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The Gut Check No. 403: Terror in the Aisles

Matt Waldman shares 10 players whose 2017 prospects could be familiar horror stories.

Many of my Gut Check articles between May and July focus on analysis that I conduct to create my August draft plans. Those articles feature analysis that leads me to recommend what I think is best. Last week, I took a break from that to share a list of players that I like from each 12-pick tier in David Dodds' Top 300 Player Rankings in early July. This week, I'm using Dodds' list to share my thoughts on players that frighten me. 

Fear is a valuable commodity because it's one of the most organic tests there is. Some fears you face head-on and the act of doing so helps you generate a healthy respect for its source. Other fears teach you the value of planning ahead so you can avoid experiencing them in the future.

And there are some fears which you hope you never have to face, but the confrontation is inevitable and nothing will prepare you. Think the most traumatic horror movie of all-time...


If its terror isn't immediately evident to you, you'll understand soon enough...

The horror film is one of the most entertaining ways we explore fear as a society.  This week, I'm listing 10 players and the horror movies that remind me of them or their team.

I've done the analysis on most of these guys. This article is about fear and whether facing my fears about them will be constructive or destructive to my fantasy squads.

If I give into my fears, none of these players will be on my rosters. However, I expect that some of these players will be significant difference makers for our 2017 seasons, which is why the prescription for fear sometimes means channeling your inner Big Joe Grizzly. 

Alien (Jay Ajayi)


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