drain most mortals—and it’s not just fantasy owners.  I can’t tell you how many football writers have confided to me that they routinely suffer from Twitter burnout.

All of them were using Twitter like Bloom.  Most of them felt much better once they created a filter for their Twitter experience.


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