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2016 PPR Auction Values

Sigmund Bloom runs down the auction values for players in PPR leagues for 2016.

Auction is a beloved and invigorating format for a draft, despite (because of) the fact that unlike a snake draft, it is inherently unpredictable. The flow of the auction and willingness of people to spend for players is unknowable, sometimes even by the drafters themselves until the moment of truth. If you had the same group do three snake drafts, the results would be very similar across the drafts. Teams would likely have at least 25 to 50% of their rosters in common across drafts. In three successive auctions, teams might have only one or two players in common across teams. The order of the players thrown out for bidding and the remaining balances of all teams are variables that can cause a players price to double or be cut in half from one auction to another.

So how do we combat this fundamental uncertainty? The answer is to arm yourself with your own set of auction values before your draft. It can be a set of values determined by an expert and then tweaked for your league settings and personal player valuations, but if you have the time to create your own, nothing beats building them from the ground up.

First, let's agree on a format for our hypothetical league:

  • 12 teams
  • 20 roster spots
  • PPR scoring
  • 4 pts per Pass Touchdown
  • Point per 20 yards passing
  • QB/2RB/3WR/TE/RB-WR-TE Flex/DEF/K lineups