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Post-Draft Dynasty WR Tiers

Reception Perception creator Matt Harmon gives commentary on his updated tiered wide receiver dynasty rankings in the aftermath of the 2016 NFL Draft and OTAs

I don’t like rankings, not even a little bit. In my view, it’s taking a linear thought process to an inherently fluid and non-linear thought process. I often find there’s a heavy amount of frivolous debate on subjects like “why do you player-x at No. 12 but player-y at No. 15?” I don’t think it does the reader a service to try and take the numerical order as a one-to-one comparison, nor do I believe we learn anything of use or substance about the players in the discussion. 

With that out in the air, I do hold that tiering rankings helps offset some of the uselessness of rankings. It helps take some of the frivolity of arguing a few spots’ difference in the order. Most of the players in one tier have roughly the same value, whether they fall first in the set or last. 

A minor tangent of that regard probably was not what you expected at the start of a rankings article. Not conforming to expectations is one of my favorites. Anyways, what follows is my wide receiver dynasty rankings as we sit here in July, after offseason free agency movement and the influx of rookies in the 2016 NFL Draft. For this update, rookies were added and with a wealth of new data from a large amount of players’ Reception Perception samples. You can find the pre-draft set of rankings here. 

Enjoy the rankings, and if you would like to have a thoughtful discussion about a player’s place, or why I value someone in a way you don’t expect, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter. More than anything, this exercise is less about the grand order of players, but rather to get some thoughts out about a large variety of receivers.

Tier One

1) Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 

2) Antonio Brown PIT 

3) Julio Jones ATL 

4) Allen Robinson JAC

5) DeAndre Hopkins HOU 


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