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The Devy Weekly Preseason Edition

A Preseason look at Devy Dynasty players eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft

There is a growing movement in the Dynasty community toward “devy” players.  The term “devy” refers to developmental players carried on the dynasty league rosters.  These devy players are usually college players but can even be high school athletes.  During each week of the season, we will look at a different set of devy rankings. 

In dynasty leagues that include devy players, there are a two main things to consider: when the player is NFL Draft eligible and how well the player's attributes will translate to the NFL level.  Each of these seems straight forward.  Well, they are not.  We regularly see players, especially at the quarterback position, stay in school a year or two longer after they are draft eligible.  In addition, just because a player is a great college player, it does not necessarily mean he possesses the size, speed, and aptitude for excelling at the professional level. 

This series of articles will focus on players who should be considered on their respective NFL prospects, not college production.  We will begin the series with a look at a few of the top players who will be eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft.  These are just tidbits on the high profile players, not rankings.  Those will come Week 1.

Leonard Fournette (LSU) – The bruising runner finished as a Consensus All-American.  In an Adrian Peterson-like manner, Fournette was physically able to enter the NFL coming out of high school and is tearing up all defenses, even the strong defenses of the SEC.  He has to wait the NFL-mandated three years out of high school before turning pro.  This means Fournette will enter the 2017 NFL Draft.  At a whopping 6'2”, 227 pounds, Fournette is thought to run a 4.40 40-yard dash.  He runs over, through, and around defenders.  Through the 2015 regular season, Fournette carried the ball 271 times for 1,741 yards and 18 touchdowns.  He did this damage in just 11 games.  Entering the 2016 season, Fournette ranks as our top devy player overall. 


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