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What If: Aaron Rodgers

What if Aaron Rodgers were to fall to injury?

Sorry Tom Brady fans, but Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL right now. He is also the best football player on the planet and the league has never really seen anyone quite like him.

Brett Hundley is a very promising backup that could soon garner Jimmy Garoppolo-like buzz, but if Rodgers were to go down, you would see the Packers offense truly exposed for what it is: A remedial scheme with slightly above average talent around Rodgers that is carried by the game’s best player.

Rodgers helps his offensive line in many ways. But he also holds the football a very long time and takes his share of hits and sacks. Green Bay is very good at the tackle positions, but neither of those players are elite pure talents. The interior of the line has question marks as the Packers have allowed quality starters to leave at guard and center over the past two seasons.

The Green Bay offensive scheme is basically built on the receivers winning one-on-one matchups rather than out-scheming the opponent with route combinations and presnap motion like is the case in so many other systems. This makes things very difficult on the quarterback. Because of this, Rodgers holds the ball longer to extend the play and give his receivers more time to eventually create separation. Things don’t happen quickly in the Packers scheme compared to others. And it sure helps that Rodgers is elite late in the down while also having a great sense of how to buy time while staying in balance to make any throw or to finally tuck the ball and run.

Many looked at Rodgers as a slumping player to begin the 2016 season. And by his standards and his usual statistics, that is rather true. But the reality was that Rodgers was more being let down by his receiving corps than the other way around. Jared Cook hadn’t yet been apart of the passing attack and Jordy Nelson was still looking sluggish coming off injury. Randall Cobb has been underwhelming for some time now and Davante Adams made dropping touchdown passes a new hobby.


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