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Pushing the Pocket - The Todd Gurley/David Johnson Debate

Who should you take, Todd Gurley or David Johnson? Fahey dives deep into the debate.

David Johnson got here quickly

Johnson is a consensus top pick in fantasy drafts this year. His average draft position on My Fantasy League is 11th in all formats and 12th in ppr redraft. Johnson is popular amongst Footballguys staffers also. He ranks 10th on average in Footballguys rankings. Only Matt Waldman could be classified as low on the 24-year old running back. Waldman ranks Johnson 32nd when every other staffer at the time of writing ranks him in the top 24. Maurile Tremblay, Justin Howe and Jason Wood consider him to be a top-five player. Top five is pretty good for a player who went 86th in his own draft a little more than 12 months ago.

Of the 85 players who were selected before Johnson, 12 were wide receivers and six were running backs. One of those backs was Todd Gurley, a top-10 pick in the 2015 draft and one of only two backs ranked ahead of Johnson by Footballguys staffers. On average, Le'Veon Bell is the top-ranked running back for Footballguys staffers at fourth overall. He is quickly followed by Gurley at sixth overall. Johnson is closer to the second tier of running backs, Ezekiel Elliott, Adrian Peterson and Devonta Freeman, than he is the top backs, but the three backs behind Johnson aren't ranked in the top five by multiple staffers the way Johnson is. This is reflective of the overall sentiment on Johnson. Those who like him, love him to the point that they will consider him as the first player off the board. So even if his overall ranking puts him closer to the second tier of backs, chances are you will be drafting with someone who is considering Johnson alongside Gurley and Bell.


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