DFS Roundtable: Weekly Cash Lineups

As part of our preseason roundtables, we asked our staff the following question. How many cash lineups do you build each week and why?

Devin Knotts: The margin is so thin on cash games, that most weeks I will only play one as I am of the opinion that playing more than one is essentially playing against yourself especially if you have completely different lineups. What I will do occasionally is have a core of the same players and then if I am torn between one or two ancillary positions (flex, defense, third wide receiver, kicker, etc) then I will have two lineups, but for the most part, I play what I feel is my optimal lineup as that is the lineup that gives me the best chance to win each week.

Jason Wood

I never build more than three cash lineups, but much like Devin I tend to stick with one. My ROI vaulted last year once I went with my best lineup and stopped trying to diversify. 


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