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Dynasty Trade Value Chart: Week 1 Update

Quantifying Long-Term Player Values for Dynasty Leagues

The dynasty trade value chart is tailored specifically to a 12-team PPR league that starts one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end and a flex. It is meant to serve primarily as a guide for trades but is also a great resource during startup drafts. If the players and picks on each side of the trade offer add up to approximately the same number, the trade would be considered even. If you receive a trade offer that sends you players with a higher total number value than the players you are giving up, that is a trade offer worth strongly considering. 

The Week 1 update will concentrate primarily on the risers and fallers after preseason action. Risers will be noted in Green while fallers will be noted in Orange. 


By its nature, quarterback is the most stable position in terms of value. As such, we saw little significant movement based upon the preseason. The biggest movement came from rookies and second-year players where even the small sample size of a few preseason games can have a real impact upon how we view long-term potential.

RankAug RankPlayer2017FutureValue
1 1 Andrew Luck 1 18 19
2 2 Aaron Rodgers 4 14 18
3 3 Cam Newton 2 8 10
4 4 Russell Wilson 2 8 10
5 5 Marcus Mariota 1 8 9
6 6 Jameis Winston 1 8 9
7 8 Dak Prescott 1 7 8
8 7 Derek Carr 1 7 8
9 9 Matt Ryan 2 6 8
10 10 Drew Brees 3 5 8
11 11 Tom Brady 3 5 8
12 16 Carson Wentz 1 6 7
13 12 Kirk Cousins 1 5 6
14 13 Andy Dalton 1 5 6
15 14 Matthew Stafford 1 5 6
16 16 Ben Roethlisberger 1 4 6
17 19 Mitchell Trubisky 0 5 5
18 20 Patrick Mahomes II 0 5 5
19 17 Philip Rivers 1 4 5
20 30 DeShone Kizer 0 5 5
21 18 Deshaun Watson 0 4 4
22 26 Jared Goff 0 2 2
23 22 Jimmy Garoppolo 0 2 2
24 23 Tyrod Taylor 1 1 2
25 25 Eli Manning 1 1 2
26 NR Jay Cutler 1 1 2
27 29 Carson Palmer 1 0 1
28 27 Sam Bradford 0 1 1
29 28 Joe Flacco 0 1 1
30 21 Ryan Tannehill 0 1 1
31 24 Blake Bortles 0 0 0
32 32 Trevor Siemian 0 0 0
33 33 Alex Smith 0 0 0
34 35 Brian Hoyer 0 0 0


DeShone Kizer While Kizer was a well-regarded second-round pick, he vastly exceeded expectations in preseason action and jumped 10 spots in the overall value rankings. If Kizer can prove this year that he is the long-term answer for the Browns, he could move up quite a bit higher. While Kizer isn’t as natural a runner as Dak Prescott, he is athletic and brings some rushing upside for fantasy owners. 

Carson Wentz Wentz looked exactly like you want a franchise quarterback going into his second season to look throughout training camp. He is poised to put any doubts about his long-term status to doubt if he can continue to show progress throwing to a rebuilt receiving corps. 

Jay Cutler From preparing to begin his career as a color commentator to starting quarterback of the Dolphins, nobody came quite as out of nowhere as Cutler in the past month. He could prove to be a multi-year starter for the Dolphins if he performs well. Ryan Tannehill’s contract is burdensome and he could be a cap casualty if Cutler proves he can put downfield targets DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills to better use. 

Jared Goff Goff at least looked competent in the preseason, which is a major step forward after a miserable rookie year. The addition of Sammy Watkins and strong debuts for rookies Cooper Kupp, Gerald Everett and Josh Reynolds also boost Goff’s prospects. 

Mitchell Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes III The top-10 picks both lived up to or exceeded their post-draft hype. Both were excellent in extended preseason auditions and have solidified their status as future franchise quarterbacks. Anyone who snagged one of these two in the third-round of rookie drafts has to feel good about their investment. 


Ryan Tannehill A serious knee injury will cost Tannehill his 2017 season. He is not guaranteed anything going forward in Miami, who could choose to stick with Cutler in 2018. If not with the Dolphins, Tannehill should get a chance with a quarterback-needy team somewhere next season, so he is worth stashing on your injured reserve. 

Deshaun Watson Everything was going swimmingly early in camp. But over his final three preseason outings, Watson showed real flaws as a passer and may be more of a project than expected. He was typically going as the first rookie quarterback off the board, but was the least impressive of the “big four” in the preseason. 

Blake Bortles While he managed to hang onto the starting job at least temporarily, the arrow is clearly pointing down on Bortles’ career. His confidence looks shaken and he might never recover. 


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