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The Gut Check No.374: Late-Round RBs for Upside Down Drafts

Waldman reveals which late-round running backs are best for Upside Down Drafting.


If you're new to the Upside Down Draft Strategy and it's the first time you've read about this topic, you've stumbled into the middle of the story. Begin here for the basics or go here for a more exhaustive look

If you're a regular of my column but missed last week's post, here's my Early-Round RB Anchors for 2016. Now that we're caught up, let's look at the mid-round PPR backs that I endorse for this year's Upside Down Strategy. 

This list will not be a comprehensive look at every running back. If you want to know my thoughts on each player, read the comments in my rankings. If you're thinking, "I'm going to email or Tweet Matt and ask him, 'what about [insert name of back not listed below that you maybe-possibly-kinda like]?'" it will be nice to hear from you but I'll still tell you to read the comments in my rankings

If I have any major updates to my preferred list of early-round, mid-round, or late-round backs, I'll keep you posted in subsequent articles. 

The Gut Check's Preferred Late-Round (10th-20th) Runners

I'm listing 2-3 runners per round as well as an extra runner (in parenthesis) that is worth reaching for if both of the prescribed backs in those rounds are gone. As draft progress, ADP ranges become wider, which means there will be some overlap of backs I like within a range of 2-3 rounds. In italics are 1-2 non-runners in each round I value.

If you land at least 3-5 of these backs by the 20th round you'll have quality depth with your Upside Down Draft.