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Quarterback By Committee 2016

Navigating the 2016 schedule to identify an ideal Quarterback By Committee

This is the thirteenth straight season that has published its annual Quarterback By Committee article. For those fantasy players who like to wait on drafting their quarterback while stocking their team at the other positions, this is the article for you. The general rule for QBBC fans is that the first eight rounds of your draft should be used to assemble a wealth of talent at running back, wide receiver, and, if the draft unfolds in such a way, tight end. By going the QBBC route, you can save those high picks in your draft and still get solid fantasy production by grabbing two QBs who face bad defenses nearly every week of the year. That's what the QBBC system is all about. Of course, in some leagues, great quarterbacks are available late into the middle rounds of the drafts, so it's important to know your league. But in general, I like to promote the quarterback-by-committee approach, and wait even longer and implement this strategy.

The first key, of course, is to rank the defenses.  The table below lists my rating for defenses for fantasy quarterbacks, listed from the toughest (Denver) to the easiest (New Orleans).