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Pre-Camp PPR WR Tiers

A look at the 2016 redraft wide receiver rankings through the lens of tiers

After OTA’s and minicamps wind up, the NFL will go into one last period of hibernation for beach vacations and a deep breath before becoming consumed by the season. Us fantasy football types are no different. Before training camp and the preseason start to make us question what we think we know entering fantasy draft season, it’s good to take a snapshot of our beliefs to refer back to when August hype makes the vert and horizontal hold go wicky-wacky on our TV’s. I’ll be running down my current tiers for redraft leagues (PPR) before the earth starts to move again in late July.

Wide receiver is very strong 30-35 deep this year, with the NFL continuing to become more of a passing league. There is a bit of a dropoff after the core WR3 candidates, but still plenty of upside of chase with youth coming on the scene and lots of roles hanging in the balance in camp and the preseason. The depth early and potential late makes it easier to form your wide receiver strategy on the fly depending on what your peers leave on the board when you are on the clock. Going wide receiver with your first three picks can work, but so can taking no wide receivers in your first three picks. 


Antonio Brown, PIT
Julio Jones, ATL
Odell Beckham Jr, NYG
A.J. Green, CIN

The easy first-round picks in your PPR draft. Brown could shatter records this year and Jones will be right on his heels. Beckham is only a little behind them, and Green should have the target share to be the clear #4 wide receiver.


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