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Inside Slant: Awards Predictions

Dave Larkin handicaps the MVP race and more end-of-season awards. 

You’re very welcome back to a special preseason edition of ‘Inside Slant’, a column normally reserved for the bumpy ride of the regular season dipping its foot into the comparatively calm waters of the offseason. As our football hibernation comes to a shuddering halt, it is about time to dust off our punters’ caps and turn our attention to the season ahead – and specifically, how we can get ahead of the pack with our wagers and mine some real value.

While we discussed over/under totals for wins in the previous column, this week we will delve deeper on the seasonal awards.

What makes an MVP candidate? Who are the favorites for each and where can we pick a few diamonds in the rough? Invariably the odds are more favourable for these bets; the issue lies in the big field you are betting against. It’s an inexact science at the best of times, but this column will be taking ‘gut feeling’ to a whole new level.

Nevertheless, let us try to logically dissect these odds and make sure we don’t look silly come January.

Note: My source for these odds was, an Irish bookmaker

Regular Season MVP

Leaders in the clubhouse: Ben Roethlisberger/Cam Newton/Aaron Rodgers 7/1; Andrew Luck 8/1; Tom Brady 9/1; Adrian Peterson 10/1
No massive surprises here, although Ben Roethlisberger’s status as a joint-favourite seems a little out of place. If the Steelers offense fires on all cylinders – pending the return from suspension of Le’Veon Bell – then a ridiculous season is well within Roethlisberger’s capabilities. However, the loss of Martavis Bryant is a blow and this position seems like a bit too much respect (controversial, I know).


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