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Coaching Carousel 2016: Indianapolis Colts

A detailed look at the impact of Rob Chudzinski's promotion from interim to full-time offensive coordinator and the hiring of Ted Monachino as defensive coordinator. 

Running Out of Scapegoats

It's highly unusual for a head coach to be given a new 4-year contract while simultaneously seeing the majority of his coaching staff jettisoned. Yet, that's exactly the situation Chuck Pagano faces this year as he deals with 11 new assistant coaches -- which is in addition to last year's midseason firing of OC Pep Hamilton.

  • Offensive Coordinator -- OUT Pep Hamilton (fired during '15 season), IN Rob Chudzinski (from interim to full-time)
  • Defensive Coordinator -- OUT Greg Manusky, IN Ted Monachino
  • Offensive Line -- OUT Hal Hunter, IN Joe Philbin
  • Quarterbacks -- OUT Clyde Christensen (not fired, he took the Dolphins OC job), IN Brian Schottenheimer
  • Receivers -- OUT Jim Hostler (moved to TE), IN Lee Hull
  • Tight Ends -- OUT Alfredo Roberts, IN Jim Hostler (from WR)
  • Running Backs -- OUT Charlie Williams, IN Jemal Singleton
  • Linebackers -- OUT Jeff Fitzgerald, IN Jim Herrmann
  • Defensive Backs -- OUT Roy Anderson and Mike Gillhamer, IN Greg Williams
  • Strength and Conditioning -- OUT Roger Marandino, IN Darren Krein
  • Special Teams Analyst -- IN Quadrain Banks
  • Assistant to the Head Coach -- IN Andrew Hayes-Stoker

The wholesale turnover speaks to the incredibly high expectations the Colts have placed upon themselves.


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