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Sneak Peek at the Draft GM App

Screenshots for the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 shown. 

Footballguys will help you dominate your fantasy drafts! This app is like the having the power of the entire Footballguys Staff looking over your shoulder as you draft.

Get custom recommendations for each pick with our Dynamic Value-Based Drafting algorithms. These recommendations are tailored to your scoring system and your league situation. Mark each pick off in the app to see the draft board and receive roster analysis.

Compatible with: PPR, IDP, keepers, returners, TD only leagues. Highly customizable to your scoring and roster settings.

Ability to do live and mock drafts. Unlimited number of leagues.

Data updates ensures you have the latest projections, ADP, news, rankings, and other relevent data.

Bottom line - It's the mobile tool you need to dominate your fantasy football drafts this year.

iPad Screenshots

iPhone4 Screenshots



iPhone5 Screenshots



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