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The Best Of Week 13

Matt Waldman scouts our in-season content and shares five must-knows and his takes on each.

You guys have a ton of articles. 

This statement about Footballguys is a blessing but it can feel like a curse. Our staff delivers insights that change seasons for the better yet realistically, no fantasy owner has the time to read everything we publish in a week. 

If this describes you, let me be your scout. Here are five insights from Footballguys articles that I find compelling for the weekend ahead. I'll share what should help you this week, touch on the long-term outlook, and sometimes offer a counterargument.  

This week includes a deeper look into the Eagles-Seahawks matchup, 2018 free agent backs, dynasty risers, a Kareem Hunt debate, and Josh Gordon's conditional reinstatement. 

1. is the Eagles' defense a paper champion?

I posted this question yesterday on the Audible's Week 13 Game Preview Podcast (Part II) with Sigmund Bloom. After all, the Eagles' Defensive Game Logs belie its recent reputation as an up-and-coming defensive force:

  • When an opponent had a quality passer with an intact receiving corps, the Eagles defense was no match: 
  • The Eagles defense has given up at least 50 yards receiving to running backs 3 times this year and at least a combined 50 yards from an RB depth chart from a fourth team.
  • Philadelphia's defense spreads the love among receivers, backs, and tight ends when they face good passing offenses. 

Although the Eagles have a fearsome front four of linemen who can collapse a pocket and a healthier secondary, Philadelphia's recent opponents are an unimpressive group — the past month of offenses includes the Bears, a struggling Cowboys corps, the Broncos with Brock Osweiler under center, and the 49ers.


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