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Most Improved Offensive Lines

A look at the most improved offensive lines

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a huge offensive line shortage in the NFL right now. The chasm between the extreme talent of NFL defensive linemen over the big men on the other side of the ball might be the greatest right now in the history of this league.

But don’t fear fantasy owners, the front office folks and offensive minds in the NFL certainly recognize this. And therefore, offensive coaches are now asking their linemen to do less than ever, as the NFL slowly begins to mimic college football and to a degree, the NBA. This league is quickly becoming a five-on-five, basketball-on-grass league where deft quarterbacks identify mismatches before the ball is snapped and ask as little as possible from the blocking.

However, offensive lines still matter. And they still matter in fantasy football. While the draft didn’t demonstrate this because the incoming crop of rookies is so poor, free agency very much showed us that quality (or merely “Average on a good day”) offensive linemen are making a ton of money. Obviously, this is simple economics, as the supply of big men on offense simply does not match up to the huge demand across the league.

All that being said, which teams improved their offensive lines from last year? Several (in alphabetical order) are highlighted below. Please keep an eye out for the subsequent article on the horizon informing us of those teams that were weakened the most in the trenches.


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