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9 Players and an Offense I Might Have Been Wrong About

Sigmund Bloom gives you nine players and an offense that are changing his mind during the preseason.

Who are we if we can't admit that maybe we were wrong? Like some of you, I spent way too much time look at changes to teams all offseason and projecting what I expected to see when real news started to come out in the second half of the summer. What I have seen has challenged my beliefs, and while sometimes the right answer is to stick to your guns, no one should think that changing your mind this close to the season is uncalled for. Here's where I think I was the most wrong before camps started.

Jeremy Hill, RB, CIN - Hill was tentative and ineffective last year. The touchdowns did come - sometimes in bunches - but week-to-week consistency eluded Hill all season. Hill’s bounceback was foreshadowed by an offensive approach that is likely to become more conservative with fewer downfield targets. He has his 2014 edge back and the Bengals are good enough on offense and defense to keep game scripts in the sweet spot for Hill, who the team trusts like a traditional automatic goal line back inside the five.

Recommendation: Very good RB2 target in the 5th.