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Early Season DFS Strategy: Self-Assessment and Analysis

I've been asked on several occassions for the skeleton key to DFS success, and the easy answer is, there isn't one.  However, you may be surprised to learn what I consider to be the most beneficial and straight forward way to improving as a player...self-assessment. 

One of my favorite perks that comes along with writing for FootballGuys is the high level of interaction that we receive from subscribers and fans.   Whether it be by Twitter, email or on the forums, the chance to get to speak with the people who read your work, and trust you enough to take your advice is both gratifying and challenging.  The challenging part comes into play when people ask you to help them out with their specific DFS games in mind, as you are dealing with the smallest sample size available (if you are giving lineup advice) or trying to give broad bankroll management recommendations based on a weekly/season total that they are willing to invest.  While it is was frustrating at times not knowing much background information on the people I was interacting with, it led me back down the road of using self-assessment as a tool, something I depended on greatly when I was playing poker for a living.  This exercise was actually very helpful for me because it made me go back to my core principles and re-evaluate my own practices.