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The Decade's Most Consistent Fantasy Quarterbacks

A list of the most consistently high-performing fantasy quarterbacks since 2007 and its 2017 implications.

What makes a quarterback a consistent fantasy producer? Is it a big arm? Mobility? Surrounding talent? Offensive system? This article is a list of the most consistent, high-performing fantasy quarterbacks since 2007.

Consistency can be measured a number of ways. Some use standard deviation. I prefer creating tiers based on the average value of fantasy production (fantasy points per game). Tiers don't punish players for production well above their average the way that standard deviation can.

My consistency tiers based on the span of seasons measured:

  • Elite: Weekly performances that meet or exceed the average fantasy points per game of the No.1 overall QB.
  • No. 1 QB: Weekly performances that meet the average fantasy points per game of starting quarterbacks.
  • Sub Par: Weekly performances that are below the average baseline of the lowest-ranked starter spot in a league.

In this article, I'm measuring quarterbacks in 12-team leagues that field one starter. It means the No.1 QB tier spans the averages of the top-12 passers and the Sub-Par tier begins with performances below the 12th-ranked starter's average.

The averages at the bottom of the table below are the fantasy points that define each tier.

2007 23.6 16.9 16.9
2008 24.3 19.9 19.9
2009 23.9 18.2 18.2
2010 23.4 18.3 18.3
2011 30.6 18.0 18.0
2012 27.0 20.1 20.1
2013 25.8 18.7 18.7
2014 25.0 19.3 19.3
2015 24.5 20.5 20.5
2016 24.8 19.1 19.1
`07-16 25.3 18.9 <18.9

With the process explained, here's the quickest way to think of this information:

  • The Elite tier measures the percentage of a quarterback's games between 2007-16 where he scored at least 25.3 fantasy points.
  • The #1QB Tier measures the percentage of a quarterback's games between 2007-16 where he scored between 18.9-25.29 fantasy points.
  • The Sub-Par tier measures the percentage of a quarterback's games between 2007-16 where he scored less than 18.9 fantasy points.

The players below are sorted by the lowest percentage of Sub Par games and the highest percentage of No.1 and Elite production. "Max" and "Min" are the highest and lowest fantasy performances during their decade of play.

Top 36 High-Performing Fantasy Quarterbacks (2007-2016)


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