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Pick-by-pick 2016 NFL Draft wide receiver takeaways and reactions

Matt Harmon goes through ever wide receiver selected in the 2016 NFL Draft and major UDFA signings to review their skills and how they fit with their new teams. 

All Reception Percepiton statistics were cited from the 2016 NFL Draft prospect reuslts page posted on Backyard Banter. Several of the prospects also have individual evaluation write-ups also avialable at the bottom of this page of the site. 

Round 1

Corey Coleman, Round 1 - 15th overall, Cleveland Browns

The Browns made Corey Coleman the first receiver drafted, and all in all, it was a wise choice. Coleman’s elite athleticism brings an element they simply did not enjoy the last several season, outside of Josh Gordon’s occasional moments. He was the best player charted “in space” for Reception Perception and posted positive Success Rate Vs. Coverage (SRVC) scores against man, press and zone coverage.

The biggest deficiency from a projection standpoint is his small route portfolio. In the six games sampled for his Reception Perception evaluation, the screen, slant, curl and nine routes accounted for 82.6 percent of Coleman’s 121 charted routes. He will require time and seasoning in learning to run the full route tree, especially dig and out-breaking routes. However, ability to “run the full route tree” is an overblown criticism recycled year after year by the scouting community. Coleman shows the traits to project him as a plus route runner, in time and was already deadly proficient at executing the routes assigned to him in college.

The positives far outweigh any negatives in Corey Coleman’s evaluation. Right from the word “go”, he will be a vertical playmaker and dangerous after the catch playmaker. With proper seasoning, the Browns have a true No. 1 receiver on their hands. His rookie year should entail plenty of targets headed his way, as well. If Robert Griffin and the quarterback carousel cooperates, Coleman will be fantasy relevant right away.


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