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Pushing the Pocket - Rishard Matthews Efficiency

Fahey looks at the concerns that come with drafting Rishard Matthews.

Mike Mularkey's appointment as the Tennessee Titans' head coach after the 2015 season quenched any optimism that emanated from Marcus Mariota's performances during his rookie season. Mularkey is a retread coach who has failed spectacularly on more than one occasion. He isn't a forward-thinking coach or an adaptive one. Mularkey believes that his way is the right way and he is going to build the Titans in his identity. An identity that is fully focused on running the ball.

While Mularkey has spoken at length on many occasions about how committed he is to building a run-first offense, an offense that replicates the one he used for Kordell Stewart all those years ago, GM Jon Robinson has set about building his vision. Robinson brought in two running backs who offer next-to-nothing in the passing game and he invested three picks—a first, second and third rounder—in a run-blocking right tackle.

Mariota isn't expected to throw the ball 30 times a game, but his value should be elevated by how often he runs the ball. His receivers are the ones who lose out the most from Mularkey's appointment.