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The Gut Check No.376: Insights For Cramming

Last-minute cramming? Unprepared? Waldman's insights from a re-draft exercise without any picks until round seven will help you have a game plan without getting overwhelmed. 

Your draft is approaching and you don't have much time. You also don't want to rely on someone else's list. You have enough time to do some preparation but you don't want to get bogged down and overwhelmed with your resources.

I get it. Today's Gut Check features two exercises that I think will help you prepare for your draft if you're a veteran fantasy owner with some decent knowledge about the game. It doesn't involve box score stats or average fantasy points. It's common sense info rooted from game observation that are good indicators for production.  

If you research mid-round players between rounds 7-14 with the help of these bullet points, you'll have a strong understanding of value during the most important rounds of your draft that differentiate good fantasy owners who understand the depth of the draft from fantasy owners who only focus on the top picks. If you use these criteria for your early picks, you'll also have a better chance of avoiding minefields. 

Below isn't a comprehensive list of all players who fit the listed criteria, but it should help you think about players in categories that can help you make more strategic choices with football-savvy backing: