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The Gut Check No. 412: The Devil's Advocate 50-1

Matt Waldman goes to the dark side to test your faith in the top 100 players on the board. 


If Footballguys could have a virtual reality draft advisor program (coming in 2042), Sigmund Bloom would be the angel on your right shoulder. He'll be your beatific little-tie-dyed angel uttering catchy sound bytes of praise for players that dwell in his land of bright and shiny toys. Whether or not he coins them, fantasy owners and writers will continue crediting him until it becomes fantasy football cliche. 

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm lounging on Bloom's Couch on your left shoulder. Yeah, I'm wearing a black cape. Bloom will try to convince you that it's actually a wet blanket, but that's his beams of sunshine and rainbows tickling your hind parts. It's ridiculous garbage that the gullible masses clamor for like ravenous pigs. Do you actually enjoy watching football when his rays of sunlight are blocking your view of the screen?

Let me hang my cape over that annoying Bloo--beam. After all, the dark is so much better to see the details of the game. Isn't that better? I like the dark. I live in those details.

(I hope you guessed my name.)  

Calling me evil is so simplistic. I prefer to describe my role as a necessary test; an advocate for doubt; me at my most cynical. This week, I'm testing your faith in the top 100 players according to early August ADP in PPR leagues. Here's 100-51.

If you still like these players after I do my work, then there's no reason that you shouldn't draft them. If not, their name should never cross your lips.


50. Carlos Hyde: The Shanahan clan has two skilled football strategists in the family. The patriarch of the family has a history of dysfunctional behavior as a leader. He sabotaged Jake Plummer's 2006 season to get Jay Cutler on the field. When Robert Griffin requested input into the Washington offense before his second season, Shanahan later told the story to the Washington Post as if what Griffin did was preposterous when based on NFL people I've spoken with, 45-55 percent of teams expect quarterbacks to contribute in this manner. So when I hear that the younger Shanahan doesn't want Hyde as the centerpiece of the 49ers ground game, I wonder if the son will exhibit the same behaviors as the father. The acquisitions of Tim Hightower (a Shanahan family favorite) and rookie Joe Williams suggest that Hyde is on borrowed time. Hyde's ability buoys his ADP as high as it is, but the prospect of Shanahan going Lannister on his career looms.


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