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How to Dominate Your League: 2-2-1 Running Back Strategy

A new running back strategy to help you win your league this season (Updated)

The strategy de jour is Zero RB, where you just grab a bunch of running backs late in your draft, or aggressively off the waiver wire during the season, and hope you will be okay. Then there are some taking an upside down approach, while others have a contrarian view and snatch up running backs early, since their fantasy stock has plummeted with people having recency bias due to the slew of injuries at all sorts of offensive positions, causing running back numbers as a whole to decline last year.

However, come the start of your season and everything starts hitting the fan, and your guys start dropping like flies, you need a plan in place, not only to weather the storm, but to thrive. Many people don't like drafting handcuffs, but during the season when Jamaal Charles went down last season, your were fuming when someone grabbed Charcandrick West, or maybe you were smiling that your team didn't skip a beat since you already had him as the handcuff. When Marshawn Lynch got injured, you almost cried when Thomas Rawls was already owned, or maybe you sent your league mates a thumbs up emoji with a wink, letting them know you were still the man.

Fantasy Football is all about gaining an advantage over your opponent and about securing week-to-week consistency from your players, especially in season long head-to-head leagues. Over the years I have employed a running back strategy I like to call "2-2-1," which helps you do just that and can actually be instituted with any drafting order strategy, including Zero RB.  In fact, it can help compliment it, especially this year with running backs being drafted so late.