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Pushing the Pocket - Don't Forget About Jace Amaro

Fahey looks at the skill set of Jace Amaro, the New York Jets' returning tight end.

10 players caught more passes for the New York Jets than Jeff Cumberland did last season. Cumberland finished the year with five receptions for 77 yards in 15 games and six starts, leading all Jets tight ends in receptions. Cumberland now plays for the San Diego Chargers. The Jets didn't draft a tight end or sign one of significance. Based on those facts alone, you'd be forgiven for thinking that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey wasn't a tight end enthusiast. That would be a mistake though.

One of the 10 players to catch more passes than Cumberland was Quincy Enunwa. Enunwa caught 22 passes for 315 yards in 12 games last year. Modest numbers that made him a fringe option for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Enunwa's work was still significant because he is a converted tight end playing receiver in Gailey's system. While Gailey doesn't rely on traditional tight ends all that much, he does make use of tight ends with receiver skill sets who can move around the field. Enunwa, a former sixth-round pick who spent most of the previous season on the practice squad and was suspended to start the 2015 season, became that guy because of Jace Amaro's absence. Had Amaro been available, you could be certain that seven wide receivers and three running backs wouldn't have outproduced the team's leading tight end.