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Footballguys Staff Superflex Review: Rounds 5-8

A review of rounds 5-8 of the Footballguys staff Superflex mock draft

Late last month, 12 of us Footballguys banded together to undertake a 22-round mock draft for a superflex format – one with an additional flex spot that allows quarterbacks to be plugged in. I've already broken down the crucial first four rounds, as well as provided a primer on the significance quarterbacks take on in this format. Let's now peer into the next four rounds to see how we prioritized the ensuing tier of options. With most starting-level quarterbacks off the table, there's lots of opportunity for massive value at the other positions.

Click here if you're interested to see how the entire draft rounded out.

Round 5

5.01  Justin Howe – Watkins, Sammy BUF WR
5.02  James Brimacombe – Stafford, Matthew DET QB
5.03  Simon Shepherd – Lynch, Marshawn OAK RB
5.04  Chris Feery – Kelce, Travis KCC TE
5.05  Jeff Tefertiller – Allen, Keenan SDC WR
5.06  Justin Bonnema – Montgomery, Ty GBP RB
5.07  Stephen Holloway – Palmer, Carson ARI QB
5.08  Jeff Haseley – McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB
5.09  Phil Alexander – Mixon, Joe CIN RB
5.10  Jason Wood – Adams, Davante GBP WR
5.11  Clayton Gray – Cook, Dalvin MIN RB
5.12  Scott Bischoff – Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB


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